"Two girls?" Anthony looked at him with some words, and suddenly he knew what he would become an "orphan hero" in history. It was estimated that he was messing around outside and broke his mouth to talk about it, but just thinking about it, he suddenly found that it seemed inappropriate to say these words today. Counting, he was in the car with Vasquez several times yesterday. Counting that kind of thing, he is only half a catty.

"Shall I take you there next time?" Seeing that Anthony didn’t talk, he was moved. He smiled and said, "It’s great. I will never do this again."
Anthony looked at some words and wondered if this guy was really a sperm brain when he was young. He shook his head with some words.
Seeing Anthony’s eyes and knowing that he was not interested, he immediately reached out and patted his head and said, "Oh, you see how my memory forgot that stubble. Now that you have a woman, I’m still telling you this."
Anthony smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "All right, let’s not talk about these things. Tai Sen was practicing alone just now. You can practice with him. His defense is worth studying hard."
"I know that guy played great yesterday, and I have to learn from him." He walked towards Chandler carelessly.
Anthony looked at the figure, smiled and shook his head. He was a careless and straightforward person, and the title of "Beast" came from this. Maybe Chandler will replace him as the starting line, but I believe there should be no contradiction between the two.
After the past, Ma and Chandler practiced offensive and defensive exercises, and soon there was a careless cursing, and then Chandler attacked and defended, and both of them were straight people. Although they were cursing, they were all smiling, but it was obvious that they still hit it off.
Anthony laughed knowingly when he saw two people getting along well with each other while shooting. For a team, a harmonious atmosphere is likely to bring a situation that one plus one is greater than two, which is definitely a good thing for the Nuggets now.
A few people trained in the arena, and soon the other players of the Nuggets came to the team in twos and threes. At last, the head coach Carl also came to the team.
After being the head coach for a game, Cooper returned to the position of assistant coach after being ordered in a critical situation, and he quickly called the players over.
Carl came over and said hello to Anthony, and then said to the players who got together and came to the arena early, "Today is my first time to come to the team. I feel very glad to see so many players present. If you have such motivation, if you can’t get some decent results, all the blame will be on me. Then let me tell you about the shortcomings of the team now."
As soon as Carl introduced himself, he went straight to the point, and it seemed that whether all the players were present or not.
Just then, Brand and Dior rushed over when they saw the new coach coming, and all the main rotations of this team were present.
Carl has already talked about it at the moment. "First of all, I want to be sure with you that we will still play offensive basketball in the next half season."
Carl’s first words immediately caused a small discussion among the players. You know, De Anthony left because he was too obsessed with the team’s attack, which led to the unsatisfactory record of the team. It was precisely because of this that he didn’t expect the new coach Carl to still play this tactic in the final class. Is this coaching selection a change of form?
Except Anthony, including Nash, almost everyone has such a confused idea in their hearts.
"But …" Carl was just about to continue talking, but Anthony didn’t hold back a smile at the moment.
Carl looked at him doubtfully. "Is there a problem?"
Anthony stopped smiling and said awkwardly, "There’s nothing wrong, but I remember who said yes before, but nothing can be trusted before this sentence."
Carl "haha" laughed twice when Anthony said this, and then said, "It seems that Melo is very forward-looking. In fact, to tell you the truth, coach Mike and I have figured out some coaching concepts, but I don’t agree that he only attacked for 7 seconds. This is also the result of your excessive increase in offensive weight in the previous season. A team that knows that it is impossible for an attacking team to win the championship. Almost all previous championships have both offensive and defensive skills. Only in this way can the team win the final championship. It is here today. I can promise you one thing. I will let each of you exert your energy. I will let you know that we are a team. Each of you is a knight with both offensive and defensive skills. We will become a team with both offensive and defensive skills in the near future. No one can easily stop our pace. "
Carl said that there seemed to be a aura around him.
The players all felt a heat surge in their hearts.
Anthony looked at Carl at this time. He remembered the scene when D ‘Antoni came. He suddenly found that coaching coaches in the nba seemed to be an indispensable part of their coaching ability. In this regard, Carl seemed to be better than De Anthony.
Chapter two hundred and ninety New dark horse
After seeing the players’ faces and expecting eyes, Carl showed a little gratified smile, and then took the players to the home studio. Unlike D ‘Antoni, Carl seemed to be a lot more professional. After the lecture, the players also realized the difference between the old coach and the new coach. When Carl explained his tactics, many of them were illustrated by pictures and words. Not only that, but he also took out the video of his opponent seattle supersonics team tonight to analyze and put his tactics into peace. Although there are no real people playing in the SuperSonics game, Carl, including Anthony, has a very clear understanding of his tactics. It can be said that although there is no real tactical training, it is only a matter of getting twice the result with half the effort for the players who execute tactics.
When Carl finished analyzing the tactics, other players also came to him. At noon, the players just finished talking, and sometimes they can finish eating.
I’m afraid it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been calculated in advance. Anthony now looks up at the middle-aged man with a little white hair on the podium, remembering his achievements in nba history and a famous anti-cancer coach who unconsciously raised a reverence for him. That heartfelt feeling feels particularly real.
"Hey Milo hair what stay? Go to eat "at this moment, hinrich stretched out his hand and patted Anthony absence.
Anthony realized that Carl had left the studio and Hinrich was looking at him with a smile on his face.
"Nothing. I was thinking about what to eat at noon." Anthony got up with a smile and suddenly remembered something and said with a smile. "By the way, there is your old classmate keirrison in Seattle tonight. How did you contact him?"
"Nick, have an appointment for dinner early. Why don’t you come? Speaking of it, I didn’t realize that when the guide first tried out the scene, it was also a good way to catch up with the past. "Hinrich said with a smile, I can see that he is a more emotional person."
Anthony smiled and nodded. "Sure, but I might have to make a call."
"Well, I know you’re from married with children now." Hinrich said with a smile.
Anthony smiled and looked at Hinrich. He didn’t know anything about this player before crossing, but now he has become his best friend in the league. This is something he didn’t expect, but sometimes life is like this. Not everything is under your control. Life is life with surprises, but life is life with flavor.
In fact, Anthony promised Hinrich to finish the agreement. On the one hand, it is really necessary to catch up with Hinrich and keirrison. On the other hand, Anthony doesn’t like going back to the villa and facing Su Xi and Fox at the same time. As soon as he gets there, he feels that he can’t do it.
But just as he was smiling, he suddenly noticed a man standing at the door. Looking back, she looked embarrassed. She seemed to hear him chatting with Hinrich. Now she saw him turn around and left.
Anthony opened his mouth to say something, and when he thought of Hinrich’s presence, he abruptly suppressed it.
Hinrich looked at Anthony and then at Su Sunseeker. He smiled and didn’t say anything.