Is this the three-piece set of Uncle Lin Nasi’s lament? Can actually increase the quality of his own shadow soul force. Now Lin Zeguang is no longer talking with his own shadow soul force to compete with the shadow emperor.

Each of these three pieces of jewelry should be a dark gold grade ornament, and when this necklace, bracelet and ring are combined together, I’m afraid this mourning three-piece set can already be compared with the grade ornament. Isn’t it a little too generous to say that the grade ornament rewards Uncle Lin Nasi?
But also can create a saying that the blacksmith Lin Ze has a deeper doubt about Lin Nasi’s identity
Why is a person who can be regarded as the peak in Arad willing to live in seclusion in such a small town and be an ordinary blacksmith? Lin Ze knew that Uncle Lin Nasi must also have an amazing story? Is it because you have been injured that it is difficult to fight again? Or for some other reason?
Lin Ze looked up slightly and glanced at Aganzo’s back. He chased Aganzo and Aganzo side by side …
Lin Ze knew that his master must know something about Uncle Lin Nasi. Otherwise, Uncle Lin Nasi wouldn’t deliberately hide when Aganzo and Buwanjia and his party investigated the Mourning Cave. However, Lin Ze didn’t ask about this kind of thing. Aganzo thought that if he could tell him, he would tell him. If this kind of thing is Lin Nasi’s wound, it would be useless for Lin Ze to ask.
The northwest edge of Alvin town
Lin Ze and Aganzo have walked out of the Alvin defense line and are getting closer and closer to the moaning cave. In the forest along the way, Lin Ze saw many weak shadow beasts. Goblin, who once appeared in Granson outside Gran, actually lived in the forest near Alvin defense line.
The forest looks comfortable, and nothing strange seems to have happened, but after walking through this dense forest, Aganzo has been silent at last.
"Lin Nasi is also a temperament middleman!" Forrest Gump left face full of regrets seems to be full of regret for Lin Nasi …
"Uncle Lin Nasi body exactly what happened? Master, you said before that Uncle Lin Nasi would not fight with weapons. What is this? "
Lin Ze conveniently leads Aganzo to talk about Lin Nasi, the blacksmith! Anyway, Lin Nasi, the blacksmith, is also a strong filmmaker. Lin Ze still feels extremely curious about the seclusion of the strong filmmaker …
After listening to Lin Ze’s words, Aganzo shook his head gently and took a deep look at Lin Ze, which seemed to see through Lin Ze’s careful thoughts at once. But for Aganzo, Lin Nasi’s story has nothing to hide. This is Lin Nasi’s self-exile. No one can say whether Lin Nasi is right or wrong.
"Lin Nasi once empire control shadow in the strong! You should have heard that a busybody called me, Silan, Barnes and Buwanga the Four blade master, right? The four of us, Xilan, made the sword famous, and if anyone else in Arad can match Xilan with the sword, it will be Lin Nasi. "
Say that finish Aganzo is feeling 1 seems to recall the original Lin Nasi high-spirited appearance …
The speaker’s heart and listener’s intention was that Lin Ze regarded Lin Nasi as an ordinary filmmaker. He guessed that Uncle Lin Nasi might have lived in seclusion here because of his physical injury, but now he hears that his master actually put Lin Nasi and Xilan together. Compared with Lin Ze, he knows that he still despises this uncle Lin Nasi.
Who is Xilan? Although Aganzo just said that he was a meddler in Arad mainland, he called the four of them the Four blade master! However, this is just Aganzo’s self-modesty. In Arad, it is recognized that Aganzo is the strongest swordsman.
Among the four blade master, Aganzo has strong sword skills, and Pojun’s dragon attack and fury style are Aganzo’s famous skills.
Barnes, the imperial red-robed swordsman, is good at short swords, and his high attack speed is brought to the extreme by Barnes. At the age of twenty, Barnes was appointed as the imperial swordsman by the Empire, and he was also the only swordsman among the four blade master officially recognized by the Empire.
Buwanga Volcker Lin Ze has personally seen that Lin Ze, a teacher of blade master Kai nagra, who used the Bantu totem as a blunt object, has always held a kind of respect in his heart. At the beginning, if Buwanga had not given guidance to his party, he would probably not have been able to rescue Wei Li. Han Linze, a Bantu with such a bold personality, has always remembered it …
Lin Ze, the Western Lan in blade master, has only heard of the name of the Western Lan! But when I saw my master in Xilan, my face was dignified. Lin Ze also knew that Xilan’s strength was absolutely strong … blade master Lin Ze, who made the sword famous, also wanted to meet him. His dark moon, fine snow dance, moonlight light and red burning blade also belonged to a long sword. If I could get some advice from Xilan, maybe I would be much higher in fencing.
Although Kaijia once said that he had become a master of theoretical fencing when he was in the dark elf cemetery, after years of fighting experience, Lin Ze already knew that even Kaijia inherited the skills from Gu Jian of the Perus Empire, it was not perfect …
Since Xilan can be recognized by most swordsmen in Arad mainland, he must have his own understanding of swordsmanship, but Lin Ze also knows that his understanding of swordsmanship will never reach Xilan’s level. Because the most important thing is to concentrate on one thing to the extreme, he can be called a swordsman who is very single-minded about his own weapons.
Just like Aganzo’s hidden dragon sword in his hand, this giant sword is almost integrated with Aganzo. Aganzo with hidden dragon sword and Aganzo without hidden dragon sword are two people. For Aganzo, if he wants to hold hidden dragon sword in his hand, he will have confidence to fight with others.
Lin Ze believes that Xilan is as human as Master Aganzo …
And learning things by yourself is still too complicated, although it is said that his body has the power of ghosts and gods, which makes him far more capable of understanding all kinds of things than ordinary people! But Lin Ze’s energy is limited after all.
For Lin Ze, dark moon, fine snow, red phoenix and moonlight are his frequent weapons, but Linze’s swordsmanship is famous for its change. Lin Ze not only makes these swords, but also has the blade shadow ghost Brad weapon and the Shuanglong magic shadow sword in his hand.
This used to be an artifact-level weapon, the Ssangyong Magic Shadow Sword, but it doesn’t belong to the long sword body lightsaber. It can’t make Lin Ze make it like a long sword. Moreover, the strange dagger of Lei Jian Cruise, Lei Ming Sword Kanya, is still sleeping in the ring of Lin Ze. If necessary, this optical dagger will definitely become Linze’s means of making enemies.
Lin Ze, who has many weapons, is doomed to be unable to surpass Xilan in his understanding of swordsmanship. However, for Lin Ze, he is not a simple swordsman. He is a ghost, and the ghost power is his source power. After all, even casillas, the fourth apostle with the strongest swordsmanship, can’t beat everyone in the battle by relying solely on swordsmanship.
However, if the soul strength levels of two figures are similar, then the understanding of swordsmanship will become the decisive factor for the victory of the battle. If Xilan is as powerful as Aganzo, it is less now that Lin Ze’s strength has defeated Xilan …
No matter the sword skill or the level of shadow soul power, the gap between the shadow realm and the control realm is like a huge gap, which separates Lin Ze Xilan and Aganzo from everything as Aganzo said before. If Lin Zefa enters the control realm, then the name of the strong man is just a joke.
Lin Ze’s strength now, he can still look up to Aganzo. Although the Star Shadow Emperor’s distance from the control shadow environment is poor, Lin Ze is still looking forward to Aganzo’s back.
Xilan’s attainments in sword and sword skills are not what he can match, nor can he match Lin Ze’s heart, which is a little depressed! However, it seems that there is such an opportunity for Lin Ze to improve his swordsmanship … Since his master attaches so much importance to Uncle Lin Nasi, maybe he can learn a lot from this uncle Lin Nasi who can compete with Xilan in the sword.
Chapter 794 Mourn the truth
Although the power of ghosts and gods is the most fundamental thing in Lin Ze, it is very likely that understanding the sword skills will become an important factor for Linze to change the war situation. Now Lin Ze needs to become stronger, the level of shadow spirit needs to be upgraded step by step, and the cultivation of exclusive shadow skills needs to be realized in battle. So for Linze now, perfecting his sword skills may be an effective way to improve his comprehensive strength …
Lin Ze has made up his mind to ask uncle Lin Nasi after finishing this, but perhaps he should know more about this hidden blacksmith before asking.
Aganzo didn’t see what Lin Ze thought about Lin Nasi, but he would be happy to know Aganzo! If you want to be strong, a filmmaker should have Aganzo. When he decided to teach Lin Ze, Lin Ze made him look good, so Aganzo didn’t have a bad feeling about Lin Ze’s desire to learn from Lin Nasi.
In Aganzo’s conversation, Lin Ze also probably knew why Uncle Lin Nasi was unwilling to take up arms and fight.
Lin Nasi left the empire and went to the Alvin defense line to become a blacksmith because he personally killed his friend who was infected by the night spirit. Uncle Lin Nasi disappeared on the Arad stage at his most glorious moment and felt guilty for his friend and his wife.
Redemption from his own punishment, Lin Nasi decided not to make weapons fight any more.
The original Linze was very complicated, but it was so simple that Lin Ze had a profound understanding of Lin Nasi’s character!
No wonder Aganzo, his master, told himself that Lin Nasi was a man of temperament.
He is indeed a man of temperament. Being infected by the night spirit will lose human feelings. Lin Nasi actually freed his friend by doing so, but it also made Lin Nasi feel bitter about this matter and be willing to live in seclusion in Alvin defense to be a small blacksmith.
If Aganzo hadn’t accidentally received a release from Lin Nasi, I’m afraid no one would have known that the swordsmen who once wrote in the mainland had lived in seclusion in such an ordinary town.
Lin Ze can feel that Uncle Lin Nasi is definitely a friend worthy of communication.
After Aganzo had finished his business in Lin Nasi, they had already arrived at the entrance of Mourning Cave. Before Lin Ze had heard of Buwanjia describing this gloomy cave, it was not until Lin Ze came here himself that he realized that the cave was far colder than he had imagined.