Zhaojie silently looked at the rising higher and higher energy wall. Behind the energy wall, the alien group looked down at the three species in their own hands, which were far bigger than other species, and there were some uncertainties in their hearts

(Will these three plants also be born? But they have the power to change the game …..)
Chapter directory Chapter 16 Fighting! Fight!
Chapter 16 Fight! Fight!
As we all know, every time zhaojie is promoted to the next level, he can summon more new plants in the underworld to fight other wars. However, in the process of destroying alien eggs, zhaojie did not tell anyone about the new species he obtained.
Now it’s the same. It’s not that he doesn’t want to acquire three new plants in the underworld, but these plants are too powerful, although they can instantly change the war situation, they will consume serious vitality.
Yes, vitality. After obtaining the data of these plants, zhaojie immediately realized that if these plants were born, it would consume not only magic but also his vitality.
Whether this vitality is another name for physical strength/blood volume or some hidden attribute is unknown to zhaojie. The only thing he knows is that he will fight again once this kind of thing is made short-term.
At the same time, another reason why he doesn’t want to make these plants is that he wants to keep some cards for himself. Now these passers-by are United to survive, but who knows if these people will sell their information for profit? After all, these three plants are zhaojie’s plan. Mommy’s master will fight against the card and be leaked out rashly. The other party will certainly be prepared.
When he was thinking, the wall had risen completely, followed by fierce battle songs
This battle song, accompanied by fierce drums, enveloped the whole venue, making people feel as if they were in the fierce battle of ancient battlefields. The sight of Jin Ge’s iron horse killing the sky not only stimulated the passers-by, but also stimulated the aliens to be irritable by this battle song. They roared across the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals and ran from three flower paths respectively.
"Everyone is in charge of the left and right sides to be guarded by our team." zhaojie shouted that his hands suddenly showed three flower diameters and five flower wall plants at the moment, and all the plants in the underworld showed an attack at the moment and rushed into the flower diameter. The aliens were immediately enveloped by a strong attack. At that time, the flames and poisonous fog took off, and the ghosts and vines danced with the giant mouths. Hundreds of aliens were entangled in crazy plants before they crossed the halfway. For a short time, more than a dozen aliens directly fell on this nightmare road.
"Kill!" The flower path killing aroused the excitement and confidence of the passers-by. This confidence came from zhaojie’s roar of a melee passer-by. All the passers-by split into two parts and rushed into the left and right flower paths. The fierce battle has already started.
The beauty * female squad of six people and three slaves did not charge with them, but quietly waited there for more than 30 different forms of aliens to rush forward.
Although the flower wall composed of ghost vines and hard spines is so hard that it will take a long time for even melee walkers to dismantle it, there is no guarantee that aliens will cross the flower wall more than two meters high to go to the next support station. zhaojie intends to make three road aliens in different sections, so even if aliens jump to other roads for support, this distance is enough for walkers to find out.
Fighting with the passer-by on the left is alien from the dark porch on the fourth floor. Most of these alien bodies are covered with white armor as hard as metal. Although the claws are turned into swords, waving this alien is tough, but the defense is far less terrible than the surface. After more than a dozen melee fighters entangle them, the middle and long-range fighters behind them need to easily output damage.
On the other hand, the aliens on the right are aliens from the fifth floor of the Duke’s Palace. Their body surfaces are also covered with hard metal armor, but the color is blue. These aliens are not as hard as swords, but their arms are as hard as knights’ spears. After being stabbed by this tongue, the defense will be slightly lower, and they will be directly penetrated and even fly out of zhaojie after being hit. Focus on this, and most of the meat shield soldiers will be divided into the right side, so that the right-hand war situation will be alleviated.
Compared with the middle road, the alien is the scariest. Here, the alien comes from the hanging tower on the sixth floor of the sky tower, which combines the advantages of the left and right alien roads into one body, with claws like swords and tongues like guns. What is even more frightening is that these monsters are even covered with a layer of golden light, which shines from time to time and wakes everyone up. They have the effect of dominating the body.
Compared with the other two roads, the abnormity in the middle road also suffered the least loss in the flower diameter. Only one of these 30 abnormities died or was attacked again. After the blood volume was halved, it was swallowed by the transvestite flower … Of course, the transvestite flower was finally corroded by this abnormity blood.
Looking at the rushing alien group, zhaojie gently threw a hand Grenade and pointed forward with his left hand. In front of him, the number of roads was more than five meters wide, and the circular small delivery array rose. Large pieces of small metal robots rushed out of them from the delivery array, and there was a warning on their back. The red light was flashing fast.
After nearly a hundred explosive robots rushed out, zhaojie waved and spilled large metal balls. As soon as they landed, these metal balls immediately became spider-like metal machines. After a few steps, they plunged to the ground one by one.
Lightning strike mine
Zhaojie didn’t move quickly. When he summoned these lightning mines, the self-destructing robot was in contact with the aliens in the front. The ferocious eyes of the aliens watched these little robots throw themselves on the aliens’ bodies and exploded violently in a few moments.
The smoke from the explosion has not yet dispersed, and a large number of aliens have rushed out of the flame crazily. It can be seen that these robots have indeed caused great harm to the opposite sex, but aliens have the ability to dominate the body after all, which makes them not hindered by the explosion caused by the explosion.
Seeing each other about to rush into the lightning minefield, Zhao Jiegang wanted to step in the previous step and suddenly a tall but very thin body stood in front of him.
"Theseus haze …"
"You promised" Theseus haze looked back at zhaojie and smiled shyly.
"Well" Zhao Jieli nodded his head.
"Roar" Theseus haze seemed to be encouraged. With open arms, the wide tomahawk of the door panel suddenly split on the ground and roared at the sky.
Berserker roared.
(Berserker Roar (LV7) will increase the physical defense/attribute magic defense by 65 points for 35 seconds in the enemy hatred department in the radius of 3 meters.)
Theseus Lan roared as if a drum was sounded on the battlefield. All aliens suddenly stopped and looked at Theseus Lan with vicious hatred. Then they rushed over here even more crazily.
Facing the crazy alien Theseus Lan did not panic and roared out again.
Fight hunger and thirst
(Battle Hunger (LV7) Terrible desire to kill tortures the target, causing all enemies in a radius to suffer 7 points/second damage for 27 seconds and slowing down the enemy by 1 radius and 3 meters. The release method will not end until the other party kills a certain combat unit. The movement speed of the messenger will be increased by 7 points.)
Theseus Lan’s roar once again enveloped the more than 30 aliens, making them all have a symbol of blood-dropping dagger, and at the same time, a large number of blood-wounded figures floated in the alien body.
The injury and pain further stimulated the aliens. These monsters ran faster and quickly rushed into the lightning strike minefield. Suddenly, a series of explosions rose and large areas of aliens were stunned in the same place. However, the alien creature was really tough. After the aliens were stunned in front, they still had no scruples about standing on the front body and continuing to charge. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen aliens pounced on Theseus Lan.
Theseus Lan sneered at the sudden expansion of his body and blinked. He has become a burly muscular man of Stallone than Schwarzenegger. His huge axe was raised in his hand, and he swept the sharp axe blade with rapid power. He quickly beheaded the three aliens directly, but was caught by the other two aliens and blinked. Theseus Lan was covered with aliens.
War ghost was about to rush out, but zhaojie stretched out his hand and stopped him. He looked up only to see Theseus Lan roaring out the axe again in the alien. Suddenly, a dozen aliens were swept away and flew back to the lightning strike minefield, and at the same time, a large number of blood injuries flew up in them.
It’s no problem for Theseus Lan’s power to fly four or five aliens, but it’s impossible to cut all the aliens out directly. It’s because he used the third skill that he can cause such power.
Counterattack spiral
(When the counterattack spiral (LV7) is attacked, choose to reduce the number of close enemies ×2 HP, throw all enemies violently and cause 7 real damage to all enemies around a radius of 5 meters. The cooldown is 3 seconds.)
In Theseus haze will fly out a group of aliens at the same time, zhaojie has quickly ran behind him and stepped on his waist, and the whole body flew half three sky-blue grenades into a glyph and threw them into a lightning strike minefield. At the moment, three are many aliens, and at the moment, their body light is dim.
Zhaojie hasn’t landed yet. Another lithe figure with a sexy figure, chestnut skin and that iconic ghost-cutting demon knife marks Leona’s arrival.
A part of the alien group has woken up from dizziness and just wanted to rush forward. Another slender figure appeared on the ground with a beautiful face and agile posture. Jeremiah appeared in her right hand. The flying knives with three handles rotated at a high speed and fanned out with her movements. These flying knives were so powerful that some of the alien limbs were directly cut off. More importantly, after the flying knives returned to her hands, the moving speed of these aliens was already rapid.
At the same time, Leona, holding high a long knife with flame, fell down from the sky and smashed the mountain, which not only killed two aliens directly, but also knocked all the alien parts that had lost their ability to dominate the body to the ground after the demon knife fell to the ground. When the knife flame spread to the fractured ground, a large infernal fire gushed out from the cracks and surrounded all the aliens.
After Leona’s attack, a ghost vine came out from behind, wrapped around her waist and pulled it back, while another ghost vine hung the little girl high and flew to the top of the alien’s head.
The little girl’s gentle body is wrapped around her waist by a ghost vine. It seems that the girl who has always kept a sweet smile is even more ruthless. Her two white arms are pushed by a raging fire dragon and roared out in the middle. Yi Long Yin crashed to the ground at the moment when Fiona Fang’s 10-meter area was covered by flames. At the moment, alien screams were heard.
"…" Theseus haze looked at zhaojie look complicated.
Zhaojie naturally knew what he was thinking, patted him on the shoulder and smiled. "Don’t forget that we are companions. Although we agree to let you be a team shield, we can’t leave everything to the shield … We are companions. Are you white?"
Theseus haze in the heart a hot eyes have shyly turned elsewhere.
"Those aliens don’t have much physical strength, but if we can’t kill them once and get them around, I’m afraid some of us will get hurt," Jeremy said suddenly beside zhaojie
"Let me do it," said Hughes Lan suddenly, and then walked over to the fire.
Every step he takes will make him stronger. When he walks to the sea of fire surrounded by red and black flames, the man is as strong as a giant.
He jerked the axe in his hand, and the corners of his mouth showed a ferocious smile that didn’t fit his handsome face. The axe in his right hand suddenly swept forward and hit a large shock wave in an arc. The shock wave was so strong that it blew away the burning flame on the ground and revealed more than 30 aliens who fell to the ground.