The man jumped to the crowd and saw his sword roll around like snow, and it changed a hundred times, and the shock wave was myriad. At once, he couldn’t help zheng, far away from his big sleeve, and the sword in Qi Yufeng’s hand was crooked.

But he knew that this recruit could not resist, and it was bound to die in this man’s sleeve. The wind immediately wielded a sword and picked the long white sword, which was sharp enough to cut off the robe sleeve.
The man is zheng, and immediately another long sleeve is displayed on the ground, which is brushed by force and jumped back to the room.
This one by one, this person has never landed and is really mysterious.
That Zhu Bajiacuo looked at Qi Yufeng and shouted, "Young man, you are good at fencing. What’s your name?"
Qi Yufeng cross sword when the chest cried "Wuyue sword sent Huashan Qi Yufeng".
The man’s eyes lit up and then said, "Is Zuo Lengchan trying to destroy the Huashan Sect?"
Qi Yufeng nods "yes".
The man stroked the tiger’s head with one hand and casually asked, "Where is your martial arts ranked in Huashan Sect?"
Qi Yufeng said with a smile, "There are still thirty-one senior brothers in the thirty-second place who have been practicing Dragon’s Ten Palms and Six Pulse Excalibur for a long time. I am afraid I can’t be enemies."
The monk was silent for a long time and couldn’t help sighing gently.
Qi Yufeng saw that the monk was slightly confused, so he wanted to cheat him. He immediately said, "Big monk, I have good advice. I wonder if I can listen to it?"
The monk nodded without looking at him and immediately said, "Well, you said."
Qi Yufejīng immediately said, "I have a large number of people and outstanding people in the original place, and there are many martial arts scholars in the Central Plains since ancient times. Besides, I advocate integrity and never bend my knees. Even if I win for a while, I will definitely not be defeated by him. After J and ng’s deep martial arts, I will be weakened and regret it. I advise you not to go home in this muddy water."
The man couldn’t help laughing at this "good advice" and continued to fiddle with the tiger’s head with a pinch of fluff without answering.
When Mr. Mo Da and Qu Feiyan walked out of the store together, he turned to look at Mr. Mo Da who had just left and looked at him and asked, "Are you the head of Hengshan Sect?"
Mr. Mo Da doesn’t move. Se lightly nodded his head. Absolutely heavenly king.
The monk slapped the tiger’s hip and shouted, "Balak mumbles."
Seeing the tiger stretch, his mouth blare, blare, blare, blare, blare, and then flash, with a gust of wind, it turned into a black and yellow light and shadow and rushed straight at Mr. Mo from the roof.
Mr. Mo Da quickly drew a thin sword from the bottom of the Hu Qin, and the green light flashed in his hand, and the tip of the sword was like a curtain of pear blossoms in the middle of the cloth.
Qi Yufeng saw that Mr. Mo Da’s swordsmanship was so high that he immediately admired his heart. If I make this sword, I’m afraid it’s not as far as Mr. Mo Da’s.
Anyone who practices swordsmanship to such an extent that it is so thick and light, with just the right strength, skill, style and strength, has to work hard for decades. It is not that once he learns the "Nine Swords of Dugu", he can surpass these Jianghu predecessors in this basic skill of swordsmanship.
Because of the rules of the Jianghu, he wondered how much a tiger could do. He had killed many people when he was a swordsman in Changbai Mountain.
Besides, although the tiger is castrated violently, it is not as fast as it is. Does this monk look down on Mr. Mo Da and deliberately humiliate him?
Just then, I saw Mr. Mo Da’s sword move like a ghost stabbing the white hair on the tiger’s chest several times in a row, but the tiger seemed to be unaware of it. He stretched out his paw in front of Mr. Mo Da, struck him right in the middle of his thin chest, and Mr. Mo Da crashed into the wall like a kite with a line of blood.
Qi Yufeng never expected that a man and a beast would meet in such a way. As a result, he immediately lost his mind and cried, "Snowball bites him!" Then he took the long white sword and used a trick, Yandang Mountain’s unique trick, "Screen Xia is stacked", to stab the tiger straight.
I saw a white shadow flying in front of him, but I saw the tiger slapping it on the forehead, and then I flew snowball.
Qi Yufeng immediately stopped his sword and looked back to see snowball falling into the dust. Then he turned and jumped over. Although it seems that there are still some daze, it doesn’t matter immediately.
When he looked back for the tiger again, he saw that it was as light as a cat and had climbed the roof along the low tile, lazily lying at the monk’s feet again
Slightly turned his head and the monk looked at Qi Yufeng immediately with a cold heart. "This man’s martial arts is inscrutable, especially his work J and jīng Zhan has been lost. If he is allowed to display the work of waving robes and sleeves, it is not as good as his apprentice’s to bully himself. If he rushes to the room, he will die with a wave of his sleeve."
When he stood with a sword and glared at the Juba Gyatso waiting for the room, he fought to the death. Snowball, a little fox, also jumped to his side, grinning with four claws and constantly pushing his tail up like a blow from the angry big cat.
The monk’s eyes were cold, and he looked at Qu Fei’s smoke and helped Mr. Mo Da to pat him on the back, but Mr. Mo Da’s face was as golden as paper, and his eyes were closed as if he had really died.
The man looked at Qi Yufeng again and sneered, "You are really in the 32nd place of Huashan School, bragging about shame!"
Qi Yufeng also don’t answer immediately constantly calculate his body changes breathing ups and downs.
In your hands, you are secretly preparing a sword trick, which is the original trick. Before the "broken air" is practiced, you will play fiercely and stab the enemy’s eyes, throat, lower abdomen, Y and N in many soft places. Y and N are dangerous and diabolical, and many swordsmanship shame achievements can be said to have meant that there are some vendors in both circles.
When he practiced this trick, I’m afraid there were only a few people in the original day, and his enemy might have Zuo Lengchan alone, but he expected Fang Yishan to meet such an unknown powerful figure. Even though he is now holding a long white sword in his hand, he is twice as good at martial arts, but he is also nervous.
Before he makes this sword move, he needs to repeatedly calculate the position, size, length and terrain of the weapon, and the height of the light he takes is a habit of taking action with him.
But he looked at it for a long time and felt that this person was not in the rules at all times. In Fiona Fang, his body naturally followed the statutes, which was like a flaw, and he couldn’t help falling straight to the bottom.
The man stared at him for a long time and suddenly frowned and said, "Did you study the Changbai Sword Sutra?"
Qi Yufeng was shocked, but his heart said, "Does this person have the same skill as the master who practices Changbai Sword Sutra? That’s not a fart!"!
He immediately forcibly suppressed his surging heart, and Hao Shen replied, "Yes."
The man heard immediately one leng like Qi Yufeng’s statement was beyond his expectation. He then looked at the sword potential in Qi Yufeng’s hand and slowly nodded and sighed, "Time flies, Jiangshan has changed. I can’t believe that this martial arts last-day" Changbai Sword Sutra "has not been annihilated and there are still people in the world."
Qu Feiyan cried when he heard this. Se Xin said, "I don’t know how old he lived, no matter what time the monk said."
Qi Yufeng heard this, but he couldn’t help but feel a big heart. This Changbai Sword Sutra has been practiced to the extreme. How can that trick be easily escaped by you? Besides, this sword Sutra can be broken and inverted when it is empty. Since you feel that the passage of time is not necessarily aware of the true meaning of this martial arts.
The monk sighed with emotion and then nodded at Qi Yufeng. "So small, since you are a sword sutra person, it’s not difficult for me. I think you haven’t practiced this kung fu yet. I’ll destroy you in March."
After that, he flashed along the roof and went away. The tiger jumped high and fell low, followed closely.
Qi Yufeng see nemesis has gone to detain a long breath originally taut a j and ng gas god immediately all dispersed bone weakness say a tired.
Although he talked a few words in the eye for a moment, the coercion made him feel that this quarter of an hour was more devastating than what he had beaten this day, such as the white-headed immortal, the short monk and the ten arhats combined.
Immediately, he wiped the 1-year-old sword and leaned on the ground, only to find that the sharp horse of Changbai sword had a skewed hilt and sank into the ground.
He immediately struggled to draw out a long sword, but looking back, he saw Qu Fei’s mouth shriveled and he cried piteously, "Grandpa Mo is dying."
Qi Yufeng saw that Mr. Mo Da’s eyes were closed and he was dying. He quickly leaned over and held down his pulse. His pulse was slow and weak, and he moved gently for a long time. If it weren’t for his profound work, he would have been dead for a long time. He quickly said, "And save us from going back to the mountain quickly."
Then he took out a pill from his bosom, peeled off beeswax and sealed the shell to reveal a golden Se liquid inside, grabbed Mr. Mo Da and poured it into his mouth.
Mr. Mo Da struggled to swallow, feeling that Dantian was slightly healthy and vigorous, and immediately said, "Smelly girl is sweet and fishy. What is this?"
When Qi Yufeng saw him wake up, he immediately laughed. "This is the snake bone marrow mixed with Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng juice, which can best tonify the body. Don’t talk too much. I’ll carry you to the mountain to control the enemy."
Great sigh, "I’m old, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make this Dan medicine so precious. How can it reach me as an old man?"
Qi Yufeng was afraid that he would be angry when he talked a lot. He immediately leaned over and carried him on his back. "Let’s go to Huashan immediately."
Qu Feiyan immediately stopped crying and carried Mr. Mo Hu Qin and Qi Yufeng’s original swords on his back, turning Huashan along the path.
At the foot of the mountain, I saw a group of porters with rice flour baskets and a group of bandits in Shaohuashan stupefied there. I think they were also shocked by the noise of Zhu Bajia’s measures. Qi Yufeng immediately waved and said, "Let’s talk about the mountain first."
So nearly a hundred people climbed along the winding mountain road.
After more than two hours, everyone came to their senses. When the vest of Shi Qi Yufeng felt hot, Mr. Mo suddenly woke up leisurely and said, "Let me go."
Qi Yufeng felt that he was rushing around all the way, slowly supported by his own pure force of J and jīng, but he became silent and couldn’t help wondering, "You … How are you?"
Mr. Mo Da said with a wry smile, "It won’t be so soon. I have been seriously injured in my heart. Now I am trying to suppress it forcibly, but my luck will not be restored after all. I have to exercise after all."
Qi Yufeng said, "This mountain road is difficult. Let’s go to the mountain to recuperate before moving."
Mr. Mo Da said, "Even though I just closed my breath, I have to return it after all."
However, no matter how he persuaded Qi Yufeng, he always refused to provoke him to be anxious. He couldn’t help swearing, "Who are you, you little brat, who escorted your daughter-in-law all the way back? You little ingrate āo, his grandmother must not let us marry this silly brat or else we will be angry."
Qu Fei’s face turned red with Se and immediately said, "Grandpa Mo, don’t talk nonsense. I won’t marry."
Qi Yufeng sighed and put Mr. Mo Da in his mouth and muttered, "You can’t serve anyone well, so go by yourself."