But he is an evil god after all.

Whoever he wants to destroy can escape you, can you? We can’t leak any information about Baal, or the Elves will be gone in a second.
Four people heard OuYangLanLan words a shiver from the bottom of my heart.
Just then melfi came in from the outside. Mom, are you at home?
Five people immediately dew previous smiling face because they all feel the night maple is here.
I’m in Phyl. Come on in.
Melfi pushed the door and came in with Ye Feng. Sweetly, he called his mother and big brother. He said that he wanted to discuss with you. I went to patrol with my sister. After that, I looked at Ye Feng and danced and hummed to find her sister Melna to patrol.
Night maple saw that all five people heard their conversation when they were on the road just now. Of course, he was a brain god wave. He went to the door and said, I want the spirit grass to change and Athena’s five faces sank immediately.
Ye Feng went on to say that I must get these two magical plants from you, or I will give them to you, or there will be one less race in the mainland of Western Chu in three days. I don’t believe every word I say. I can try it for you immediately.
Athena shook her body twice when she heard the words of the night maple. The night maple exudes a divine momentum, and her purple eyes look straight at the five people. She continued, "It’s in the orcs or other races. I won’t slobber with you, but Yaqi is my partner. I will take care of his feelings. I will take care of this attack by the orcs and dwarves. I won’t let you lose an elf and make sure that no race dares to set foot in your elves."
Do they have to choose when the night maple threatens to seduce them? The answer is no, they are dead, but what about the elves?
Athena said, I promise your request, but I hope you will keep your word.
Ye Feng thought of success, but she said my reputation as an evil god to ensure that what she said was less effective and that following me would not make him suffer.
Five people all shook their bodies, and they all thought that it was really terrible. I didn’t expect that the barrier protection was also heard by him.
Mom is not well.
Melfi pushed the door and rushed in without courtesy, patting his chest and gasping for air, saying that there are many orcs and dwarves outside the mother elders.
Ouyang Lanlan said calmly, can you give me a general idea?
Melfi drank the water handed by her mother Athena and said that it was dark all around, so she couldn’t see the edge.
If they were former, they would certainly be rushing around or dispatching troops, but now they are not afraid even if one million troops come after the words of Ye Feng.
Athena said, "Elder Two, go and tell our people to return to the boundary first, and we will follow."
Ouyanglanlan Liu Fei should take a look at the night maple before rapidly receding.
Night maple followed the crowd to the enchantment mouth and saw that all sides were either orcs, dwarves or Warcraft. melfi said that if you were dark, you would not see the edge. The three sides added up to no less than four hundred thousand.
Later, I watched it was dark outside and did all kinds of bodybuilding. I was excited and said, haha, I haven’t exercised for a long time. I must take a good exercise this time
Twelve music came over and slapped it, and then the back of your head was a little slightly. When did you become so bloodthirsty? Be careful to become a murderer.
Later, when he stopped bodybuilding, he couldn’t figure out when he became so bloodthirsty. He said, The boss is right. The enemy is here to kill, not to hurt. Do you know if there is a little girl film?
Twelve music a beautiful and clean whirlwind leg will kick a dog to eat shit later, and then the figure will flash and the right foot will step on it, and then he will say, after humming, you should call my sister and don’t call me a little girl, okay?
Men don’t eat short-term losses, and then they repeatedly replied to Sister Twelve Music.
Twelve music touched his cheeks and mused, I heard that the final defense barrier is the magic barrier of fire and water. Do you elves do magic every day? You have a wide range. How many talents does it take
Elf people listened to the twelve music words ha ha laugh. melfi said with a quick tongue, Sister Twelve, you don’t know how to protect us. The final defense barrier is the energy of these two magical plants. We don’t have a dozen women who have been acquainted with each other since last night. Everyone is older than melfi. Two sisters shouted Sister Twelve Music.
Athena, the four elders, didn’t want to say it, but it was said by the little princess melfi at that time. You know, magic plants are bound to set off a storm in the mainland of Xi Chu. Although the daughters and Yaqi and others have heard of these two things later, they all forgot when they came, but their eldest night maple heard a flash of purple awn in her eyes, and she didn’t get the spirit until she got to the strange mountains. Now, one or two drugs, thought Ye Feng.
Although the purple mountain in the night maple’s eyes flashed by, it still couldn’t escape the four elders Athena’s eyes. Five people were worried and shocked, but it was a pity that all this was hidden in their faces.
Athena took one look at Murphy, and melfi was looking at her big brother Ye Feng at this time. Of course, I didn’t see her mother’s blaming eyes and continued, Big brother, I’ll take you to see those two magical plants later. It’s beautiful and strange.
This time Athena was more than I could bear. I just wanted to stretch out my hand and stop melfi, but it was stopped by Ouyang Lanlan’s eyes. The night maple cast a glance at the elves here and said to melfi, "It’s convenient. I’d like to see the magical plants. I don’t know Aunt Lan’s opinion."
Ouyang Lanlan is a joke of the four elders. She speaks in the Elves. Who dares to say something about forcing poison a year ago? They want to find a chance to give it back to Ye Feng.