There aren’t many S-level powers, so it’s clear that this earth is not a plane, so what super cattle people are now in such a place? In this A-level, there are five masters and ten S-levels, and the number of S-levels is scarce, so it’s just that the giant panda K city has two S-levels besides its own sky. Judging from Bello’s reflection, his identity is likely to be linked to that organization.

Who the hell is he?
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three A teacher
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At the thought of the organization’s influence on oneself, Tang Yi can’t help but get slightly annoyed. When I hear David Tang singing at random with my right hand, I have already pulled out the spirit-cutting knife.
Here is his Tang Yi scattered. Therefore, if it is difficult to fight, there will be a lot of concerns. The hand-slashing knife gently crashes with a horizontal force. Now it has brought up a strong breeze to blow the living room into chaos. After the coercion disappears, it has been changed into a Zangetsu solution. It is more convenient and helpful than other slashing knives. However, it is the best choice to lock Zangetsu at the same time with caution.
Finger gently moved Tang Yi scattered directly has added a bloodthirsty mind fire, and then jumped gently with bravery and ferocity. Every point is clearly presented in front of you, as if it were a slow motion, but it is extremely difficult to avoid it, as if it were a tiger in the same mountain.
The mysterious man sighed a little naively, and when his wrist turned, he didn’t know when his index finger and middle finger had a thin card between them. When he saw that thing, his palm flashed with a dagger.
This dagger is dull in color and simple in appearance. When you look at it from a distance, you can feel a desolate and inexplicable smell. From that dagger, this dagger is like an ancient artifact that has been around for thousands of years.
The color of the dagger is slightly darker, and the dark side is covered with strange patterns. Tang Yi cried after seeing this pattern. Those patterns are carved and carved according to this strange trajectory, showing a harmonious feeling of one integrated mass. Immediately after holding them in his hand, the man and the sword became mysterious.
Eyes tightly staring at the dagger Tang Yi scattered face unchanged in close attention to the dagger at the same time against the speed is accelerated a lot, fierce strong pressure at this time has increased a few minutes, at the same time, end-to-end added a few minutes.
Ah, Bitter Will! The man sighed gently, raised the dagger in his hand gently and slapped it sideways at Tang Yi. The short meeting suddenly burst into a gray-black light. Although it was gray-black, it gave people a feeling that it was really open. It seemed like a sword-shaped pattern in the hot summer sun. At this time, Tang Yi was scattered lightly, but it seemed to be fixed by something. He could not move at all. He was photographed by this firm but then was photographed like a fly.
Peng crashed violently into the wall, and the strength was so strong that the wall showed a shallow pit. This blow was heavier than that of the average person, but at this time Tang Yi was not afraid of such an attack, but his arms and elbows were leaning against the wall. A pair of black eyes flickered and swayed seven feet in front of the man.
This person’s ability is actually similar to his strength. His wisdom immediately came to the conclusion after seeing that the card disappeared. The other person’s ability is slightly similar, but the other person is limited to being different.
Who on earth are you? Although you are not afraid of him, considering that your room Tang Yi has been scattered or temporarily stopped, you may not be defeated, but your room will be lost.
Ah, you finally calmed down. The man was slightly relieved, and there was a strong sense of pride on his face. I was the founder, another S-class in the base besides you.
Chuangshi slowly commented on these two words, and Tang Yi flashed a trace of clarity in his mind. He showed his strength in front of people that death was awarded the title, but it was death, while Chuangshi’s two words were different in weight. Strictly speaking, his strength was vaguely worthy of this arrogance. Just now, that card must have a simple dagger pattern.
With a flick of the arm, I heard a bang, and the dagger surface held by the creator quickly appeared cracks, and then it broke into a loose powder and slowly drifted away from his hand.
Strength is limited. Seeing this, Tang Yi has realized that the power defect of the founder is here. If the weapon renewal time limit is really permanent, then his level will never be an S-class to that extent, but he has been able to claim the same power as the emperor.
My Lord, it seems that he is really not the dragon king, but the two of them are very attractive.
What are you talking about? You know that the Dragon King immediately stared at this one with a fixed eye before Bello finished. It is obvious that the Chinese and foreign mixed-race beauty led you to work in that bastard’s hand.
It’s this adult. I’m not a black knight now. I took a careful look at Chuangshi. She has the same respect for this seemingly Tang Yi power. In the power world, if he is S-class, no matter which organization he belongs to, he will be respected. Power is the most standard cornerstone to measure power.
Well, I can see that you’re still that bastard who took your life easily and grunted coldly. The teacher’s eyes at Bello are not as calm as before, young man. I have to know exactly how my friend died.
To put it simply, I met an evil spirit when I went to the park, and then when I was chasing the evil spirit, your friend was unlucky enough to hit the evil spirit and be killed.
However, after listening to Tang Yi’s scattered explanation, the teacher’s face showed a look. Personally, he was tired and a lot of lazy. He sat in the sand and sighed and touched a cigarette case. Ah Kai, I told you that your door would be devastated that day, and you must ask me to fight for that breath. A flame appeared on the lighter surface, slowly igniting the paper wrapped in tobacco and then igniting the tobacco.
That is to say, we have made clear his identity, but the battle is gone. We have to continue to go to the necessary hands. The knife is gently inserted into the body, and the coat immediately disappears. Then the set of leisure shows up. Tang Yi sighed in the house, but the white Guanghua in his hand flashed seven pieces of white paper painted with figures. After these papers fell to the ground, they died. They became white dolls with a circular pattern on their chests. These figures were called gods in the enchantment division.
God immediately ran back and forth and jumped up because of the sequela caused by his hand in just less than ten seconds. Whether it was Tang Yi’s scattered spirit bursting or the dagger’s scattered gray-black shock wave, it was destructive. Although the founder specially shot the sword at Tang Yi, the shock wave still left a mark on the ceiling.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Heavenly Sword Light Armor
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Er, the evil spirit has been removed by me, and it’s his revenge. He pushed his glasses slightly awkwardly. Tang Yi went to the refrigerator and took a bottle of mineral water. Then he turned his head. What do you want?
No, now that I know the cause of my friend’s death, I won’t bother you any more. I gently put out the cigarette butts and started to look at Tang Yi from that sand. I am also very happy to be able to show a powerful power in the young people’s base again, but no matter what you do after you are still young, Master Li also specially asked me to take care of K city a little bit, so that things don’t get too big.
I will silently nodded Tang Yi scattered gently put the mineral water in my hand and winked at Bello. Bello immediately took Tang Xian to pick up the scattered bags and walked quickly into the kitchen.
Tang Yi, two people talking in a low voice, left the living room and sent Chuangshi to the gate of the small apartment. Then he stopped to prepare Chuangshi to say goodbye and go back to the house. At this time, his face was slightly wrong. Before he said anything, he saw Chuangshi with two palms and a rub, and two black owls were suddenly in his palm. Now the two owls’ feathers were gray-black, but those eyes were very strange. The golden eyes and mouth were slightly grooved, and a pair of claws looked very strong. The light blue fog slowly floated around the claws, and the two owls fanned their wings for two times to detain them,
Stretching out his hand and pointing to the distance, the teacher whispered, "With his words, two owls flew away and dragged up two black shadows. After a second or two, the distance of tens of meters was abolished."
At seven o’clock this evening, there were not many pedestrians near the apartment, and the two owls were still in the process of leaving the hospital, but no one was flying around after the owls flew, and they immediately jumped hard
When the two owls rushed to meet Fang’s two very hidden places, they were different. In one place on the left, the owl moved as if suddenly drunk, and then it wobbled and fell, while in the other place on the right, the owl was cut in half by a sudden lengthening watermelon knife. After the owl was split in half, it immediately turned into a powder. You know, Tang Yi’s fighting experience is not what it used to be, but his fighting vision has also increased a lot, and he immediately remembered his mental shock when he was protecting the ship.
I am not angry when I see the owl being broken and wounded in the investigation. I only saw two birds’ souls flying from the direction of the owl in Tang Yi’s scattered sight. In an instant, I was already in front of him, and I was returned to my hand with a trick. My wrist turned over again, and the palm of my hand was like magic, showing a sword of more than three feet.
The body of this long sword is three feet three inches long and about two fingers wide. There is a round bead in the center of the armguard, and the edge of the armguard is as linear as a bird’s wing. The end of the sword holds a fine scale, and the armguard generally looks like a feather. Now, when it dies, it bursts into a five-foot-long sword, and it takes a while to retract the body.
With a sword in his hand, the teacher took a step forward slightly, but his body walked strangely for more than four or five meters. This step was the same as the extremely high flying skill in the novel. He took two or three steps like this, but he was almost at the remote house. If there were not many pedestrians near the small apartment at this time, a group of young people would clamor to learn from him.
Seeing that the founder should draw the sword and walk Tang Yi scattered, he was not content with the shadow flash. He had already moved forward for more than ten meters and flashed again. He had reached the place where the owl fell. The index finger gently spread the spirit between the eyebrows and quickly spread it, but the instantaneous has already understood the 30-meter environment in Fiona Fang.
With a sword in his hand, Chuangshi looked coldly at the dark corner ahead, where the two owls’ souls were held by him. For this person’s hidden position, he was clear and abnormal in his heart. He was furious when he stabbed a firm but gentle sword, which was close to four feet long. He sang safely in his mouth, and the firm but gentle sword in his hand, which was a poem in his mouth, soared a few minutes in color, but it also slightly suffused with a hint of light gold. However, when he saw that the firm but gentle became more and more dense, it was faintly formed into a six-foot long sword.
Being urged by this sword to detain the ground becomes bumpy, as if being beaten by heavy rain on the beach, and a low grass in front of the firm but gentle has not touched the firm but gentle and has been smashed by this sharp edge.
When the secret explosion came from the darkness, the sound was calm, crisp and metallic with a thick golden iron sound, and at this time, the sharp front end of a thumb-thick steel cone was stretched out in the darkness, even if the light was bad, it was still cold.
Hum, carve, bug, trick, coldly hum a sword in the hands of a division, and everything has been cut off. At this time, the broken steel cone suddenly flew towards him, not cut off. To be precise, the steel cone had already broken and shot out before the sword was near.
Inside, however, it was magellan, and Alice silently monitored Tang Yi in two places, but it was very unexpected that a person who looked very similar to the Dragon King walked in. Soon, there was a strong pressure in the room. Although this pressure quickly disappeared, it made them very clear that there seemed to be a war in it. When two people were talking everywhere, they couldn’t help but be surprised. This was something that they felt uncomfortable for a long time.