At present, these spies have successfully entered the government offices of Lin ‘an Prefecture, the Sixth Department and the Privy Council, and often bring meaningful information to Su Changsheng to know, and then they will be handed over to Su Yonglin to know.

Moreover, the government of the Southern Song Dynasty was not aware of the information leakage today. It is not clear whether there are any and how many national spies in Lin ‘an City.
They don’t say they are colored against espionage, but at least they can be regarded as having no roots.
Compared with the southern song dynasty, the spies in the capital city were all alive, and the Skynet army closely monitored them.
It’s not that they can’t disguise themselves. These spies in the Southern Song Dynasty also have some professional standards to live in the capital.
It is because they don’t know much about the country’s society, and they don’t know that a large number of universal ID cards in China want to hide their identity and enter Zhongdu City. It is impossible for merchants in the Southern Song Dynasty to follow their identity and enter Zhongdu City.
Moreover, the Chinese government also asked Su Yonglin to pass the "Secrecy Act" early, which strictly restricted some department officials from revealing information to the crowd, knowing that for some key departments, it was even more strictly restricted to contact with the outside world and disappeared completely.
In this case, the spies of the Southern Song Dynasty found out that the news base and the street-side chattering grandfathers and aunts talked about stories such as "White-haired Girl" and "Cockcrow in the Middle of the Night" and scolded despicable people.
To tell the truth, the Southern Song Dynasty is better than the security level. Su Yonglin felt that it was all possible to send someone directly into the court of the Southern Song Dynasty to give Zhao Shen a strong medicine to make him the second Sun Yuanqing.
Lu You obviously didn’t know all this, and he didn’t know that the intelligence network was laid in the Southern Song Dynasty, but Su Yonglin had a certain trust in him and decided to let him contact Su Changsheng and charged Su Changsheng to secretly protect Lu You.
If someone wants to hurt him, he should protect him and send him and his family to Zhongdu safely.
Such an official of the Southern Song Dynasty before the independent awakening is of great significance to the country.
Of course, [passive consciousness] the landlords and squires of the country are also of great significance to the Southern Song Dynasty
The Southern Song Dynasty government gradually realized that a large number of people were waiting to embellish the Southern Song Dynasty with the Southern Song Dynasty envoys returning to the South and the pre-revolutionary wave sweeping across the Central Plains in the fourth year of Hongwu.
With thousands of squires successfully crossing the human blockade and natural blockade into the Southern Song Dynasty, the rulers of the Southern Song Dynasty were ecstatic when the government learned that they had discovered the loopholes in the rule of the country and the fact that the country would soon be finished.
In ancient times, tyranny was fiercer than tigers forced people to hide in the mountains and risk being eaten by tigers to avoid tyranny. Now this group of landlords and gentry fled south, which just proves that tyranny is cruel and unpopular.
Chapter 15 Su Yonglin will die after all.
Before fleeing, the big landlords and squires crossed Qian Shan and tasted human suffering, and finally escaped to the Southern Song Dynasty.
During their journey to the south, they had to take the lonely mountain path to avoid the country and local roads.
Although there is no national pursuer in the mountain path, there are harsh natural environment and ferocious carnivores. They look at this group of good people who have come all the way to the food delivery door with green eyes and shed tears at their corners of their mouths.
Of course, it is a small number of people who are killed by carnivorous beasts, or because the mountain road is difficult to walk or fall to death or get lost or the food is exhausted, thus melting the nutrients in the vast forest.
And being able to reach the Southern Song Dynasty alive is indeed a generation of luck.
They not only knew what they meant to the Southern Song Dynasty, but also hated the country, so they made up a lot of tragic stories to meet the requirements of the Southern Song Dynasty government.
They lead their tenants to live and work in peace and contentment, eat well and take good people with them.
Tenants are very supportive of their good governance, and as a result, the Chinese court bought them a lot of money or coerced them to intimidate them, which made them attack them
They either lost a kind and wise wife or a beautiful daughter or a brave son or a kind and old mother.
They all described the family members who died because of their escape as brave people who saved more family members from escaping from the tiger’s jaws, or those who were killed unfortunately.
They said that the imperial court incited the mob to plunder their property, seize their land and kill their families, and said that those tenants who had benefited from them were bewitched to show their fangs.
Or kill a kind-hearted young master or forcibly humiliate a kind-hearted and beautiful little daughter, or kill their wives and eat them, or hang their ten-year-old father and mother and whip them to death.
They are kind-hearted all their lives, and an ant is not willing to step on them. Even if they are so kind, they still can’t escape the brutal court and the ungrateful baiwenhang, killing three or five generations of family-owned fly ash and destroying the family.
It’s sad to cry.
Generally speaking, they turned the country into a riot hell, a vigorous revolution into a terrorist riot, emancipated the mind, smashed the shackles and stood up against the people in a cruel mob.
They are kind, gentle and correct, the imperial court and emperor of China are evil, the mud legs are treacherous, and the army is cruel and heartless.
This kind of propaganda is very in line with the needs of the court in the Southern Song Dynasty. The officials in the Southern Song Dynasty were overjoyed, so they were taken to Lin’ an in large quantities to appear in front of officials and emperors.
They cried and asked the emperor Zhao Shen for help, protection and a bowl of rice.
They have a strong ability to make up stories, saying that Zhao Shen is in tears and that civil and military officials sigh.
Wenwu Baiguan is not a fool, but a wise man, not a fool.
Although they all know that these guys can never be so gentle and just to the tenants, they are still deeply afraid of the great revolutionary action launched by the Chinese government in the face of the gesture of the Chinese government
They have never seen politics with mud legs, never seen mud legs raze landlords and squires, and never seen the emperor who allowed all this to dominate all this.
This mother is the emperor?
They are worried that these guys are now their future, and they are more worried that these guys have escaped and they have not.
These guys can also cross Qian Shan and flee to the Southern Song Dynasty to beg for food. Where will Junnan flee then?
Occupy the city country?
They are deeply worried about their own future.
And this is that goal of Zhao Shen and Zaifu’s team.
This group of people showed up and told them that the revolutionary policy of the country once again rallied the people on a large scale, which made the ruling class in the Southern Song Dynasty unite as never before and curbed consumption to a considerable extent.
Through this wave of public opinion, the ruling class in the Southern Song Dynasty is basically full of sense of crisis, and the desire to fight is not so strong, the party struggle is not so fierce, and the fighting spirit against the country is also strong before.
Since then, Zhao Shen has been keenly aware that his decrees have helped a lot.
There are always some bumps in the road, and some people are lazy and inefficient.
Now, the administrative efficiency has greatly increased, which is more efficient than the previous period.
By the middle of October of Hongwu four years, the plan for recruiting 70,000 troops had been successfully completed.
This time, it is really 70,000 people who are not mixed with water. It is quite rare for these 70,000 people to be enriched in the Jianghuai Theater and the Lin’ an Imperial Army.
It’s not objective to say that there is no credit for this group of squires.
Lin’ an imperial army suffered two devastating blows and finally had a quota of 40,000 people again. The remaining 30,000 people were sent to Zhenjiang, Jiankang and Chizhou.
Zhao Shen incorporated the 40,000-person department into his own command, and the bodyguard Ma Junsi and the bodyguard Bu Junsi were not assigned because they were still outside Zhao Gou.
However, these 70 thousand people are certainly not the end, but a starting point.
On the day of the completion of Zhao Shen’s 70,000-person recruitment plan, an ambitious 10,000-person recruitment plan was put forward, demanding that the size of the army be restored to that before the First Song War in two years.
And with the implementation of this plan of recruiting 10,000 people, the Southern Song Dynasty court also announced that it would call Teke Wuju to recruit talented people with courage and ability to fight for the society.
If you pass the exam, you can directly award military posts and generous benefits.
At the same time, the questions in the official imperial examination are also biased towards military strategy
In addition to the issue of Confucian classics, Zhao Shen asked palace examination to select military talents from the candidates who took the imperial examination.
Zhao Shen also recruits military talents for officials who have become officials, and prepares to expand the size of the Privy Council on a large scale, giving the Privy Council more efforts to cheer up the Privy Council, and by the way, cheer up the military in the Southern Song Dynasty
With the implementation of a series of new policies, more and more military talents have entered the Privy Council, and their professional level has been guaranteed.
Zhao Shen was finally dissatisfied with Zhou Lin’s conservative military strategy and prepared to adopt a more radical military strategy to counter the threat posed by the country.
This Zhao Shen sent Chen Kangbo, who returned from the diplomatic mission, and Zhou Lin, who led the Privy Council, to a position to exchange orders. Zhou Lin was asked to take charge of the political affairs and Chen Kangbo was asked to take charge of the Tang Dynasty.