"This matter …"

Violet, the female elf, took a look at Norman and said, "It should not be done."
I’ve heard about Lord Barton’s great ideas, but Sheeham is not a starry sea.
"There are too few people in the stars and seas, and there are hundreds of people in Hiham, but hundreds of thousands of people want to feed so many people, which can’t be done by Hiham alone."
Violet, it seems that the Starry Sea model is suitable for small-scale transportation and expansion to Hiham, and the real city root is a dead end.
Norman is shook his head. "You can’t just say no when you encounter difficulties. How can you know that you can’t do it without trying? It is because you think so much that the first starry sea has not appeared until now. "
"At the beginning of the establishment of the Starry Sea, the situation was not much better than that of Hiham. At that time, there was a mage in the whole Starry Sea, and the food was not enough. According to you, it didn’t work, but we tried bravely to finally have the Starry Sea. Now, if all of them are like you, the Starry Sea can’t be established."
"You can’t just say that practice is the only criterion for testing truth!"
Violet, otherwise.
Everyone will say that the solution to the problem depends on specific methods, and Norman seems to have seen through her ideas, so he told them a general story about the development of the starry sea on the spot, and everyone was fascinated after listening to it
They know that a powerful force has sprung up in Thorn Valley, and they also know some basic conditions of the Starry Sea. For example, residents can have food and houses to live in without work, but they don’t know that the Starry Sea was originally a human army with more than 100 people. This army even has a mage and 23 soldiers. He is an ordinary person!
But now the starry sea has developed into what it is now in just three months …
The fairy frowned.
She was also very surprised and fascinated by this miracle, but she also saw some key information in it.
"If it is in accordance with the model of the Stars and Seas, it will take a long time for mage training. Because of the small number of people in the Stars and Seas, a mage can work day and night smoothly, and everyone can get food to let others grow up quickly sometimes, and try to develop the strength of subsequent mages as much as possible, but Sheeham won’t work."
"There are too many Hiham people, even if all the wizards in Hiham work hard, it is far from enough to satisfy the whole Hiham food. Then people will continue to rush about food, and when they have enough labor laws, they will study hard, so that the strength of new wizards will be cultivated quickly."
She’s a mage expert, and she’s still more keen on numerical transformation than those soldiers.
Norman shook his head again. "You are still in a misunderstanding of inertial thinking. Urban development is the fastest way, but we can delimit a special zone according to our strength to run this model in the special zone first. When the new mage strength in the special zone grows up, our strength will naturally expand, and we will be able to further expand the scope and eventually expand to the whole of Sheeham."
"The specific situation changes."
Chapter five hundred and thirty-two It won’t fall off the pie.
Engel, Willoughby and Violet all fell silent after Norman came up with the idea of establishing a special zone.
They are not very interested in feeding their people.
They are not as compassionate as Norman, and it is not much good for them to feed everyone. Although it will save a lot of bloody conflicts caused by food and reduce some people’s deaths, which will make the public security in Hiham better, what’s the point? They now rely on absolute power to rule the country, which is enough to control the current social order. Hiham does not need to improve people’s lives to stabilize the rule. Besides, it is very likely that Norman will come out and Barton will command Barton, so that Hiham can naturally get involved, and when the time comes, people will thank Barton instead of them, which will make Barton Hiham insert deeper.
What do you think this is good for Barton, not good for them, so the three of them were silent.
If another person had come up with this idea, the three bosses, even the horses, would have joined hands to tear that guy to pieces because Norman’s forbidden spell was still deeply imprinted on their minds, which made them extremely afraid, and they were silent and did not make any drastic moves
Norman’s line of sight casually glanced over the faces around him and saw Engel’s idea of the three of them. From what Norman observed, the idea of the three bosses was different.
Dwarf Sebastian seems to be most excited about Norman’s idea. Obviously, he is very supportive of the two dragons, pryor and scales. It seems that he is indifferent after reading it. It seems that he neither dislikes nor supports it, which reminds Norman of his old friend Chen Qinghe.
Judging from this floating attitude, these two dragons have the same effect as Chen Qinghe.
Bradford, the bald man, is also silent, calm and has few expressions, but Norman seems to be one of the three bosses, which is a little strange.
Maybe he seems to be a private person, but he has something to do with these three forces?
Norman thought about it at random, but he didn’t continue to think deeply, because finally someone spoke.
"SAR …"
A sound with some hesitation.
It was Willoughby, the savage who had been silent for a long time, who finally got out.
"Isn’t it too slow? Lord Barton, you may not know that there are very few Shiam mages, but there are more in Violet’s hands. Engel and I don’t have many mages. If you want to establish a special zone according to your adult’s idea, you can also build a very small one, which will not help the development of the whole Shiam. The result is likely to disappoint your adult. "
Willoughby, this is finding fault with preserved eggs.
He didn’t want to confront Norman head-on, and he didn’t want Norman to put his hand into Sheeham, so he could bite the bullet and say so.
Engel didn’t want to be followed by a pair of panda eyes. After blinking, he agreed, "Yes, and it’s too messy in Hiham. It’s like a spider’s web to divide a special zone separately. It takes a long time to demolish a lot of houses to show the boundary. So it’s better for me to find another place in the thorn valley to build an adult. What do you think of the special zone you conceive?"
Violet smell speech eyes a bright unconsciously caught a glimpse of Engel.
It’s a good proposal for this giant panda. It won’t offend Barton too much, but it can also make Barton’s technique inserted into Hiham. It’s nothing to kill two birds with one stone. How many wizards are there in Hiham is not up to the three of them? When the time comes, just send a few wizards out to deal with it.