Aunt is this kind of situation, keeping the Zhujiajian men, women and children from sneaking into Jinshan Temple for help.

After all, even if the Tang Dynasty is defiled, few people will die well, let alone be defiled by monsters.
According to the practices of those big clans, situations like Zhu Jia Xiao Niang are usually "dead" by default.
All the hard work will be saved and the reputation of the whole family will be tarnished.
It’s better to treat this daughter as dead from the beginning, so at least she can get a good name
Only the aunt who has deep feelings with Zhu’s mother can’t bear to see her mother inexplicably "die" did she risk making a big deal of things in Jinshan Temple.
"Pig demon?"
Look weird. Look at the aunt. Pei Wende always feels that the other person’s description sounds familiar.
If the Zhujiajian family is replaced by Gao Laozhuang, isn’t it appropriate that it is the deeds of the second brother and Gao Cuilian in the Tang Dynasty?
Moreover, he always felt that the aunt’s affection for Zhu’s mother was beyond the normal mutual affection between master and servant.
A normal cook would flee with her host?
Normal cooks do things that are doomed to ruin the family name behind their master’s back?
What’s more, Pei Wende can clearly perceive the difference between Yan and this cook.
Even if you are old, you can’t hide your figure. Those who are obviously not cooking all the year round form hand cocoons …
This old lady is not so much a cook as a swordsman with swords all the year round.
Different congenital differences between women and men make them exercise strong muscles like men.
But women are flexible and flexible, but they can practice fencing to another peak.
Obviously, this self-proclaimed "cook" is a rare female swordsman and fencing is likely to reach a certain peak.
"Aunt, I don’t think you can handle a pig demon?"
Pei Wende didn’t mean to beat around the bush with the other party, but he poked the other party’s disguise with a word.
The most important thing is that Pei Wende didn’t give auntie any response when he said this sentence, and he stabbed each other between the eyebrows with his two fingers and his sword tactic.
If there is a sudden shock in aunt’s pupil, she can avoid Pei Wende’s sword with a partial head.
[oh, no! 】
When the aunt realized that it was not good and wanted to stop her evasive action, Pei Wende had already understated her finger sword.
"The mind has become aware and the spirit has begun to show."
"Auntie, it’s not impossible for you to practice kendo and repair the sword into the Tao, and it’s not impossible to explore the congenital."
"I’m afraid I can’t get into your eyes if I still keep my original body at one end?"
Chapter VII Zhujiajian Sisters
Staring silently at aunt Pei Wende, she never imagined that the other party would see through her details at a glance.
In particular, the bottleneck that has just been bothering her for a long time seems to have broken through.
From the side, it is said that this Fahai Zen master of Jinshan Temple not only has extraordinary wisdom, but also has extraordinary accomplishments in fencing.
"Tell the truth!"
Looking at the face covered with tears but overwhelmed by embarrassment, Aunt Pei Wende finally sighed.
Pei Wende can’t really read his mind since he practiced his mind, but it’s still not difficult to perceive other people’s emotions.
During the previous conversation, Pei Wende could feel that what happened to Zhu’s mother was true, and the aunt’s concern for Zhu’s mother was also from the heart.
The only thing that puzzles Pei Wende is that Auntie seems to deliberately hide some more important information.
"Tell me everything you’re hiding so that I can better help you save Zhu’s mother."
Aunt Wen bowed her head in shame.
Because the meaning in Pei Wende’s words is very obvious, he doesn’t care about the fact that Aunt hides her skill. He wants to know what else is hidden in this.
"The Zen master’s eye is as bright as a torch, and it is a last resort for a young woman to hide her skill."
Pause slightly an aunt no longer dare to look at PeiWenDe straight but bowed their heads and explained.
"The little woman was originally named Zhu Han, the eldest daughter of Zhujiajian."
"Because when I was young, I liked to dance with knives and get great, and I ran away from home against my father’s orders …"
"It was only when I heard that the Zhujiajian family had made a big mistake that I went home anonymously and wanted to see my old father."
Aunt Zhu came to tell the story that Pei Wende and the land official finally understood the origin of each other’s previous abnormal performances.
Thirty or forty years ago, Master Zhu of Runzhou gave birth to a pair of twin daughters.
The eldest daughter’s name is Zhu Han, and the youngest daughter’s name is Zhu Run. When they were born, they were only a few steps apart, but their personalities were very different.
Zhu Run, the youngest daughter, has been smart, gentle and virtuous since childhood, and she is the best among her peers in terms of poetry, songs, piano and chess painting.
On the other hand, the eldest daughter Zhu Han is simply the opposite of Zhu Run.
Lively and active since childhood, Zhu Han is a bully in Runzhou, and most boys of the same age have been beaten by her.