Zheng Xiaoxue explained that "because the strategic position of Tiangang is too important, theoretically we can’t give up"

Lv Wenda glanced at Gu Xiaoyue intentionally. "But now the Eastern Dynasty has the hair in its hand."
Gu Xiaoyue said coldly, "But the land is not theirs."
Lu Chongyun said, "Now that area is a disputed site, we are temporarily occupying that area. We want to make sure that when the Eastern Dynasty wants to build a port, it must pass through us instead of letting them get along with the Shenqu smoothly …"
Everyone came here in vain. This is to make up for Gu Xiaoyue’s mistake of refusing the whole city of Yan Yuhua, but the ultimate goal is to contain the sacred area. Everyone in the new century does not want the sacred area to be on his head forever.
Queen Dove suddenly said, "Now the situation is very complicated, and there is no movement in the Shenqu, but the bloody elite and many guild members of the Golden Eagle Club frequently hang out in Tianwan Bay. Last night, in the middle of the night, I asked our people to withdraw from Tianshan Mountain for three days, and when it was released in the new district, if we could hold on to the Tianshan Mountain and rush to the clouds, the idea would come true."
She said this quickly and succinctly, but everyone knows that this is another world war and it is a dark war.
It should be said that this is the first battle to test Lu Chongyun after Mr. Zheng retired. Lu Chongyun will try his best.
Gu Xiaoyue immediately said, "My people and I will definitely keep Tianshan Mountain."
Queen Dove said, "Cucumber and Little Ai can’t go."
Gu Xiaoyue frowned.
Queen Dove primly said, "Little Ai, a member of the Eastern Dynasty before the cucumber, is also a frequent visitor to this guild. It is inconvenient for them to go."
Gu Xiaoyue can’t say anything about this.
Queen Dove added, "You can’t go to Hong Zhong. You have been in the Golden Eagle Club. You are just like a cucumber."
Red white board bar flower also didn’t speak.
Queen Dove said, "Sister Yang Hong is not on the action list either."
This is better understood. Yanghong still needs to practice now.
Lu Chongyun looked at the night and rode the wind. "Should we show off the wind in the new district this time?"
Night riding the wind sighed, "That’s for sure!"
At this time, Mad Dog Dragon finally saw that Gu Xiaoyue’s mistake was very beneficial to Lu Chongyun. In short, it was going to fight again, and this fight was not small. pk means that if you want money to fight a big fight, you have to spend a lot of money to ride the wind at night and cooperate with the other two presidents to fight for money.
Lu Chongyun used a very clever method to make money by riding the wind at night, and you can’t do it if you don’t promise …
Back to the vice president’s office door was Gu Xiaoyue "bang".
Her face was livid, obviously angered by the meeting just now. Mad dog dragon, Michelle, her sister, Chuchu and Bingbing didn’t dare to speak.
Gu Xiaoyue looked up after sitting in a large class and drank a large glass of water. Then she said angrily, "Queen Lu He is a pair of assholes."
The suggestion to occupy Tianshan Mountain was initiated by these two people, but she couldn’t refute it. However, Tianshan Mountain couldn’t keep its words. Gu Xiaoyue estimated that the department would be responsible for the position of vice president, and the class would be held before the ass was hot.
Mei Jie asked, "xiao yue, what should we do now?"
Gu Xiaoyue looked at Mad Dog Dragon. "Do you have any good ideas, man?"
Mad dog dragon face expression "I have a word to save Tianshan Mountain"
In the new century, we have fought twice in Tianshan Mountain, and each time we have suffered a lot of losses. This third time is even more dangerous. If there are any more losses, no one will look good.
Gu Xiaoyue can sigh to herself. In fact, she is not angry with Lu Wenda and Queen Dove. She is angry with a pig skull like Lu Chongyun for adopting such a stupid plan.
If others want to grab the territory, just let them bite the dog. We must stir up trouble in the new century.
All roads lead to Rome. We don’t have to solve the problem by force. Gu Xiaoyue believes that Mr. Zheng will think the same way when he speaks.
However, Gu Xiaoyue also understands the situation of Lu Chongyun. He has just set up his prestige in the Ministry and also wants to show the outside world the means and strength of the new century to be continued.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-one Nighthawk
The foggy winter night is particularly cold, and the rainbow river is shrouded in the cold wind and fog, which is a cold and cold scene.
There are two black figures on the riverbank, like two ghosts in the fog.
Mad dog dragon is squatting on the ground, tinkering with something. Xiaojia is watching the watch from time to time. "Time is coming."
Mad dog dragon’s hand looks as fast, stable and orderly as when a sword flies snow to cut wood blade. Everyone is equally outstanding in making their own expertise.
For a long time, "click" something in the hand of a crunchy mad dog dragon was finished.
It turned out to be a small silver-gray plane the size of a drawer. Xiaojia asked, "Is this the future warrior scout?"
Mad dog dragon explained, "Strictly speaking, this is a miniature early warning aircraft. Brother Hua named this thing’ Nighthawk’."
The name is very vivid and appropriate. Flying in high school at night, the eagle foot can see all the situations on the ground clearly.
As soon as the mad dog dragon whisked the nighthawk, it was thrown out, and the front and top propellers started quickly. The plane flew away to high school with wings like a real eagle.
Mad dog dragon just picked up a screen with a control instrument of the same size and hit the nighthawk reconnaissance system. The cutting-edge instrument has been started, and the photographed scene is immediately and remotely transmitted.
On the screen of Mad Dog Dragon Exercise, the picture changes are amazing, such as 3d picture, three-dimensional map, plane coordinates, location marking, green, dangerous red … and different pictures are displayed one after another.
Xiao Jia stared at the screen. "I’ve seen this in the Battle of Shilin in the Eastern Dynasty, but it’s as big as a real fighter and needs manual reconnaissance. This nighthawk has been modified so small that it should be the most advanced production."
Mad dog dragon got up and sighed. "All right, go and be careful!"
Xiaojia nodded and walked along the river bank with her hands open.
I saw a diamond-shaped light blue light shield in the center of her whole person, and several dense rays scanned her body.
The dusty battle suit was finally synthesized.
Feet, thighs, lower abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders … Pieces of light and shadow appear, followed by "shuashua shua" and turned into substantial armor.