And when Lin arrived at the seventh floor, even if he hugged and swallowed ZuFu protector, he could feel that all his muscles were under an extremely terrible pressure, and the atmosphere around him was almost golden. Looking around, he was still in a sea of gold.

Lin moved carefully in this sea of golden liquid, but his body was afraid to move any more. He knew that he was not isolated from ten pressures by devouring Zufu. Now even if he cultivated the tactic of turning the sky into a dragon, he would have to melt into a pool of paste.
In this pressure, even the Yuan God is hiding.
But fortunately, when Lin was most relieved, after arriving at the seventh floor, the mysterious stone symbol finally stopped and didn’t hit the last sign again.
Shi Fu is suspended in the seventh floor, and suddenly emits warm white light, which forms a vortex around it, and then Lin Dong is to see the flood gas like the golden liquid, and directly turns into a stream of floods and pours away at Shi Fu.
And with this vast expanse of gas pouring into the mysterious stone symbol, the surface is also shining and faintly seems to be a little angry.
Here, the vast gas seems to be still surprised at the sight of Shi Fu, who is in the process of repairing. This vast gas is really mysterious and can’t exercise the human body, and it seems to be also for all kinds of Lingbao
But how can I practice?
Lin Dong looked around. His eyes looked through the light film wrapped around his body and looked at those faces outside that showed golden liquid, but they were green. Here, the vast gas has almost condensed into a solid, and the energy is so powerful that even Lin Dong dare not easily suck it.
When Lin’s face turned green, the mysterious stone symbol not far away seemed to sense his dilemma. Suddenly, he was swept by a warm white light and then shone in the range of ten feet around Lin, while the white light shone like a golden liquid, and the gas suddenly evaporated rapidly and finally melted into a wisp of golden gas.
This mysterious stone operator turned out to be a hand to help Lin move slightly dilute this flood gas. Although this first layer of flood gas is still too much for Lin to make up for this level of strength, it is obviously able to withstand this diluted flood gas by devouring Zufu Lin.
Have a good conscience.
Lin moved and left the pie mouth, glanced at the mysterious stone symbol that sank and invaded in the absorption of the flood gas, and then sat on the floor directly. This first layer of flood gas is far from the previous layers in terms of quantity and quality. Even if it is five people, not many people can come here.
Then enjoy the hard work reward for a while.
Lin Dong grinned immediately, and his mind moved to devour ZuFu, that is, a circle of black holes broke out above his head, and the diluted gas around him suddenly swarmed and finally poured into the rotating black hole.
With the majestic air entering the forest, the body immediately vibrates, and the skin is almost golden in an instant. An extremely hot hot body spreads everywhere, and the magma generally scoffs.
Lin took a few deep breaths in succession, and his face was glowing with golden light at this moment. He could clearly feel the somatic cells, muscles and bones as if they were all very greedy and jumping at this time. The gas that flooded into the body was a fatal attraction to them.
Suppressing the crazy forest movement in my heart is also an immediate course to turn the sky into a dragon. Suddenly, the dragon songs resounded through the green light and spread from the depths of my body. Then the golden light melted and the dragon swallowed and sucked it.
If you look at Lin’s body from the outside at this time, you will find that his body is filled with blue and gold, and weaving his skin in these two colors is gradually suffused with an ancient color, which looks like a feeling of the wild.
In the green and gold two-color woven forest, the blue lines on the skin of the moving arms quietly spread as if it were a sign of condensing the fifth green dragon pattern.
The strength of the blue sky dragon tactic depends on the number of dragon light lines moving to the forest. Even after inhaling the dragon gas, it is also practicing four dragon light lines, but the eyes are improving again in this big tower, and the fifth dragon light line is also condensed, and it seems that it is still one.
For tsing lung light lines condensed forest movement is obviously aware of the surge of joy in his heart immediately. If he can condense ten lines of tsing lung light lines and then use this to display the seal of Tsing lung constellation, he can definitely beat Shen Tu without being as bitter as before.
Give me strength to condense.
Lin moved his heart, smiled, and then concentrated on his body again. A dragon sucked all the gas that poured into his body.
It would be a great disaster if such an opportunity were let go.
In the seventh floor of the Kuanghuang Tower, one person assimilates two bottom holes, and the general suction surge continuously sucks the diffuse gas.
While waiting for them to suck this tower, it also set off some strong winds and waves like golden liquid, which rumbled and rumbled.
But fortunately, this tower is not the same as others, otherwise this movement will inevitably attract people’s attention.
And in such a person to disturb one operator is also a reckless.
However, when the forest is sinking and invading, it is getting stronger and more carefree, but he has never found that the first passage leading to the flood tower is filled with flood gas, which seems to be a faint sign of crack.
In that kind of crack, a kind of ancient flood and gas in the form of law will benefit a lot if it permeates Chapter one hundred.
Deep and loud storms are constantly whistling in the seventh floor of this flood tower, and the flood air is as golden as a sea, and the waves are amazing.
In this golden ocean, there are two holes, one of which is a symbol for each person. At this time, they have melted into two bottom holes at a crazy speed, and greed devours the surging atmosphere around them.
With this kind of absorption, the body has become golden, and the skin is golden. From a distance, it is still a statue of ancient King Kong, and it is filled with a terrible sense of power.
Moreover, there are dragons in the golden light, and his golden skin is crawling, and the dark blue dragon patterns are looming. Every time the dragon patterns are encouraged, a powerful force will erupt. In that kind of power, the gas is shocked and exploded.