"Then you will stay in Lingyou Hall as the coach, and this cloud will be closed at the door."

With such a cloud, I will be loyal to the sea country in the future.
"Yes" Wu Xiang Niang didn’t think that although she didn’t escape from the strange pool country, she was more comfortable than Xiangge.
What if you have a secluded hall and a kite to support you, even if Chi Mi comes?
I can’t move her for a while.
Fortunately, Wu Xiangniang said to Yun Ni, "Don’t you thank the master?"
Yun Ni doesn’t know what the palace master is or what the hall master is, but she knows that it is the title of kite.
And it makes the kite look so beautiful …
More beautiful than her sisters, she felt like seeing more.
So YunNi immediately rejoiced and kowtowed to the kite and "thanked the master".
However, kite’s attitude towards Yunbi was very indifferent, and then he said to Wu Xiangniang, "Put her there and see me later."
Wu Xiang Niang immediately listened to the arrangement of the kite and soon retired, and at the same time, she would also take Yun Mi with her.
But Yunni wants to see the kite a few more times.
She felt that wearing a mask on the kite added a sense of mystery to him, and that figure and temperament plus a charming voice would really make people a woman if they didn’t see that cornus.
And his skin is so good and white, and he wants to live in a more luxurious place than the prime minister, and Wu Xiangxiang is so respectful to him and knelt down to save them after the officers and men chased him.
Yun Ni feels that Kite is extremely powerful. She just heard Wu Xiangniang’s words to accept her as an apprentice.
Did she learn martial arts and fly to the roof?
2 chapter 2 crooked truth
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Mu Lian is injured, but it is more than enough to deal with the three guards in Wangfu.
Moreover, Mu Lian took the weapon to deal with the three soldiers, and soon they were beaten.
Chi Mie showed a very satisfied appearance and immediately said to the housekeeper, "Prepare him with a palace costume and a long sword to prepare a room alone. In the future, he will be the personal bodyguard of Wang, and Wang An will be in his charge."
Smell speech housekeeper can’t help but feel very surprised that Chi Mie let a person be his bodyguard?
And it’s close-fitting. This is the first time!
But he knew that there couldn’t be something wrong with his ears just now, so he immediately lowered his head and took Mulian away.
The three guards were still lying on the ground, screaming with pain and indifference, saying, "Ask the housekeeper for some silver as medicine."
Hearing this, the three guards immediately climbed up from the ground and then respectfully knelt down and said, "Thank you, Lord."
Chi Mie waved his hand again and the three of them left.
After waiting for the other departments to leave, Chi Mi turned his eyes to Yun Zui and asked, "How about now that the king has done what you want? Do you want to reward the king?"
Cloud drunk by nutcracker then some disdain to ask "reward again ….."
She thinks Chi Mi has everything. How can she want any reward?
Chi Mie sighed again and then said, "At the beginning, Tiefan still owed the king a favor, and you also owed the king one thing. In ancient times, Yunzui let Tiefan die, so that he wouldn’t owe him back. You said that you still owe Tiefan a favor. Can you add it together? Do you owe the king two things to do?"
Smell speech cloud drunk not surprised immediately retorted "ancient cloud drunk things where there is in my head? You’re absurd and you owe me a favor. That’s his business. You have to chase me to the grave! "
Say that finish cloud drunk also took a big white pool what.
Chi Mi can’t help but smile, which is very evil.
"They beheaded three quarters after noon and didn’t even have a chance to be a ghost. Do you want Wang Ruzhu?"
Cloud drunk smell speech can’t help but behead at one leng and three minutes at noon, so there will be no chance to be a ghost? !
But it is not certain whether there are ghosts in this world.
But there is a wolf fairy in this world, and maybe there are ghosts.
But if you can’t even do a ghost, wouldn’t you have no chance to be reborn again?
Cloud drunk such a thought can’t help but shake his head, Tiefan and Yunxi, which is too tragic.
"Ghosts and ghosts are all unscientific, and there is no basis for you to say these things. You are at most drunk in ancient times. Don’t find the wrong creditor."
Say cloud drunk don’t face didn’t take a reason pool what kind.
But Chi Nie Yi is really a joke.
He is short of things and really doesn’t need to be done by others.
But in front of Yunzui, one hundred is simply not enough!
For example, Chi Mie must love Yun if he wants to get drunk. Talk to him as a man, stay by his side, don’t be jealous from time to time and show concern …
There are always a lot of demands, but Yunzui is not a person who wants to be taken advantage of. It is impossible for Yunzui to agree.
29 Chapter 29 Familiar with the terrain
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Yun Zui and Chi Mie, but just then, they saw the housekeeper bring Mulian back.
Yunzui immediately converged and Chi Mi continued to laugh and talk, and her posture was also correct.
The ancient cloud was drunk in Mulian’s eyes, but can a lady break Mulian’s image in her?
Chi Mie didn’t really enjoy seeing Mu Lian at that moment, but because of Yun Zui, he also showed a very appreciative look instead of being cold.