It’s really not a big deal for Chenchi.

However, I have never encountered such a difficult thing before Qingchen. Xia Xiaotian brought several troubles after this person appeared.
Is this her trouble for herself? Qingchen doesn’t even know
In particular, Qingchen still thinks that Xia Xiaotian’s parents are a time bomb, and it is not certain when they will do something imaginary.
After all, after careful calculation, since Xia Xiaotian is a legacy mental illness, her parents may also have …
This kind of person is the most difficult.
After getting out of the ladder, I saw that Qingchen looked tired and Chenchi didn’t go in. I gently printed a kiss on her forehead and let her go to bed quickly.
And Chen Chi immediately contacted Zheng Nuo.
"The gun has sent the report?" Chen chi asked the first sentence
Section 156
Zheng Nuo seems to have drunk some wine, but his mind is still clear. "It’s the first time in my life that I’ve written this Rush report …"
Although it’s not the first time to shoot a gun in public, it’s the first time that Zheng Nuo has used a gun for personal reasons, and a dozen or two bullets have been fired.
Chenchi whispered "Thanks"
He seldom said thank you. Zheng Nuo over there immediately changed his mouth. "In fact, it’s not much …"
"Xia Xiaotian committed suicide tonight." Chen Chi said in a serious tone. "His parents should hold on to this. You have to get ready here."
"Well, I know," Zheng Nuo snorted. "I’m not going to capsize in this family."
Said Zheng Nuo eyes back from the bar stage and hung on the wall, depending on the entertainment news at the moment, dressed in a white dress, Jingxiang was radiant and attended an award ceremony, but she was accompanied by a guest partner, Jiang Shuo, the model who was doing well abroad …
The two walked all the way from the red carpet. Starlight Glimmer smiled brightly
Looking at them, it’s really something of a perfect match.
Zheng Nuo line of sight firmly on Jingxiang Jiang Shuo palm hand lips smile more and more cold end up with a whisky glass to drink off after the way "hang up first have something to say again"
Chen Chi, listening to Zheng Nuo over there, suddenly became full of anger. The tone and lights were handsome and deep.
He threw his mobile phone at random on the corner of the sofa to evoke a radian. It seems that Zheng Nuo is also going to be white now.
My mind flashed through the smiling face of Qingchen, and Chenchi couldn’t help thinking that although it was winter, it was probably the season of love …
Push a text to spell marriage, forensic doctor monopolizes the wonderful wife.
Love snow Ningyu
The first time we met in a nightclub, he touched her ass and she dislocated his arm.
On the second meeting, he kissed her on the mouth and she disfigured his face.
The third time we met, he performed an autopsy at the murder scene. She was a special case investigator.
She has become the most complicated and changeable art in his eyes, and he wants to treasure the privatization research. Her department is straightforward and wants to sleep with her and is a generation.
But he is the dog skin plaster that she avoids, trying to tear off, throw away and destroy the body, and never touch the mantra again. Go as far as you can!
But love is amazing, and fate is destined to write a "love-based" reasoning romance story together.
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After a long period of single life, even if I married Chenchi for a few years, I still live alone. Qingchen now feels that it is completely different to have someone around me.
Although Chenchi lives next door to her, when she gets up a few days earlier, Chenchi has already prepared breakfast, and he will send her to work and pick her up, and then maybe she will go to Chenchi’s newly discovered restaurant or Chenchi’s own kitchen in the evening.
After tasting Chenchi’s cooking, Qingchen felt that there was no need to cook any more. Compared with Chenchi, the food she cooked was just swallowing.
Of course, Qingchen doesn’t know that Chenchi has all the good cooking skills and Master Chen is a well-known glutton. Master Chen has traveled all over the country and tasted all kinds of food in his life, and many state-banquet chefs have made friends with them. It is enough for Chenchi to learn fur from them.
In this situation, Qingchen now feels more and more that his life and Chenchi are intertwined and there is no way to leave him.
I woke up early and had no pressure to sleep for a night. Qingchen regained her full spirit and went around to Chenchi’s house to have breakfast. The two of them worked together again.
"I have to go to the 4s shop this weekend." Qingchen woke herself up again for fear that she would forget it then.
"Ok, I’ll help you remember." Chenchi wore a black woolen coat today. It was a striped tie with the same color suit, which made the whole dress look a little brighter. The wrist was decorated with the same mechanical watch as Qingchen.
He has an excellent figure, his shoulders are broad, slender and tall, and he looks thin, but Qingchen knows that his body is covered with a thin layer of muscle under his clothes, which makes him feel strangely good at parting …
Distracted at that night, as soon as Qingchen’s cheeks turned red, her eyes quickly took back and she dared not see Chenchi again.
Because at this time, looking at him, Qingchen actually has a fantasy of wanting to strip Chenchi clothes …