Just then, the blood zombie boss stopped from the roar, and his arm was lifted towards Lin Tianxiao’s head and smashed it.

Youlong’s pace of display Lin Tianxiao instantly disappeared in front of the blood zombie boss, and its attack also fell
Blood zombie boss was stunned and turned to look for the disappearance of Lin Tianxie. Suddenly, blood zombie boss let out a piercing scream, and the waist was painful, and a stumble jumped forward for two steps before stopping.
A stream of green blood shot out from the waist of the blood zombie boss. At this time, Lin Tianxiao was holding a dagger in his hand, and the dagger was stained with a little green blood. The blood dripped on the ground along the edge of the dagger.
Blood zombie boss roars with a fierce stride and comes to the front of Lin Tianxiao. His hands are severely pinched and he feels that he has pinched Lin Tianxiao, but his hands are not.
Ow …
Blood zombie boss cries out again, and it gets a knife in the waist again. Blood zombie boss is furious. He doesn’t believe that Lin Tianxiao could have escaped his attack, but he also gave himself a heavy blow again.
Lin Tianxiao received the dagger from the three-eye bracelet at this time. The dagger in it is a local attack power, which is not bad. It was the dagger that he killed before, and Lin Tianxiao actually made for a reason.
As I said before, Lin Tianxiao is an attacking player, but he chose the profession of Xian. Although he chose the profession of Xian, his melee ability is very strong.
And Lin Tianxiao, who attacked the blood zombie boss with two knives in the waist, is also ready. Although this is a game world, even if the monster is injured in the waist, it will still be affected.
After putting away the dagger, Lin Tianxiao once again took out his own free and unfettered fan, Youlong, and immediately summoned the big dog of God beast to follow a soul fire operator Mao.
It’s not over yet. At this moment, there appeared a big hand and grasped the blood zombie boss, followed by a bloody zombie boss.
The high injury makes the blood zombie boss eat a lot of pain, especially when the big hand crushes the bones of the blood zombie boss. The pain feels really heartbreaking.
In an instant, Lin Tianxiao disappeared and invisibility hid him in a corner. Although Lin Tianxiao knew that his invisibility was not, he actually refreshed two red moon spiders around the blood zombie boss, and he had to hide.
Only by slaying the red moon spider first can the blood zombie boss be successfully killed, otherwise the red moon spider will definitely faint Lin Tianxie to death.
Lin Tianxiao quickly died in a red moon spider, and the red moon spider was immediately attracted by Lin Tianxiao’s hatred and flew over.
Back again, the red moon spider was led to one side, and at the same time, his skeleton younger brother was summoned. That’s not all. When Lin Tianxiao retreated, he saw his god beast and dog being killed by the blood zombie boss. Lin Tianxiao summoned the big dog again.
Very smoothly, the first red moon spider was destroyed, and Lin Tianxiao got a delicate horse-chopping knife again, but Lin Tianxiao didn’t blindly attract the second red moon spider to hate, so the blood zombie boss would follow. Although Lin Tianxiao was not afraid, he was careful to sail for ten thousand years. Lin Tianxiao decided to destroy the red moon spider first and then slay the blood zombie boss.
However, there is also a problem now, such as being able to attract the red moon spider before the blood zombie boss finds himself. It is because of the goal of having a big dog, but the big dog can’t attract the blood zombie boss with him now.
With Lin Tianxiao’s mind, a flash of light came up with a solution.
There is no need to kill the red moon spider first, and the effect is the same if you bring the blood zombie boss here!
Lin Tianxiao thought of giving the blood zombie boss immediately. The red, green and poisonous blood zombie boss has been looking for Lin Tianxiao. Now it is poisoned. Lin Tianxiao’s position is immediately known by the blood zombie boss and immediately killed Lin Tianxiao.
The corners of the mouth become warped, and the evil tunnel becomes a reality.
Follow Lin Tianxiao to retreat for about ten meters before stopping. boss, the blood zombie, soon caught up with the front and roared a huge palm to the big dog.
Right now!
Lin Tian evil heart andao immediately rushed over and came to the front of the red moon spider to summon the skeleton younger brother because of the blood zombie boss has killed the skeleton younger brother at this time.
The little skeleton brother hardly cooled down, but the big dog didn’t arrive when it cooled down, but it was enough to have the little skeleton brother with the red moon spider.
After discovering that he killed Lin Tianxie and summoned the creatures, the blood zombie boss disappeared again and became a boss, especially the magic level boss. The IQ of the blood zombie boss was definitely not low. It immediately turned around and rushed to the corner. Sure enough, Lin Tianxie was killing his own people.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Blood zombie boss word directly kill to the evil Lin Tianxie Lin Tianxie corners of the mouth become warped immediately kill to the blood zombie boss at the same time at the moment out of the big dog to call out.
Because the big dog is very close to the red moon spider, the big dog directly kills the red moon spider Lin Tianxie, which is the effect.
Hands free and unfettered fan immediately Mao out a soul fire operator took away the blood zombie boss 10,000 blood Youlong pace is absolutely incomparable. Lin Tianxiao tiptoe a little body flash came to the blood zombie boss followed by another soul fire operator. At the same time, hands free and unfettered fan also shot to the blood zombie boss lower back.
Lin Tianxiao’s blow just hit the blood zombie boss where the knife hurts. The blood zombie boss is grinning and punching his chest, but this time it’s strange that the blood zombie boss didn’t shout out.
Heart move Lin Tianxiao know blood zombie boss may be what big move, but wait for a long time didn’t find what blood zombie boss move Lin Tianxiao this just rest assured.
Is it the blood zombie boss’s pride that is strange? It’s impossible. It’s impossible that the boss you touch are so humanized!
Lin Tianxiao thinks this way because his contact with these boss is very humanized, and they all have their own thoughts and dignity. If this is the case, Lin Tianxiao has to admire the technology of the company. It is definitely not easy to set the boss so humanized.
Since the blood zombie boss didn’t attack, Lin Tianxie will never miss this good opportunity. When the cooling time is over, Lin Tianxie shouts "God’s punishment!"
There was a crack in the sky immediately, and a big hand appeared again through the clouds and the ceiling, and it was overwhelming to catch the blood zombie boss on the ground.
At this time, however, Lin Tianxie suddenly showed a surprised look!
Chapter 1 Blood in this world (in)
Hand through the ceiling to grasp the blood zombie boss. Blood zombie boss suddenly showed a look of fear and fled to the distance.
Because the skill is locked by Lin Tianxiao’s skill, the divine punishment did not fall because of the escape of the blood zombie boss, but went all the way to catch up with the blood zombie boss. It felt that it would never give up until it caught the blood zombie boss!
However, skill is skill after all, and sometimes it is limited. When the big hand chased the blood zombie boss for about ten seconds, it suddenly collapsed and turned into a light rain.
The blood zombie boss immediately set his body shape after he found it, and his hands kept beating his chest and screaming as if he were venting his anger in his heart.
Blood zombie boss came straight to Lin Tianxiao with a wave of his hand and two claws.
"Nima is attacking again. It seems that the top boss will attack every other day!" Lin Tian evil immediately avoid the past mouth swearing way
Day-level day-level boss will attack from a distance. This is the end of the day. The company set up a few OSS in "Hot Blood". If it is a Taoist priest to kill, it will easily be worn to death. Find some players to contain wizards in it, and also slay the ultimate boss, so that the player’s equipment level and so on will rise rapidly.
The company has set the advanced boss in return engagement to be able to attack from a distance, so that at the very least, it can stop a large number of players from brushing their equipment on masters like Lin Tianxiao. It is a rare day, and the president of the company will not care too much. After all, someone will kill the boss before the game process will slowly advance.
Blood zombie boss kept waving his arms and hitting one huge claw after another. Lin Tianxie put Youlong’s pace to the extreme and constantly shuttled through the claws towards blood zombie boss.
About two or three minutes, Lin Tianxiao is less than ten meters away from the blood zombie boss. At this time, Lin Tianxiao immediately cast his soul fire to the blood zombie boss by avoiding kung fu.
Blood zombie boss has a talisman in his head, and Lin Tianxiae whispers "God punish!"
The big hand quickly shuttled in and held it hard to the blood zombie boss, because it had been paying attention to Lin Tian’s evil head, and the big hand did not attract its attention. When it was discovered, it was too late.