The name is prisoner.

I believe that in the future battlefield.
Catch. "Milk" Dragon Claw Hand+Ultimate Italian Millennium Kill+Invincible Brick!
How powerful!
. . . . . .
Zhang Tianfeng, Duan Tiancheng, Night Clouds and Martial Arts follow the wind.
Four people get together again.
Zhang Tianfeng glanced at Wu Fengfeng and said, "Someone, take the initiative."
Duan Tiancheng jumped out and echoed: "Yes! Someone should take the initiative. "
Zhang Tianfeng did not hesitate to stretch out his right paw and pat Duan Tiancheng on the face, saying, "Fly ~ ~! I enjoy it alone. "
Duan Tiancheng protested: "Why am I always injured!"
Wu kept dancing with his fingers in the wind, lowered his head and muttered to himself, "Why can’t I always understand what they say?" Why? "
Zhang Tianfeng got mad again, rushed up, stretched out his right paw and slapped it hard on Wu’s novel network: "Let you pretend to be forced, let you pretend to be better." . 。”
Night cloud pulled pull mouth.
Wu covered his head with the wind and asked, "Why did you hit me again?"
Zhang Tianfeng smiled treacherously twice, squeezed his fist and said, "You are the film department, right?"
Wu suddenly had a hair on his head with the wind and asked stupidly, "Yes!"
Zhang Tianfeng pulled his mouth and said with a full face: "Remember to help me get some of that!"
Wu fell down again with the hair on his head, and suddenly realized, "OK, you give me the camera."
Zhang Tianfeng petrified on the spot. . .
Chapter 10. The lethality of Millennium Killing
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Zhang Tianfeng almost forgot that this is a world similar to the Three Kingdoms era, where there is high technology.
Duan Tiancheng jumped up on the spot and shouted: "Despise! I will give you all the contempt I have accumulated for 20 years! "
Zhang Tianfeng scratched his head in a passive manner. "Novel Network": "I have money today, so I’ll invite you to the Tea House to go there quickly."
The night cloud is surprised: "Where is the tea house?"
Zhang Tianfeng pulled his mouth and asked, "Are you a man? Are you sure? "
Night cloud nodded and said, "I won’t go, I have to pick up my sister."
Zhang Tianfeng showed a strange face and asked, "Isn’t your sister beautiful?"
Night cloud looked at Zhang Tianfeng without saying anything and went straight away. After leaving, he said, "Pay less attention to my sister."
Zhang Tianfeng and others watched. . .
Then three people in order than a mighty middle finger.
Zhang Tianfeng said, "This cargo is an animal."
Wu said with the wind, "He is a good brother."
Duan Tiancheng said, "Don’t try to change the subject. You promised to invite us to the Tea House."
Zhang Tianfeng despised: "I am so generous, how can I miss you?" Guys, let’s go
Wu struggled with the wind: "I am still a virgin, and my first time can’t be lost here."
Zhang Tianfeng and Duan Tiancheng glances, "rape" laugh twice, one side, dragged to the tea house.
According to the information of the Ministry of Film and Television, the next morning, three young men who looked like Duan Tiancheng, Zhang Tianfeng and Wu Fengfeng climbed out of the door of the Tea House, causing great losses to the reputation of the Tea House.
The next day, JiFan is going to come and contact feelings, and everyone is not very familiar with each other.
Come in and have a look, scared!
Three panda eyes drooped their ears and slept on the table.
JiFan pulled pull mouth, came in and stretched out his index finger a little bit of force with the wind.
Wu "lost" and "lost" with the wind, swallowed his saliva and muttered, "Why ~ ~! I am sleeping. . 。”
JiFan blabbermouth, next.
The index finger is a little bit natural. . .
Duan Tiancheng closed his eyes, touched JiFan’s index finger, and mumbled, "Baby, you are so naughty. 。”
Ji Fan burst into tears, next.
The index finger points a little at Zhang Tianfeng. . .
Without hesitation, Zhang Tianfeng reached out his paw and slapped Jifan hard, muttering, "Fly ~ ~ ~! I am sleeping. "
Bang ~!
JiFan face suddenly more than a finger print. . .
Ji Fan is completely confused. . .
What the hell is going on here!
Zhang Tianfeng suddenly woke up and shouted, "Who the hell is it? I was just about to kiss my goddess. . . Uh … . . Uh … . . Brother Fan. . 。”
Ji Fan "rubbed" the five-finger print on his face, nodded and said, "You stole things last night. Why are you all like this?"
Zhang Tianfeng took Wu Fengfeng and Duan Tiancheng, and heard JiFan’s question.
Zhang Tianfeng said indifferently, "Go to bed."
Wu’s novel network: "It’s broken."
Duan Tiancheng smiled and said, "I went to make a baby."