Lyu3 bu4 actually wanted to ask Zhang Feng if he could take Yan? It’s impossible to think about it. After all, Zhang Feng, the boss, is still a wage earner although he is very popular in front of Cao Cao.

With Cao Cao, it is unlikely that he will return Yan to himself.
"Brother … what can I do for you?" Feng Zhang thoughtfully for a long time and always felt that he owed a favor to Lu Bu. Did he repay him?
Lu Bu almost blurted out, but after a few words, he didn’t say it. "Just take care of her for me!"
With that, he turned to beat the horse and went to Feng Zhang. He clearly saw Lyu3 bu4 turn around and tears fell from his face.
Feng Zhang’s brain was full of blood. "My brother will pick up people in Huaxian County in January!"
Lyu3 bu4′ s vigorous figure in the horse is sluggish, and his whip is slow to decline. When he wakes up from the consternation in his ears and looks back, Feng Zhang and Huang Zhong have galloped away like a proud lone eagle for a long time, standing alone and unsurpassed.
"Second brother! Thank you! " Lyu3 bu4 No matter whether Feng Zhang can hear shouting or not, he can’t stop talking in the open plain for a long time. It’s a surprise after loneliness and a appreciate each other resonance.
Even Zhang Liao and others were touched, and a sentence behind Lu Bu made them almost fall off their horses again.
"Not the kui is a good son-in-law of Lu Mou!"
Then, everyone lashed their whip and chased them like crazy, laughing and riding. Although they are old, they are still ordinary horses. Red rabbits raise thick yellow smoke and misty eyes all the way. Lu Bu laughs and screams like wolves on a moonlit night.
"Master, will this cause trouble?" Huang Zhong wakes up Feng Zhang.
Even if he is Feng Zhang Cao Cao, he can’t pretend that nothing has happened.
"There are some things that men have to do." Feng Zhang, of course, turned to Huang Zhong with a sad smile. "Because I feel sorry for my brother."
Huang Zhong leng leng not too white.
When Lu Bu got home excited, he was poured cold water head-on. Two new armies had a dispute over robbery and then turned into a large-scale fighting. Dozens of people were killed and injured, and Song Xian and others were unable to hold back.
"Come with me!" Lyu3 bu4 resolute face become warped a bloodthirsty radian this with just that because his wife and horse to return to his side and become a tender little man is two people.
Lyu3 bu4 holding Fang Tian painting Ji Hip is magnificent. In those days, Red Rabbit rushed into Langya North Street with Zhang Liao and other people.
The ground is littered with discarded weapons, stained with blood, or one hand or one leg can’t stop screaming and screaming, and the sound of weapons hitting each other can be seen everywhere in groups of three or five.
Every door and window is closed, and bold people dare to show their heads and see how these usually vicious soldiers of fortune fight by themselves.
Lyu3 bu4 took the lead in cutting into the most dense place in the crowd, no matter which side of the people rowed over with a halberd, people would die.
The mutinous soldiers who were killing each other were suddenly shocked by such an interruption. Lu Bu stood in front of him with cold light like ice and painted halberd. Which unlucky ghost’s blood was dripping with the same color as the red rabbit’s body, and he stood in a big beach, surrounded by cries for help, which set off Lu Bu’s position.
"Lyu3 bu4 here! Those who don’t let go of their weapons are regarded as conspiring against them! " Lu Bu roared like thunder, making every soldier’s ears buzzing and adding 300 bing fighters to shout out "kill kill!" The mutinous soldiers who were still trapped in the frenzy were sober and calm, and one by one they dropped their weapons and knelt on the side of the road.
Lyu3 bu4 is Lyu3 bu4, and everyone is afraid of three points.
In a short time, two soldiers were dragged to the front of Lu Bu. Just now, they were jealous and red-faced. When they saw Lu Bu, they were as pale and trembling as when they saw Yan.
"Said this is going on? Whoever says it first will spare him! " Lyu3 bu4 didn’t even look at the two ants. Their brains were full of rare tenderness and anger after being shattered by this sudden mutiny.
A soldier on the right responded faster and opened his mouth like popcorn, and a soldier on the left was tongue-tied and pale.
Lu Bu’s face was as cold as iron. After listening to all this, he said, "Just kill each other for this little thing?" Put me in the ground? If you don’t kill enough people! Somebody! Drag it! "
Two strong and strong soldiers dragged the silent soldier for a while, and after a short while, a fresh and bloody head was placed beside another soldier.
On the one hand, the soldier regretted it, on the other hand, he escaped his life, so he was glad that he squinted at the head and felt a little sad.
"To you!" Lyu3 bu4 sound calm is like drinking water, eating and shitting, which usually makes the soldier still shivering.
"Death is a crime, but life is a crime!"
Lu Bu moved a halberd lightly and drew a "V". Then he closed the halberd and turned around and left.
The soldier didn’t feel pain when Lu Bu Ji crossed himself, but when Lu Bu left, he found that he couldn’t live.
How can anyone be stable when his hands and legs are cut off?
A sad cry like a beast stung all the people present. Although they heard the sound, they were all shivering as if they were themselves with their hands and feet cut off.
Hao Meng’s eyes are full of flowers.
Section 130 History reappears