"Earl pavilion! Are you all right? " Will knelt down and asked earnestly.

"It’s okay? How can it be okay! Damn this bastard! One day I want to kill … "Count Yadog wanted to say something, but he was hoarse but couldn’t make a sound.
"remember! Eto Yadog! I can know all the servants’ thoughts. Don’t be caught. "The Nais sound came from the air, which made both Will and the count feel that their own strength in the body fluctuated violently."
Will and his former Lord, Count Yadog, looked at each other with sad eyes, and the red fireball fluctuated slightly. Finally, he sighed and slowly got up from the ground and stared at a ghost town.
"In fact, it’s not a bad thing if you fall into eternal sleep!" The soul of Count Yadog flashed such an idea, but the horse was cleared from his mind. He held his head and wanted to recall something, but he couldn’t find those memories.
"Sleep? Hum, if you fall into a deep sleep, where can I find another strange skeleton knight? " Ness held a little gray breath in his hand, and then he held it in his hand, and the gray breath turned into a little bit of glittering and translucent fragments floating in the air. From the scattered fragments, we can see some memories of Count Adorgo, including how happy he was when he held Ness as a child. When these fragments were scattered to the ground, Count Adorgo lost this part of his memory forever.
Ness is quietly at the top of the city. He can see everything around Yadog, including what is building his castle like ants. Ness, a player, quietly looks at them. His demigod vision allows him to see objects hundreds of kilometers away, including those players waving shovels.
"Keep working hard! Let me see a happy game! " Ness said quietly that he saw a huge fortress group standing in the south of Yadog, and looked at the abrupt huge building. Ness frowned a little because he was too close to Yadog.
"It seems that the second time I slept for a long time, I didn’t find the mouse under my eyelids! Hey! " Ness slapped a few times and a black skeleton knight knelt on the ground. "You! With 300 knights and 10,000 senior bones, flatten that fortress in the south! Those bugs Riadog are so close that I can smell their sweat, "Ness said quietly."
"yes! Your command is everything to me! " After the black knight said this, he slowly left the duke’s house. In ll, they didn’t know the situation. A large group of bone frames were being driven towards them.
In the newly built castle, a group of new players arrived in the castle carrying a large amount of food and several new crossbows. Several players were debugging a newly assembled crossbow in the castle. On other crossbows, black tarpaulins were covered with crossbows and catapults.
A player looks at the direction of Yadog while trimming the earth wall of the high observation platform. On his left hand side, there is a huge telescope. The shape of this telescope is not like that of Chen Kai. They make the monocular telescope very similar to the original astronomical telescope. The player is humming a popular song and sitting in a bricklayer, while looking up at the plain outside Yadog.
"Hey? ! What are those things? " The player saw some black spots gradually appearing in the plain outside Yaduoge and moving towards them in the observatory. He quickly adjusted the focal length of the telescope, and when it was too large, he saw a ferocious face suddenly appearing in front of him, scaring him to sit on the ground and push the alarm bell behind him.
"Bang!" All the players at work looked up at the place where the sound appeared. After a while, they didn’t continue to ring, but they continued to bow their heads. But they just bent down and a hurried bell rang through the whole castle.
"Call thor hammer is better! Look how loud the name is! " In the lobby of the fortress, the leader of Raytheon Guild and Chen Kai are discussing the naming of the whole castle. Lin Lei is very fond of the name Raytheon Hammer, but obviously this name has been given a bad street name, and others are not interested.
"I said senior! It has been said several times that the whole continent is called Raytheon Hammer Fortress or Castle with at least 300! Can’t you change your mind? "said ll prone on the long table with strength. Suddenly a fierce bell shocked all the people under discussion.
"Depend! If you don’t come early or late, you must come at this time! " Lin Lei was very angry and said that he had just made everyone strong, and the horse could be named by himself. At this moment, when the bell rang, all the people left him and ran out.
A passage specially designed to transport troops on the wall is still under construction, but it is still simple to pass. When Chen Kai reached the wall through a narrow passage full of mud and stones, many Raytheon guild players have arrived one after another.
Chen Kai took out his telescope and looked into the distance. A bunch of black spots the size of ants were moving towards them. Because of the poor observation effect of the telescope, Chen Kai could check the identity of those black spots through the video in the communication channel of Raytheon Guild.
"The leader should be a dark knight!" Chen Kai said this after carefully observing a video.
"And there are a lot of skeleton knights behind him!" Li Yi pointed to some fuzzy cavalry behind the video photos and said that those pale bones and heads were very straightforward about each other’s identity
"The most important thing is that there are many infantry!" Lin Lei looked at the dark behind the knight, and a group of bones were a little depressed. He said that because of how he saw each other, they all came for themselves. In this direction, there was Lin Lei, the front of their castle. Lin Lei didn’t recognize that those bones would directly cross the front castle and attack the castle dozens of miles away.
The first volume Chapter 17 Crisis (in)
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"Raytheon 2 assigned to the second floor! One regiment on the south side of the city wall and three regiments on the north side! All thieves and rangers prepare the crossbow platform according to the lottery! Dagger! How much has the trap been completed? " Lin Lei looked at the bones that were close to five kilometers away from the wall and issued orders.
"Sorry, President! The trap layout was completed less than 2%! " Dark Bi hung his head. During this period, most thieves were pulled to debug the crossbow machine root. How could he set traps when there were not many people?
"Come on! Let your hand shoot on time later! The number of crossbows is small, so save me some! " Lin Lei also knows that these things can’t be blamed on the fact that digging traps is very expensive, and sometimes those bones are infected with traps such as rope clips. Even potholes are a place for them to climb in and out, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Rolling stone traps are only available, and this kind of trap needs to be polished and rounded to get to the city wall.
Because of the manpower, there is no one to polish the boulder. Lin Lei also knows that this situation does not blame the dark Bi much. He also does not have much hope for the trap. Because according to the situation, he knows that those skeleton knights are mostly fifth-order monsters. The simple trap roots can’t stop them, and they are also white.
Ll gently grabbed the handle of the bed crossbow at the second wall to prepare the huge bed crossbow around him at any time, while the bed crossbows covered with rainproof cloth were constantly pulled and the calibration direction entered the preparation state.
There is a huge crossbow at Zhao Tiezhu’s feet, ready to be put on the crossbow plane at any time. Because the whole castle podium has not been completed, a castle can be built in a week by relying on magic scrolls. But if it is impossible to improve this castle without a month, it will take at least half a year to make the whole castle more perfect. But what Chen Kai and others lack most is that the bones in Yadog city will not give them Chen Kai.
The bell of the lookout stopped slowly after ringing for a while, because the lookout knew that he was ringing the bell too much, and he should have informed people long ago that the suspension bridge behind the castle was pulled up by dozens of war horses after the last player retreated into the castle, and those Raytheon members who were heading for the castle were told that they needed urgent avoidance. Most of them hid in other guild castles and a few of them chose to move on.
Nearly an hour has passed since the lookout found the other side and the skeleton knights came into everyone’s sight. Chen Kai, they can arrange the whole defensive tools and transfer those tools that can be hidden and non-combat professional players who don’t need to join the battle to other places to continue the construction.
Earthelement mage is the most unlike combat occupation. Because there are a lot of city walls waiting for them to be reinforced, Lin Lei didn’t include them in the battle sequence, and other spellcasters are also busy applying simple defensive magic lines to all parts of the castle. Therefore, the spellcaster occupation can be said to be the group with the least combat pressure.
"Ta-da!" The leading dark knight stopped at a position three kilometers near the city wall. All the skeleton knights and skeleton soldiers stopped at the moment when he raised his left hand. The dark knight slowly walked forward for a distance.
"Will the president give him some color to see see!" Lin Lei side a thief with a huge crossbow to his president asked.
"Don’t wave was! It is impossible to hit the root at such a long distance! " Lin Lei shook his head and said that he was very white and had the courage to rush to the front of the castle with a crossbow in the distance. He was either very confident in his strength or stupid enough to be incurable.
Lin Lei naturally hopes that the other party is the latter, but how to look at the other party and the latter is so stupid that it doesn’t touch the latter at all. It’s a very tricky enemy to stop all hands from moving forward with a wave of his hand and ride an infantry array in an abnormal order.
"I hope this guy’s monster won’t be too strong!" Lin Lei prayed in his heart that he didn’t recognize that a wall more than 20 meters high could block those bones. At the beginning, the height of the wall and the height of the mountain in North Mountain Fort almost reached nearly 50 meters, but it didn’t stop those monsters.
Lin Lei is also fortunate that the other side has no flying troops, Shaolin Thunder, and they are not worried about attacks from the sky.
"How beautiful and familiar with the taste! I haven’t smelled such a strong popularity for a long time. I was still asleep when those travelers arrived, and I didn’t catch anything. I must enjoy it this time! " The dark knight’s fiery red eyes quietly looked at the castle in front of him, and it had turned into a pile of rotten meat, and his nose was breathing with a strong human flavor.
"Hoo!" The dark knight suddenly raised his left hand and waved it to the left. All the skeleton knights quickly retreated behind the infantry, while those skeleton infantry strode forward behind the dark knight, and then the five fingers of the dark knight’s left hand opened up. The skeleton infantry behind them were scattered in twos and threes to form a small array.
"kill! The Temple of Ness said not to leave one! " The dark knight waved his left hand in the direction of the castle, and then more than 10,000 senior skeleton soldiers with tens of thousands of low-level skeletons pressed against ll’s castle. Although their points were unusually scattered, the number of mountains and plains made everyone in the city wall feel a little numb.