"ah! Mickey? Mickey, you big head ghost! " Jesse’s anger directly gave Kevin a brain jump.

"all right! All right! Stop that now and sit down. "Kevin smiled and picked Jesse up on his leg and turned his head to continue watching the game.
"hey! Kevin, is this Alan Iverson? " Jessie asked, pointing to the video.
"Well, why do you worship an opponent?"
"ah! Worship? No, but many of my friends like him, but I don’t think he is handsome there. You know my idol is Ewing. "Jesse shook his head and Kevin was covered with black lines. I remember he hesitated for a long time when he first asked Ewing for his autograph …
"Patrick, can you give me your signature?" Kevin asked a little embarrassed.
"Er … OK" Ewing signed his name after watching Kevin sign it.
"Wait a minute … um … add another sentence … um … add … send a beautiful Miss Jessie." Ewing was so stunned that he didn’t care about Kevin’s red face. At that time, Kevin had just played a dozen games in the Knicks.
"Kevin! Kevin! What are you thinking? " Jesse saw Kevin in a daze and shook him desperately.
"Ha ha, nothing’s right, Jessie. Didn’t you always say that you are a professional fan? Then tell me what Iverson is good at? " Kevin holding Jessie asked with a smile.
"Who doesn’t know that Iverson is the fastest player in the league? Of course, he is the best at breaking through," Jesse said disdainfully.
"well! Say it well! Reward one "
"Go to hell! Who wants you to reward? "
Holding Jesse Kevin and watching the video silently? It’s not just that!
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Before the war
Many people, like Jesse, think of Iverson’s ghostly speed. It’s not wrong to note Iverson’s speed, but people also ignore many other things. Although Iverson is best at breaking through the basket after being beautiful, his real conventional weapon is an emergency stop jumper. It can be said that the most difficult thing to prevent in the league at present is that if you prevent him from making a shot, he will easily pass it and then turn your head to see his basket score. On the contrary, if you care too much about him breaking through, he will stop easily. Iverson will scold the league for a year only by this skill.
In the past two seasons, the 76ers have played against the Knicks six times in the regular season. Kevin participated in four times. At the beginning, his famous battle was to slash 5+ in Iverson’s head in the city. It can be said that he is no stranger to Iverson, but the two have never played in the playoffs.
The 76ers season can be regarded as a big change in the league. The 76ers got the top center Mutombo and veteran Buckley through several big deals. Although both of them are not young, Yu Weiyou Aaron McKee, Tyrone Hill, Eric Si Nuo, George Lynch, Matt geist reached the Eastern Conference finals by relying on Iverson’s strength, but there is no denying that Iverson averaged 274 points, 52 assists and 42 rebounds in the playoffs, and his shooting percentage was as high as 39%. You know, this data is based on the defensive ability of two people. Kevin thinks he can’t do it. At present, the outside line of the Knicks is Ray Allen, the defensive partner of Rasheed Knicks is Ray Allen+Kevin, and the backcourt partner is Iverson and Si Nuo. When Iverson plays the second position, Si Nuo is in charge of the ball and defense against the first position, while when Iverson plays the first position, McKee scores as a substitute. It can be said that the main rotation of the current position 76-man defensive line depends on whether Iverson can win the 76-man against Ray Allen and others.
One day before the Eastern Conference finals, both players were relatively low-key. No one ran out to talk loudly and shouted slogans. Naturally, there would be no leader. However, the media couldn’t stand the fact that a media in new york had come up with a strength comparison between the two sides. Of course, the Knicks were dominant. Although there were some subjective factors, I have to admit that this prediction is still somewhat confusing.
First of all, he judged the number of stars on both sides. In terms of stars, there are 76 people, including Iverson, Coleman, Buckley and Mutombo. The Knicks have Ewing, Rashid, Ray Allen and Kevin. Although it is 4-4, Ewing is in a state of scrapping. Although he has been in a bad state since the Pacers broke out, he has never dared to let him play for too long. In this case, the Knicks have 3 people and one or two people, which is almost better than the Bucks three musketeers in the raiders.
Secondly, it is judged that the Knicks’ main bench bandits include Ginobili, Scheer, Horry, Lewis, Leo, Percy and others, while 76 people include Buckley, Hill, McKee and Lynch. In contrast, the Knicks rotate more than 76 people, so the Knicks’ winning rate is more doubtful.
Kevin was the first one to frown when he saw this prediction. Although this prediction seems to have no problem on the surface, some things do not mean that whoever has more stars and thicker benches will be OK. Sure enough, in less than a few hours, many media discussions on this data exhibition quickly turned into arguments. The view of the 76 ers is that although the Knicks do have a better bench depth, don’t forget that most of these players are rookies. The biggest feature of rookies is that they bully the big players and are unstable in this year’s playoffs. The performance of the rookie is not particularly outstanding, especially the later the playoffs, in the extremely fierce confrontation, the rookie is definitely not as good as the old players, and the result is that mistakes will occur frequently in addition to bad state.
However, the Knicks believe that physical strength is the advantage of the Knicks. You know, in the battle against the King of Pacers, the Knicks scored a big score in one second and dragged down the Pacers. Old guys should know that although the average age of 76 people is medium, whether the main linear array is not young is still a question. It is still a question to ask whether the bucks are the "big dog" who suffered the most from the Knicks line. He said that he kept two big men around him all the time after the game. Although the word "big dog" is exaggerated, his general energy is stuck.
Speaking of the similar situation between the east and the west, the western pioneers hoarded a pair of muscle strikers to deal with Shaquille O ‘Neal. It is unclear whether the Lakers will continue to beat the pioneers or be killed by the pioneers this year. However, the pioneers can’t ignore that there is also Peter Pan, the future black mamba, who has shown his fangs. Although the core of the Lakers is Shaquille O ‘Neal, Kobe is making other teams afraid to double-team sharks with 224 points, 47 rebounds and 42 assists. Kobe handed over an answer sheet that everyone can’t ignore.
No matter how fierce the outside world is, it has nothing to do with the Knicks. Old Brown still keeps training with the Knicks. Taking over the Knicks this time can be said to be the best choice in his life. The top management of the Knicks means that the team’s reconstruction this year is not important, and it is enough to make it to the playoffs. However, now it is not only in the playoffs, but even in the Eastern Conference finals, he says that he doesn’t feel that it is fake, but old Brown hopes to be able to go further. This playoff trip, Old Brown has defeated George Carr to lead the Bucks and Bird to lead the Pacers. It would be He doesn’t know it himself.
Alas! Small hammer update is really ashamed. Go to hell with tickets! Sorry for everyone! Make up as much as possible with a small hammer
Chapter one hundred and ten Eastern Conference finals
As usual, after hugging Jesse gently, Kevin drove to Madison Square Garden alone. Jesse liked basketball before, and Jesse often went to watch the game. But after being with Kevin, Jesse preferred to stay at home or watch the Knicks game on the TV at school. According to her words, Kevin wanted to let Kevin jump whenever he wanted. In fact, every time Kevin heard her ridiculous remarks, he always felt that she regarded herself as a monkey in the zoo.
Both of them are white. Jessie likes to wait for Kevin to come back at home because she knows that this small room is actually the quietest harbor in Kevin’s heart. She also knows that Kevin is a simple person.
Kevin, a rich N generation, is not short of money, but he has never thought of buying a villa or manor. This two-story house is perfect for Kevin. Every time he goes to his grandfather and sees hundreds of servants and thousands of fields, Kevin feels that he has returned to the first century, and he seems to be a landlord himself. Maybe he is still an ordinary person with Wang’s thoughts in his bones.
Find a parking space and get a good car for leisure. Kevin was blocked by several reporters as soon as he emerged, so he made preparations before the security guard to rescue Kevin from there. Kevin took a slight sigh and wiped his forehead sweat. Although he is no longer a rookie, every time he faced these crazy reporters, he always had an impulse to run. Perhaps it was because the paparazzi were so fierce in watching Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas in previous lives that he had a shadow.
"hey! Kevin is here! " As soon as I entered the lounge, I saw myself changing my clothes and preparing to go out Ginobili.
"well! You’re early! Who is here? " Kevin asked with a smile.
"A lot! Ah! Ray! Bruce! "
"good! You go first and I’ll change! " Kevin nodded and returned with a smile.
"See you later!" Ginobili smiled and ran out first.
"Little one, what time is it now?" Playing cabinet Kevin took a training suit with No.3 printed on it and changed in the body. wait for a while looked at himself in the mirror and Kevin suddenly asked.
"At 1: 22 on May 1, 2002," said Kevin, sitting on his head and shaking his chopstick-like calf.
"Do you think my appearance seems to have changed?" Kevin murmured, touching his face in the mirror.
"Your face is 2.1 points fatter than yesterday."
"I’m not saying that you don’t think I … forget it! Go on eating your Baba! Oh! By the way, little one, you have gained a lot of weight recently! " Kevin shook his head and said as he walked
"Well, there is a lot of food in the refrigerator recently."
"So you ate it … I still have mice …" Kevin said very naively.
"According to my guess, throwing IQ is not a mouse, and it is powerless to hit the refrigerator. Kevin, why do you always ask these low IQ questions? I think I am so small," said the little one with great seriousness.
"… you still continue to eat Baba!"
"Kevin … bad guy" one-inch jiao Shen way
There are five hours before the Eastern Conference finals, and the night is shrouded in Madison Square Garden, which is particularly beautiful like a golden flower. No one will doubt the excitement of the game. Everyone is more looking forward to whether the Knicks or the 76ers can bring you more surprises. The audience of nearly 20,000 people have already filled up with fans. Everyone is talking in twos and threes about what their favorite players will do tonight, who will be better than Iverson and Kevin, and the results of the game …