However, I really didn’t stay at the scene for too long. After I got the lone wolf’s unique blade, I ran away at the Wolf clan guild.

Grateful to look at Xiangxiang, but for Xiangxiang being here, I’m afraid he would have been exposed just now
Xiang Xiang smiled at Liang Ping and smiled at Judo. "I have helped you a lot, but you must remember your promise to me."
Love a face of gentleman nodded at Xiangxiang.
And the nine dragons asked with a puzzled face, "What the hell are you two talking about?"
Love smell speech looked askance at nine dragons and saw that he looked rough, blackheaded and dirty, and he was a very good friend.
It is precisely because of nine dragons’ stupidity that the president often talks with nine dragons in private, and nine dragons will certainly inform the president of the original results of each time.
Of course, this is also an important factor for Jiuwen Dragon to participate in this sniper.
Think of these gentle smiled and walked to the nine dragons whispered in his ear, "In fact, just now you didn’t know that every seven male had been whispering a word when dragging Yu Xiaofei’s body away."
Nine dragons smell speech a surprised eagerly asked "what is important?"
Love is still a gentle smile on his face. "Of course it’s very important. After I tell you, you mustn’t tell anyone else. Otherwise, this matter is really big or small."
Nine dragons smell speech and promise, "I won’t tell anyone if you trust me."
"Well, it’s so good." I laughed with satisfaction. "It’s really a waste of time to stay in a place like Jiuyou, where every seven men say that I have double cultivation in magic. If one day I can ascend the throne of Jiuyou, I will definitely take all the nine people out of this hellhole."
Hearing this, Jiuwen Dragon’s face sank with disdain, saying, "How can there be such a ridiculous thing? We Jiuyou people believe in one sentence: Life is Jiuyou people’s death is Jiuyou ghosts’ theory. Who dares to leave Jiuyou privately is guilty of a mortal felony? It’s crazy for me to listen to it."
Gentle smiled and said, "Actually, it may not be so. Look at the King of Nine Yous and the Princess of Nine Yous, General Wang Cheng Shao. Aren’t they all people who have lived away from Nine Yous for hundreds of years? After nine years of fighting in Nine Yous, maybe every seven men are tired, too?"
"Hum Sheng Jiuyou was born to fight. If he doesn’t want to fight, he wants to die. Look at Jiuyou Wang. They will come back here after many years, and they want to destroy our four major guilds. They don’t want to think about who has been consolidating the city and the country for so many years. Now the situation is turbulent and the black snake is dying. They just want to come back and return to the throne. How can there be such a cheap thing?" Nine dragons said with eyes full of anger.
Love is also very much in favor of patting Jiuwen Dragon on the shoulder and saying, "Jiuwen Dragon, you are really getting smarter and smarter. It’s really good to see things becoming more and more transparent."
Nine dragons smell a face of rustic laughter. "Don’t make fun of me. In fact, I heard all this from the president, but I just became a repeater once."
Love pinched the strong and hard arm of Jiu Wen Long. "You are really an honest and good brother, but now it seems that Wang Chengjun won’t come again for a short time. Let’s go back to the heroes’ meeting first."
Chapter 223 Heart of a meter
It’s nearly 11 o’clock since I returned to Qunyinghui with Xiangxiang and Nine dragons.
In Hall 1, besides Huang Shao and Linda, there are several other heroes who will kill the gods here.
Kneeling in chains at the entrance of Hall 1 is Zhao Si, the 13th elite of Qunyinghui.
From the appearance, Zhao Si was not severely punished.
At Zhao Si, I took a look at the deep feeling and stepped into Hall 1.
Seeing the situation covered with sword marks and returning to Hall 1, everyone’s face looked more shocked, especially Huang Shao.
Huang Shao strode to Qing with a cut face and gently stroked Qing’s arm and whispered, "What the hell happened? How did you do this?"
Love smell speech said with a smile, "Thank you, President. It’s just some skin injuries. I didn’t try my best, otherwise I would be hit by wannabe like that."
As soon as this statement came out, the heroes of the group on the 9 th killed seven gods and turned into a pear. Teng suddenly said coldly, "Nothing is nothing, it’s all cut like this. What are you trying to do? If you can’t do it yourself, just stay in the heroes of the group and don’t go out and make a fool of yourself. When will someone in our heroes be so seriously injured?"
Everyone smell speech is a face of identity.
But Huang Shao smiled at the feeling. "Don’t take it to heart. I believe there must be a lot of reasons for your injury this time. If you don’t mind, you might as well talk about what’s going on in front of your brothers."
In my heart, I recalled my honesty and said, "If I tried my best to slay more than one swordsman camp No.1 of Wang Chengjun, it would be an instant thing. But at that time, I fought alone for more than five swordsmen, and I shouldn’t have felt tired. But at that time, the situation was special. The four of us ambushed the swordsman camp No.1 and blocked their soldiers’ alliance, and they were in a dilemma. Every swordsman’s fighting spirit reached its peak. I was surrounded by more than five swordsmen, and they were still trapped in a beast fight. Generally, everyone’s face was bloodthirsty and
As soon as this statement came out, the pear vine hissed again, "This reason is not too far-fetched. You also said that you can easily slay the other side of the whole swordsman camp by yourself. You said that a person who hits five people will be so seriously injured, so the preface is not enough. You are still the four kings of Qunying. In my opinion, you’d better get rid of the king’s position as soon as possible and be an ordinary elite of Qunying. But in my opinion, your strength is at best to be a 25th elite."