Western bench Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Cameron Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki.

Eastern starters Jason Kidd, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Garter and Dwight Howard.
Eastern substitutes Chauncey Billups, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Caron Butler, Chris Bosh and Shaq O ‘Neill.
The coach of the western region is the coach of the Spurs. The Spurs ranked first before the start of this season. The coach in the East is Celtic Rivers, and Celtic ranks first in the East for the time being.
Yao and Nash both woke up before the game, and this is their first star game. Even if they start, there shouldn’t be too many games to let them know.
The two of them naturally know this. Before the game, they knew that they wouldn’t have much performance. It would be good to have two minutes of play, and the maximum time would not exceed two, otherwise it would be harmful to them if they had too many games.
It is too high-profile to participate in the Star Race for the first time, and it is easy to be rejected by other players. Although Ji Guojiao still wants to grab the limelight, it is necessary to pay attention to strategy and secretly shoot.
Whether you can get the mvp in the Star Race depends mainly on the player’s qualifications and popularity. Both of them, including Anthony and Stoudemire, are not qualified. If Paul didn’t have the host advantage, there wouldn’t be many games, and maybe even the qualification to participate in the Star Race would be enough.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen A group of unique ratio!
The atmosphere of the Star Race is much more harmonious than that of the rookie game. Before the game, the two stars greeted each other in a friendly manner. It seems that there is no gunpowder smell. However, LeBron James has already released the victory declaration before the game. Last year, the west beat the east in Las Vegas. This year, the players from the east are going to avenge themselves in New Orleans!
Ji Guo’s shame secretly thought that there were people in his team who were desperately eager for honor. Although the atmosphere is harmonious now, it will come naturally in a short while with a strong smell. Besides, O’ Neill’s fat is also in the east. Kobe must remember that two days ago, O’ Neill sang a satire on other things in a bar. The big shark is now making up a great song. Fox likes to hum a few words when he is free.
When the two brothers thought of this, they couldn’t help but look at Kobe Bryant at the same time. Peter Pan really stared at O’ Neill sitting there, his eyes blazing, right … This atmosphere is right …
Kobe’s anger is not only caused by O ‘Neill’s mocking songs, but also because the big shark knocked him into a street yesterday and made him look bad in public. The day before yesterday, the rookie game almost hurt his hand, adding up new hatred and old hatred. How can you swallow this tone without looking for a chance to severely elbow him?
Yao Li beat Howard in a jump ball and lost the game in suspense.
Charles Buckley opened his mouth and said, "Who said that the center must jump at the power forward to jump the ball? Brother Panda just won the dunk contest. At this time, he should be allowed to compete with Superman for the ball. I don’t think Yao can even jump over the brick I moved yesterday."
Kenny Smith laughed. "This is not a playoff. It’s a star Yao bouncing and it’s very funny."
Kidd brought the basketball to the frontcourt and didn’t attack it himself because he called it a base attack.
Basketball soon arrived in Wade’s hand. Flash made a tentative step in the face of Kobe Bryant. His fastest first step in active service forced him to break through two steps and then he killed the penalty area. Then he scored a goal around the basket and the head of Ji Guo’s shame.
The fans at the scene immediately flashed a wonderful goal and shouted that the Heat’s record this year was very poor. Wade was also troubled by injuries. He just came back before the star game, but look at him this time. Wade is still the extraordinary flash man.
"Hey, big rookie, take it easy!" Wade scored a wonderful basket, but in fact, he almost let Fox cover up the defense behind him. After Flash scored, his big cheeks gang said to Ji Guo’s shame
When Kobe passed by Ji Guo’s humiliation without giving a face, he said tit for tat, "Well done, cover him up!" "
Wade "………."
Iverson in the west has already taken the service from Brother Panda and started to kill him …
Kobe Bryant quickly landed outside the flank three-point line and reached for the ball, only to see the answer. Wade got rid of his clumsiness in his eyes with an explosive cross dribble. Kidd scored the ball into the line. First, he cheated Howard with a fake ball, and then he took the basketball back and took off. After that, he escaped the cover with a big pull rod and scored the ball.
Ji Guo’s humiliation is very depressing. Kobe Bryant is even more depressed. Yao is not surprised. Half of the stars are unique. Fans like to watch these lonely heroes in that singles league. Even the salaries of players who are low-key and powerful are lower than those of these experts. There are many cases. For example, the new twin teammate Billups is twice as low as Iverson’s salary. Spurs Parker also has an annual salary of 10 million, but both of them have rings in their hands
The pace of the game is very fast. You come and I go to the fans and see the big names flying in the sky. You buckle one and I pour one. No one pays attention. The two brothers didn’t get a chance to shoot for three minutes in a row and didn’t even touch the ball a few times.
There’s no way out. There’s only one ball on the court. Iverson and Kobe on their side are not enough to score. How can they give them the ball?
In the 9 th minute and 1 second, Kobe Bryant hit a relay from Yao, which made the little giant scold a "tomato" in his heart. He can’t catch such a ball!
Kobe Bryant’s ball finally crossed the box and hit Howard Card’s main position to grab the backboard. The Eastern Star quickly counterattacked the gorilla and the big cheek gang and sparked each other. Finally, the gorilla relayed a tomahawk-style one-handed dunk and scored a goal!
The score was 4:1, and the shooting percentage in the eastern star field was good. On the other hand, in the western region, Iverson and Kobe played two irons, and both of them made one of three shots.
* * Vicky looked grim and thought to himself, "You are not my players, otherwise the water dispenser will be your forever guardian!"
Yao finally scored two points by CIC in the third minute. The little giant is really not suitable for the star. He can’t keep up with the rhythm on both sides.
In the first quarter, 7 minutes and 5 seconds * * Vichy changed three China people together for Duncan, Anthony and Nowitzki.
The two brothers didn’t get a point in the field, and they didn’t even get basketball. Just watching Iverson and Kobe take turns to play iron, it was hard for them to get it in front of Howard and Gart, but they did get a lot of rebounds in the backcourt, which was better but limited.
Ji Guoqiu got 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block and 2 rebounds four minutes before the game.
Ji Guo was ashamed to sit on the scene and thought, since we can’t get the basketball, Duncan and Nowitzki want to come, too. Isn’t that the two of them?
However, it was beyond their expectation that Iverson and Kobe actually scored Duncan and Nowitzki at this time, and they quickly scored points.
"What’s the matter? Are you deliberately rejecting us?" The fox, furious at Ji Guo’s shame, saw that this situation was obviously deliberately not giving them the ball.
He was thinking about Yao around him and suddenly said in Chinese, "Don’t worry, it’s the same for other rookies to enter the nba in your first year. Kobe Bryant and Iverson have made a star-brushing mvp, accounting for your shots."
Ji Guo was very dissatisfied with the smell of shame. "Why did James take our shots? Was James treated like this in his first season?"
Yao laughed. "James didn’t make it to the Star Race in the first year, and Wade didn’t make it to the Star Race in the first year, including our two starting guards. Are there many players who made it to the Star Race in the first year?"
Fox immediately stopped talking. The gorilla in his heart was so poor. The little black snake was so poor … so cool!
Yao didn’t know that these superstars didn’t make it to the Star Race in the first season. No wonder they caused such a sensation when they started. It’s as simple as meeting a new guy and making the star starting line-up in the first season. Why are the two outstanding rookies not only entering the Star Race, but also directly becoming the starters?
Nash also secretly said to the two brothers, "If you want to play more, I will teach you a way to defend in the back court. Don’t let the East score easily. Kobe Bryant and Iverson are embarrassed to defend. If you do something for them that you don’t want, you will naturally get the two guys to share the ball. The coach will also let you play for a while. Trust my experience."
Ji Guo Chou He Ji Guo shame smell speech eyes lit up.
"That’s right. This time, the coach in the west is defending, which suits his appetite. Besides, you see that the old man didn’t choose his own players to enter the star. Even Duncan didn’t want him to play more. He didn’t want his players to wave their strength in the star game, but they were not afraid of it. This was their chance."
* * Vicky really doesn’t want Duncan to play more than 3 minutes and 4 seconds in the first quarter to change Duncan into Stoudemire and become Paul, Roy, Anthony, Nowitzki and Stoudemire.
The score is 2532, and the Eastern Star leads by 7 points.
Speaking of it, it is the third season. Chris Paul has just entered the Star Race for the first time with the advantage of the host country. It can be seen that the two brothers started in the first season because of Dora’s hatred and national humiliation. Now I feel that the players on both sides are jealous when they look at him. I don’t know if it is psychological.
The Western Conference is now playing a more reasonable array. Paul and Roy are not as independent as the previous two, which makes the coordination of the Western Conference team smoother. In particular, Paul’s dribbling breakthrough and dribbling are very enjoyable and full of threats, which attracts high cheers from the host fans every time!
At the end of the first quarter, Chris Paul played well to help the team narrow the difference to 5 points and the score was 35:39.