"Ha-ha, I know the skills." Zhu Feng shouted excitedly.

A scream "Ah" woke Zhu Feng up.
Zhu Feng quickly asked, "What’s the matter?"
"I … I forgot to tell you that I can be a wild summoner after learning that skill," Baiyun said cautiously.
Zhu Feng asked curiously, "Why? Isn’t the wild summoner good? "
"It’s not bad, but the skills of wild summoners are not very good. Unless you can make a contract with a very powerful monster, there will be neither high-strength attack nor powerful spells." Baiyun novel said.
Zhu Feng said casually, "Why don’t we go and find some powerful monsters after nothing?"
Baiyun didn’t go on to say that she was afraid of hitting Zhu Feng, so she smiled and said, "Let’s go and see your new skills."
Zhu Feng and Baiyun came to the 9-level brush strange area, where most of them brushed out some 9-level scarecrows and occasionally brushed out 1-level flying animals and bees. Because of the crowds, Zhu Feng and Baiyun walked around for a long time before they found a scarecrow.
In the distance, Zhu Feng releases magic.
"Ah? Why can’t magic be released? " Zhu Feng confused muttered.
Baiyun wondered, "Is it too far away?"
Zhu Feng took a few steps forward according to the Baiyun dialect to release magic, and a small black mist flew towards the scarecrow, and a word "-25" appeared on the scarecrow’s head.
"Hey, hey, I think this distance is five meters." Zhu Feng said shyly.
The attacked scarecrow ran angrily towards Zhu Feng, but it moved a little slowly. Before it reached Zhu Feng, Zhu Feng had released three magical white clouds, which were a warrior profession. At this time, he waved his iron sword and rushed to intercept the scarecrow halfway.
Zhu Feng released several spells in a row. After the last word-7 was displayed from the scarecrow’s head, the scarecrow was unwilling to lie down.
"Doubt? Didn’t you say you could hit five drops of blood at most? How did you lose 7? " Zhu Feng asked curiously, alas, he is an internet addict who threatened to play dozens of online games. Now, like an idiot, he is not as knowledgeable as a woman.
"That’s your fatal blow. The attack will be high," Baiyun explained.
Zhu Feng understood and nodded, "So that’s it."
Baiyun Zhu Feng slowly cooperated. When Zhu Feng magic led the monster to attack him, Baiyun took over to stop the monster from attacking Zhu Feng. Zhu Feng and Baiyun could kill him. After a noon, Zhu Feng and Baiyun became more and more skilled in cooperation. It depends on Zhu Feng’s eyes. Baiyun knew Zhu Feng was letting himself attack or escape. Sometimes Zhu Feng attracted a large number of monsters. When Baiyun saw him, he ran away. When Zhu Feng was angry, Baiyun knew that he was letting himself attack. Unfortunately, Baiyun could not see Zhu Feng’s expression, otherwise he would laugh and have no strength to attack the monster. A pair of villains were determined to bully the weak.
"Baiyun, I’m level 11. I really can’t help going back to the city to do some shopping. Will you wait for me here?" Zhu Feng asked Baiyun.
Baiyun asked curiously, "OK, I’ll practice for a while. You go."
"ah? You want it? Then when will you return it? " Zhu Feng asked a little disappointed.
Baiyun was also very naive and said, "I still have classes. I have a holiday these two days, otherwise I won’t play games at this time. I will come to you sometimes and introduce you to beautiful women."
"I don’t want a beauty, I want you." Zhu Feng simply said.
Zhu Feng said a little regret that he was impulsive. Will this scare her?
Baiyun’s temples were reddish, and he said goodbye and hurried off.
Alas, Zhu Feng shook her head and walked to the new village. She reflected that nine times out of ten there was no chance.
When Zhu Feng arrived at the head of the new village and other important events, he ran to the store.
Zhu Feng excitedly said to NPC, "Please bring me a level 1 dress."
"What kind of professional clothes do you want?" NPC sweet voice replied.
"Summoner’s clothes"
The beauty took out a summoner’s dress and said, "This is a gold coin for a level 1 summoner to wear."
"ah? Do you want a gold coin for this dress? " Zhu Feng silly asked.
NPC still smiles sweetly. "Yes, Grade 1 clothes are a little more expensive because of their attributes."
Zhu Feng looked at his own bag with a gold and silver coin, which was his hard-earned money.
"Okay, give me one," Zhu Feng said gloomily.
After the Zhu Feng NPC transaction, NPC said, "Do you want a pair of pants?"
"What?" Zhu Fengda asked
NPC repeated the question "Do you want a pair of pants?"
"Is this gold a dress?" Zhu Feng asked angrily.
NPC can’t laugh at this moment, but the sound is still very sweet. "Yeah, didn’t you see it when trading just now?"
"You also too dark? How to bully a kind little ordinary person like me? " Zhu Feng said angrily.
Chapter VII Cheat pants
NPC explained to Zhu Feng for a long time before he could stop his madness. In fact, NPC also understood that a big man in Zhu Feng was naked and got excited to buy a dress to hide his shame. As a result, he bought a dress and didn’t wear pants. This kind of alternative dress might as well not wear it. If he hadn’t sympathized with Zhu Feng NPC, he would have asked security guards to drive him out. Where did the NPC know that Zhu Feng was upgrading in shorts? It can’t be said that there were trade secrets.
"What if I have a silver coin?" Zhu Feng asked NPC.
It is difficult for the beauty to say, "You can do it, so that you can gain experience and money quickly. There are many NPCs in the village who can give it to players. If you are lucky, you can encounter hidden things." NPC said that he suddenly covered his mouth and stopped to look around to see if no one was around, then he shouted and patted his chest.
Holy shit, isn’t this too human? Is a real person playing NPC? I don’t know what it is hidden, Zhu Feng thought to himself.
"A pair of level 1 summoner pants also needs a gold, right?" Zhu Feng asked very clearly this time.
NPC smiled and replied "Yes".
Zhu Feng turned and walked out of the store to look for NPC in the village.
Finally, an old man came up to Zhu Feng and said, "Young man, I’m a chef. Can you help me receive five pieces of rabbit meat and chicken outside? I can give you a high reward. "
"Well, can you tell me how much you will pay me?" Zhu Feng asked the question of his heart.
"Ha ha, you will know when it is finished." When the old man finished speaking, a dialog box appeared in front of Zhu Feng. There was an old man telling Zhu Feng to say goodbye to the old man and go out to shoot chicken and rabbit meat.