I have to say that this Red Ghost Xiu is very cautious in doing things. The strength of both of them is much higher than that of the black kid’s ghost peak, but they choose to sneak attack. Lions try their best to catch rabbits, and that’s a hundred shots. For example, when Red Ghost guessed Zhang Xiaotian’s plan and was not sure, he used language to test first. When he saw Zhang Xiaotian, he was really frightened to disgrace, and he was relieved to attack the past. Such ghosts often live longer, but unfortunately, they met Zhang Xiaotian.

Zhang Xiaotian is a bit hectic, hurriedly out of the two mental attack wave to attack the mental attack to intercept the past.
Red Ghost Repairs Two Ghosts’ funny looking at Zhang Xiaotian was hectic. After seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s two mental attack waves to intercept his two ghosts’ mental attacks, it was funny again. In their hearts, they think that even Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack may not be able to block any one, let alone two separate ones. See Zhang Xiaotian didn’t use a magic weapon, red ghost repair also reassured. In his mind, the biggest variable is that Zhang Xiaotian has a powerful magic weapon. But now it seems that this black kid doesn’t have any magic weapon, so this time he is really dead. Under the same cultivation, the black kid wants to fight the spirit attack with the red ghost, which is certain to die.
Red Ghost Xiu did not release a magic weapon to continue his attack. In his view, Zhang Xiaotian, who has no magic weapon to resist, is already a fool.
Zhang Xiaotian see they didn’t continue to use a magic weapon to attack, I put down the heart to, this is what Zhang Xiaotian wants. Zhang Xiaotian is good at dealing with the magic weapon of recognizing the Lord incompletely. One contact can make the magic weapon fail. But they were afraid that their magic weapon has completely recognized the Lord. In that case, although the magic weapon is still attached with the mind, the main action depends on the master’s mind. Even if Hou Nianli disappears, the magic weapon will still act according to the master’s command, but it is just a bit awkward in the process of action. In that case, there’s really a little trouble.
The degree of mental attack is very fast, but in a flash, four mental attack waves meet together.
Red Ghost Xiu and Blue Ghost Xiu looked at each other excitedly. They often do things like robbery, but they didn’t expect this robbery to be so easy.
1,200 soul stones are not a small sum for them. Besides, this is not other things. Look at the basket on the back of that black kid. There should be other good things in it. Two ghosts thought of this and four eyes began to light up.
But I don’t know, that Zhang Xiaotian, who was just in a hurry-scurry, is looking at them with a sneer and a dead person’s eyes. He didn’t believe that the two ghosts in front of him could surpass himself.
Suddenly, the expressions on the faces of two excited ghosts began to solidify and gradually showed a surprised expression. However, before they finished their expression, the two ghosts both fell to the ground.
At the moment when they looked at each other, the four mental attack waves were separated into strengths and weaknesses. To their surprise, Zhang Xiaotian’s two seemingly weak mental attacks quickly shot at them after destroying their mental attacks.
The spirit attack wave was so severe that the two ghosts were both knocked to the ground without any reaction. To the death, they don’t understand why Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack is so powerful. But no one will explain it for them.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled, the battle went smoothly beyond his expectation. What makes him laugh is that the red ghost, who is clever, even tells a lot of truth. Originally, Zhang Xiaotian saw that with the qualifications and cultivation of the two ghosts, it was still a sneak attack, so he thought that it would be a hard struggle to fight with the two ghosts who were so cautious. But now it is so easy to end the battle.
Zhang Xiaotian held out his right hand to move his mind, and the magic weapon Blackstone appeared in his right hand, so he strode towards the bodies of two ghosts.

Chapter sixty-two Goodbye Li Fugui
Zhang Xiaotian stuck Blackstone on Red Ghost Xiu, and his mind moved. He was about to course Blackstone to absorb his soul force.
Suddenly, there was hurried footsteps in the distance again, approaching here.
Zhang Xiaotian is wrinkly to knit the brows, murphy, make their own idea of ghost repair more than these two?
Carefully feel again, Zhang Xiaotian this just rest assured, to ghost repair just one.
As long as it’s not a ghost-shaped period, Zhang Xiaotian won’t be afraid, and even if it’s a ghost-shaped period, Zhang Xiaotian can’t beat it, and he is completely sure to run away. It’s not for nothing to learn the flying skills with Sanying in the secular world, but it’s just too energy-consuming.
Because there is a small slope between here and the sound of footsteps, Zhang Xiaotian can only hear footsteps and can’t see ghost repair.
Zhang Xiaotian didn’t want to expose Blackstone because he didn’t know about the ghost repair, so Zhang Xiaotian put Blackstone away and stopped absorbing energy. Just two hands groping for something on two ghosts. He just saw clearly that both ghosts had magic weapons in their hands. I didn’t expect ghosts in hell to be so rich, and both ghosts actually have a magic weapon, which makes Zhang Xiaotian wonder if this magic weapon is so worthless in hell.
Sure enough, Zhang Xiaotian soon found a bell and a small seal from the two ghosts. To Zhang Xiaotian’s surprise, there was even a package of soul stones, and there were many of them. There were as many as 17 pieces of top-grade soul stones alone, and there were many middle-grade and inferior ones, but compared with this top-grade one, the value was much worse.
At this time, the footsteps gradually approached and gradually jumped over the small slope.
Zhang Xiaotian looked up and looked there. Can wait for Zhang Xiaotian to see the ghost repair, I stood up from the ground and frowned. I didn’t expect this ghost repair to turn out to be the stall owner Li Fugui.
"ah? Zhang … Zhang Dage, are you … are you all right? " See Zhang Xiaotian standing in front of yourself, Li Fugui couldn’t help opening his mouth, tongue-tied asked. Especially after seeing the bodies of the two ghosts at Zhang Xiaotian’s feet, the mouth opened wider.
"Why? Do you really want something to happen to me? " Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick, light asked.
"No, no, Zhang Dage you don’t get me wrong. I saw these two ghosts chasing you in this direction without buying anything after you left. I knew they were up to no good, so I followed them. It’s just that it was a little slow at the time of closing the stall, so it’s so late. " Li Fugui a listen to Zhang Xiaotian tone of voice, I quickly explained. See the two ghost bodies a face of surprise Li Fugui this just reaction to come over, is I put my foot in my mouth.
"Oh, so you are kind to remind me? I just don’t know how you are going to remind me? " Zhang Xiaotian light asked.
"This ….." Li Fugui was a little embarrassed. Zhang Xiaotian is in the front, two ghosts are in the middle, and he is in the back. It doesn’t make sense to say that he is here to remind Zhang Xiaotian, let alone that Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t believe it.
"You go!" Zhang Xiaotian eyes first with a malicious and complete, but finally hesitated, light said.
When Li Fugui heard this, his face turned blue and white, and he bit his lower teeth and said, "Actually, I came here to think that if you are not harmed by them, I will help you get rid of them. If you have been harmed by them, then I will take revenge for you in addition to them. "
"Are you so kind?" Zhang Xiaotian a little surprised, export asked.
Li Fugui looked embarrassed and said, "This … ghost repair that generally likes to rob other ghost repairs is very rich. Besides, you are my customer, and you were targeted by them only after trading with me, so I naturally have some responsibilities. Just didn’t think of … "
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian after listening to the light should be a cry and didn’t say much.
If what Li Fugui said is true, then he is already good. After all, the two of them don’t have any friendship, but there was a deal, and it’s good enough to do this. As for the fact that he wanted to rob these two ghosts, although Zhang Xiaotian didn’t know what he was capable of saying such a big tone, it was normal. This is true in the secular ghost world, not to mention a higher level of hell? However, people are unpredictable, and Zhang Xiaotian didn’t believe what he said just because of these words. Who knows if he came so late and wanted to rob them after these two ghosts robbed themselves? In that case, wouldn’t he have a bigger collection?
"Fat boy, let’s have dinner!" Zhang Xiaotian weigh in hand with the fat boy’s ear to weigh in hand with the fat boy from the back of the basket, shouted.
"Woo-hoo-"Fat boy, who was not satisfied, woke up with a tingle when he heard the meal. After seeing two ghosts lying on the ground, I jumped up.
Fat boy is never picky about what he eats, which is also one of its great advantages. Although the soul of Blackstone is delicious after refining, it still eats it without refining.
Li Fugui seemed a little surprised when he saw Fat Boy, and he couldn’t help showing an awkward look.
Fat boy still eats so fast, and the two ghosts in the ghost period are eaten clean by fat boy in less than two minutes. Finally, I patted my belly with a small paw and burped. Very human.
See Li Fugui straight dumbfounded.
The finished fat boy jumped into Zhang Xiaotian’s hand and was once again sent to the small basket behind him by Zhang Xiaotian.
"Why, Brother Li is not going to leave?" Zhang Xiaotian asked Li Fugui back. In fact, Li Fugui gave him a good impression, but a good impression doesn’t mean that Zhang Xiaotian can trust him completely.
"Er … I, I’m leaving!" Li Fugui, who came back, said awkwardly. He doesn’t think that Zhang Xiaotian, who can kill the ghost in the later period and ghost peak, is just an ordinary black kid. Even the Red Ghost Repair at the peak of his ghost has a good magic weapon, and I’m not sure I can destroy them like Zhang Xiaotian without injury. Don’t say that he didn’t intend to rob Zhang Xiaotian, even if he did, so now he knows how to choose when he sees this situation.
Li Fugui, who had just turned to leave, suddenly looked back again. Seeing Zhang Xiaotian with a wary face, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed: "I just closed the stall, and I … I also plan to go to town to make up something."
Zhang Xiaotian thought that Li Fugui would turn against him later and was preparing to make moves. When I heard Li Fugui say this, I stopped my action and thought for a moment. Finally, I said, "Then you should go first!"
Li Fugui nodded, and it’s no surprise that Zhang Xiaotian has this reaction. This is the case in hell. If you are careless, maybe you will die next.