"Can you imagine that if someone brings a large number of people to make trouble, is it possible for us to succeed?"

In order to prevent those dozens of people from making trouble, Zhou Zhang killed everyone … Lin’s idea was selfish, but it was really more than normal for them prisoners.
Bing Lian and Ming know that Lin just wants to ensure the victory of this special training. If we insist on it for a while, the players will be eliminated, leaving three of them … This time, the winner of the special training will be rewarded with three places.
All the way to silence!
No one speaks, but keeps on moving.
And people who can see mushroom clouds in other distant places can naturally guess the fate of the next planet, such as their fate, and those who can’t see and don’t know the real situation are just big earthquakes.
All the players who witnessed this scene are now in vain. This plan is so cruel!
I also know what kind of situation they are about to face … There are very few players who have enough knowledge to know, think and have the ability to water, oxygen and food.
Just like ordinary people in the 21st century, even if they have studied chemical physics, they know that oxygen can be obtained and water can be synthesized … There are only a handful of practical abilities.
All they can do is wait for death!
Chapter three hundred and ninety Gene practice!
The next battle is not with the players, not with those np’s with powerful intelligence, but with a group of robots who know to follow certain procedures … This kind of battle is not difficult for Lin.
Enter the research headquarters, seize the control of the research headquarters, start the research headquarters, understand all the information in the brain, and control the research headquarters robots to control these robots to do things!
This research headquarters makes energy the simplest and most basic nuclear energy, which is not difficult to get.
Living on this planet and having a research headquarters foundation is really not difficult for having a computer technology forest thousands of years beyond this era.
The gene reduction equipment of Li research headquarters will restore the life and other human mutant genes to restore the body life.
I haven’t thought about doing anything to facilitate the gene reduction equipment to continuously reduce mutant genes to obtain evolutionary genes and epidemic genes.
Ice lotus asked Lin on this matter "if you know that this technology has also got some information, why not do it?" That’s a gene life technology that can get a life span of more than 300 years? "
Lin replied, "Unless this technology obtains a complete gene chain and then transforms the gene … If we want to get the original gene by mutation again and again, we need a condition that we can complete the mutation and we are players, and our bodies give us choices, which means that the conditions of our 10 thousand players are the same."
"And the mutant who can withstand it will never exceed one in a thousand among the ten million people who participated in the experiment!"
"According to the probability, 10,000 is too much, so it is impossible for our 10,000 players to bear the complete mutation!"
"And this time, the goal is to live … Obviously, Tong wants to live longer and tempt us to make a complete mutation and let us be eliminated!"
Binglian didn’t do it afterwards. After all, Lin’s guess is generally accurate.
It was at that time that Lin didn’t say in the last sentence that this kind of death-seeking experiment should be done and waited until the work was enough!
Living on this planet is not a forest goal. The forest goal is to enter this specially trained normal human society!
Suolin sent a cosmic distress signal.
Although there are robots in the research headquarters … it is impossible for Lin to build a spaceship that can drill wormholes and cross wormholes for help!
The distress signal was received by a spaceship wandering in the universe a few years later … As a result, the other spaceship was controlled by Lin because it accepted the communication request sent by Lin.
Then Lin took this spaceship to save them and entered the normal human society for a long journey
"Three days!"
"Not even three days!"
"You are really good! Again and again, this is the fourth time! "
"For the first time, there are still many people who have seen the second time. No one except Hehe Longzhi has seen the third time. Many of you have seen and not seen the same when he is a np. This time it is like this …"
"Every time he can tease you like the palm of his hand and you haven’t even met him … What else can you do without attending special training? It’s a waste of time to go anyway!"
Similar speeches appear almost simultaneously in dozens of different places.
"What do you always when again and again? What can live in that environment and you can be eliminated? Why can’t you come up with any plan for you to be a pawn? "
"Do you know that because you failed again and again, you won again and again … simply because you have been learning and making progress, and you? Ancient scenes: Do you think that you will not learn anything because you are future people? Anyway, I learned something backward in ancient times? "
"Know not to know what these special training is called special training? I don’t know … I’ll tell you how many geniuses we have made in the history of human development, but these geniuses have not been recorded. Each of these special trainings was in the era when special research was annihilated! And if you can have a complete record, there will be a god group! "
"Have you counted three special trainings plus this one … how many years has he lived since he got out of this special training?"
"Forget it, let’s just do it. I will arrange a real expert to deal with it in a special training!"
"I will arrange a real master to deal with a special training!"
Time flies!
Four days have passed in one day of special training outside, which is simply an ancient myth that one day in transit is even worse than one year.
With the help of the 39 th century and the beginning of the 4 th century, it is easy to live for two years in life science and technology
I left this special training two years later.
Ice lotus also left after a few years.
For Bing Lian, the gains from this special training are better than that from following Lin, and she has an unforgettable memory … This is her strong foundation. Obviously, the progress in skill strength will not be too great, but it is not small. The biggest gain is that the knowledge and wisdom in her brain have also reached a horrible height.
A special training must have her foothold.
In "Time", it will definitely rise suddenly.
Lin is a disaster, but like many Taoist monks, he can clearly perceive his own life.
Lin stayed in this special training until he felt that he had one year left and accumulated enough knowledge of genetics before he tried it himself.
A small pile of white luminous powder!
A small pile of black luminous powder!
This is because the radiation brought by Lin from the research headquarters will cause blackening variation and albinism variation. The radiation material has surpassed this era for thousands of years by relying on computer technology in Lin’s brain. In this era when computers should be spread all over the world, it is really simple to establish its own power.
Lin has his own research laboratory!
There are too few materials to conduct mutation experiments on an entire planet like that evolutionary organization.
But in his own person, that is enough!
After all, this radiation mutation experiment doesn’t need to eat, it just needs to absorb a little radiation.
Although Lin did not get the final experimental results from the computer of the research headquarters, he also got a considerable part of data, which greatly reduced the risk of forest experiments.
"Albino mutation has less enhancement to the body and less influence on the brain than blackening mutation … After all, although the human brain is amazing, it is very fragile. It is necessary to produce some antibody genes after the reduction of albino mutation genes to prevent the disease and resist the blackening mutation. Great side effects!"