However, the cracks in the cross-country heart can not be temporarily.

Soon, when the cross-country raised that self-mockery, four generations of Shui Ying said the real deal
"It’s a pity that the four generations of Huo Ying think that Shimura Danzou has a good chance. In fact, that guy in Shimura Danzou is a wolf who can’t feed enough. When the four generations of Huo Ying contract, Shimura Danzou contacted me through the traitor in Suikazan Fuguki, and the guy who has been preventing me from coming to recycle the three tails is ready to get benefits from the three parties. Playing with my four generations of Huo Ying and the guy who hinders my action are in the palm of his hand."
"I can’t recycle the three tails because that guy is in my way, but I don’t want Shimura Danzou to get the benefits."
"Nara cross-country this information scroll remembers that it is not only Shimura Danzou who is trading in the secret information of Konoha, but also that he is trading in me and the guy who hinders me from recycling the three tails."
"My deal with you is Nara cross-country. You give this information scroll to the four generations of Huoying. That guy naturally has a way to teach me a lesson, Shimura Danzou."
"What you can get is the key to Ann’s return to Muye Village!"
"How about it?"
"Okay, I agree!"
Through four generations of Shui Ying’s busy mouth, Mr. Ban told the end of the transaction
After listening to all the transactions, Cross-country knew that it was a poisonous apple given to him by Master Ban.
But there is no way!
Whether it’s to teach the four generations of Huo Ying a lesson, how to teach him how to choose a partner or to teach him a lesson-Shimura Danzou cross-country must have some kind of symbolic dark deal with Master Ban!
What’s more, from the cross-country faint in the transaction of Ban Ye, I have guessed who is the strong man who prevents Ban Ye from recycling the three-tailed movie!
Imagine the terrible cross-country of the powerful movie, just like a man who has been struggling in the desert for a month and his horse is going to starve to death, but he knows that the apple is a poisonous apple before his eyes, so even a little chance of survival needs to eat that poisonous apple when he crosses the country!
Then cross-country agreed to the deal without hesitation, and then four generations of Shui Ying members disappeared in front of cross-country a little bit, leaving one arm still in front of cross-country
And that arm is in four generations of Shui Ying.
It’s not in Mr. Ban’s remarks that the cross-country ferret god and Lin want to return to Muye Village smoothly!
Chapter snake trace
"Surely the ferret god hasn’t gone far?"
"Spot ye controls the four generations of Shui Ying, who is still playing against the strong shadow."
"Even if Mr. Ban wants to return to Wuren Village, he must be able to hold off the movie-level strong man for a while, so I and the ferret god still have a chance!"
"Then try not to return this card to Muye Village as much as possible!"
Make the scroll seal the arm in front of you. Without hesitation, make the four generations of Huoying "accelerate" the occult art and start to catch up with the ferret god and Lin’s footsteps.
And in the cross-country subconscious, he still resists trading with Master Ban.
Although cross-country has swallowed the poisonous apple at this time, cross-country really doesn’t want others to know that the poisonous apple is in his belly except for the four generations of Huoying.
If it is possible to escape from cross-country without giving birth to the key, I will try my best to return to Muye Village as soon as possible with ferret Shenlin.
If you return to Konoha Village, even the strong in the shadow level need to have some concerns.
It is also because of this cross-country that it keeps "accelerating" the occult situation at all times. Indeed, in just a few minutes, cross-country is catching up with the ferret god and Lin.
"Off-road? You are so fast? "
"Well, it’s just a busy person. How troublesome it can be to solve it!"
Smile at the ferret god easily. From the cross-country surface, everyone knows the idea of cross-country heart
When the heart is dark and the face is hidden, the cross-country suddenly finds that the ferret god has traces of war, that is, frowning and asking, "Who did you fight with just now?" I said you shouldn’t be here even if you fled behind Lin’s back for so long. "
"Is the fog endure ninja? You are not hurt, are you? "
"No cross-country is not a fog ninja but a few wandering ninjas."
Shaking his head, Skunk God smiled rarely in front of cross-country and said, "And thanks to those wandering ninjas who cross-country, I feel that the gap between you and me has narrowed a lot, not to mention challenging you in one year. I hope you can give me another chance to challenge you when it takes three years."
"I said that the challenge is not to learn unilaterally, but to come up with a strength war."
"Cross-country can you give me three years?"
"Okay, no problem!"
Smiling cross-country, I was very curious about what the ferret reaped and asked, "Can you tell me about your source of confidence?"
"It’s very simple!"