He wait for a while looked at her with a smile, and the corners of her lips made exciting ripples.

"Okay, I’ll be out soon."
"Hmm" [
The fox leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead.
Then the whole person became a fox and jumped lightly from the branches to the ground. Section 549: Inexplicably worried!
The fox leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead.
Then the whole person became a fox and jumped lightly from the branch to the ground.
By the bright moonlight, Jiang Xue Bud saw the fox move and jumped into the prison very quickly.
"Did something just run into the prison?"
"No, I saw a flash of red light …" [
"I also saw …"
I heard the tree guards talking about Jiang Xue Bud in succession, and I was a little nervous.
The fox told her before that he had been injured three times and the injury had not yet recovered.
If he changes back to his original body before saving people, he won’t consume more spiritual power, so there will be no danger in saving people.
Yeah, he just turned into a fox.
Although the fox repeatedly said that it was easy for him to save a few people.
But Jiang Xue Bud still can’t make him worry.
I don’t know if she has a bad feeling in her heart.
I always feel that letting the fox save people … may cause problems.
She thought that she must be too worried about the fox to have such an illusion.
At this time, she also realized one thing more deeply.
She cares about the fox more than she thought.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so nervous all the time, always worried that something would happen to the fox
The fox went in for a while, but still didn’t see him appear in front of him.
The place where she stayed was demarcated by the fox.
She can see everything outside clearly, but others can’t see her at all.
The fox said he would come out soon, but it’s been a long time, but nothing has happened.
Jiang Xue bud heart that uneasy even before.
By rights … The fox should have come out long ago [
But … But nothing has happened yet.
Is it true that something happened to the fox?
As if to prove what she thought >
Just thinking like this, I saw the red light actually flowing out of the prison. Section 55: Something really happened!
As if to confirm what she was thin.
Just think like this, I saw that the prison actually shed a red light.
And then I heard her whimper.
This is … this is a fox sound.
Jiang Xue Bud’s heart trembled violently, and his face turned white as soon as he swished [
She bit her lip and listened carefully.
Yes … absolutely …
She heard the fox sound.
She heard the fox’s voice whispering in her ear.
He said, stupid woman, I was caught by them. You should leave quickly with Fengyunlei and take Yu Pei to the fox world to find Mother Yue to save me.
When I heard this gently, the fox didn’t come out.
The red light of the prison, which is as gorgeous as hongxia, is still pouring out.
Jiang Xue Bud feels that there is an unfamiliar cold breath around him.
Before I turned my head to see who it was, I was stopped from jumping from the tree to the ground.
"The princess was ordered to take you back to the fox world. Please forgive me for offending her."
"Who are you?"
The man was dressed in white, and his appearance was clear and handsome, but his look was extremely indifferent.
"Genji is the personal bodyguard of the Temple, and Fengdian has just ordered Genji to take Princess back to the fox world."
Wind and cloud thunder …
She knows that there are four guards in body double in Silent Moon. They are Fengyunlei’s four guards.