By the time he heard the first sentence, his mouth was already wide open.

Wait until the second sentence, the whole person has jumped up.
Lu Zhanyin, a familiar roommate, seemed very relaxed when listening to his tone.
Lu Zhan told Wang Zhuo that it was also a surprise for Wang Zhuo. "Wang Zhuo packed his bags and asked our dormitory to come to Seoul for a two-day five-day trip. It’s my treat!"
"Travel? Good … "
Wang Zhuoyi hasn’t reacted yet.
The only long-distance trip in his life was riding a bike from home to the train and sitting all the way from the train to Jinling University.
After the college entrance examination, I negotiated with my classmates to travel together, but I ran aground because of insufficient money.
At that time, we came to discuss, "Then we will save enough 5,000 and each of us will buy a bicycle. You will ride to me from your place first, and then we will ride to Tibet to see yaks together!"
It turns out that even if you have the perseverance to ride to Tibet, you will still be unable to move without funds.
Although four animals in the dormitory got passports together in their freshman year, the fact proved their economic strength, and no one except Xu Jie had a chance to get this passport.
But now Lu Zhan invited him to go to Korea with two roommates!
This is shocking. It’s just shocking home
The news made the whole dormitory hear a high-pitched scream, which almost pierced the eardrums of several students who were taking a nap in Vitas, and at the same time made several pairs or students’ own headphones flow. If you go to the campus network in this way, the fragile network cable will be broken
What the hell is going on?
Has Lu Zhan become a rich man?
What’s Lu Zhan doing in Seoul with more than ten days left before the Paris Star Race? What the hell did he do?
After screaming, Wang Zhuo remembered these problems
However, before he finished asking Lu Zhan, he hung up. Before hanging up, Lu Zhan also confessed, "Also called Su Yueran, I need a Korean translator!"
One more person, one more!
This time, the scream was not height, but turning back for three and a half times, hugging your knees and screaming, screaming a total of 126 degrees!
By the way, the difficulty number is 3
In fact, it all started with the naming of the Paris Star Tournament a week ago.
At that time, Lu Zhan was still immersed in the joy of going to Paris to participate in the competition. After he was happy, he immediately took out his words to inform Xia Lingyao.
That was the first person he wanted to inform.
Xia Lingyao sounds pleasantly surprised, of course, but Lu Zhan feels that her voice is a little strange.
The nasal sound is too strong.
Caught a cold?
Lu Zhan frowns and feels that joy has been diluted.
Xia Lingyao’s going abroad alone makes him worry that if he really catches a cold …
Lu Zhan thoughtfully asked Xia Lingyao but was covered up by Xia Lingyao.
He suddenly felt worried.
"Khufu, can you help me ask the girl who went to Korea with Ling Yao?"
Lu Zhan immediately called khufu.
Khufu is really a know-it-all, and even such a word was immediately inquired.
Get the words Lu Zhan silent a dial in the past.