Flipping out, ll soon controlled himself to retreat. After the soil fertility was propped up, he went straight in the other direction with a huge sword. The target was directed at Hasa sitting on the horse, and at the same time, Su Xinghe suddenly turned and lifted the same huge sword, jumped up and split it towards the preparation of a meteor hammer to attack Hasa.

Hasa Cruz’s armistice horse sneered at the two third-order little guys to display their own attacks. In his opinion, these two reckless little guys had commendable courage, but their martial arts were flawed. He wanted a meteor hammer to sweep them all out, but when he wanted to do so, he narrowed his eyes and suddenly saw a black light stabbing his cheek.
"Bad" Hasa just threw his head back a waist and felt a terrible stabbing pain. A drop of red blood was slowly dripping out of his helmet jaw, and Hasa suddenly felt a sense of suffocation.
A crossbow went straight through the soft flesh of his jaw and through his nose. His tongue and nose were completely separated from his body or part of his nose at this moment, and his tongue remained in his mouth.
Bright red blood flowed into his mouth, which made his stomach taste the blood in his body. At this time, his eyes were also drained from the nasal break, and the blood was completely narrowed. The whole eye instantly turned into blood red, but it was not bloodshot and red, but blood red.
"Roar" lost his tongue. Hasa roared. First, his hip horse suddenly screamed, and he just wanted to stand up and lose his balance and fall to the horse. At this time, he suddenly remembered that there were two travelers who were planning to attack him. One was trying to assassinate his horse, and the other should want to cut him.
"I want to cut myself." Hassa suddenly never thought of one thing so clearly in his mind, and then through the blood-red line of sight, he saw a huge weapon slowly falling towards himself and chopping at him.
"Bang" with the impact of a distance and the subsequent armor fracture, Su Xinghe cut it horizontally to Hasa, but it was cut horizontally and turned into a rolling gourd. The rolling direction of Hasa was not the direction of those black knights, but the player’s position. By the time Hasa saw the surrounding situation in a daze, more than a dozen weapons had already fallen to him.
Cruze, a fierce wasteland robber who exploded the bear, was smashed by many players before he could perform his proud stunt and burst the cross meteor hammer. He was hung in the wilderness and was later missed by thieves. Of course, they missed this treasure that their ancestors did not know where to hide.
"It’s a pity that the real wave seventh-order knight has escaped the old crossbow. I didn’t expect to be hammered to death." Cloud is holding his crossbow machine and sighing. At the moment, he is trying to pull his own crossbow string. Of course, he is hiding behind several veterans. Dozens of horse thieves who want to kill him are waiting for him to lean out of his head.
"Wait for the old string to see if you rabbits can hide or not" was forced by a dozen quarrels to flee behind several veterans to seek shelter. Yun resented that, of course, when he said this, he shrank his head to the ground.
Except for Yun, all players shrank their heads at this time, quietly watching to restore some magic. The Arcane division once again cast arcane thunderstorms to wreak havoc among the black horse thieves. Compared with the first thunderstorm, this time it was shorter and less powerful. Almost less than two horse thieves were hit by thunderstorms, and the rest were quarrelling and hard to resist lightning strikes, and the veterans continued to fight.
The horse thief paralyzed by thunderstorm was naturally killed by the players and veterans at the first time. It was after this thunderstorm dissipated that the magic of the arcane division had been attacked again in a short time, and there were five or six hundred black horse thieves outside the camp, not including more than 200 horse thieves who rushed into the camp and got into a ball with veteran players
Because the camp wall is a tall earth wall condensed by earth element magic, it can stop the impact of those horse thieves. However, with the increasingly fierce attack of horse thieves outside, there is a slight crack in the wall, and several earth element mage players are trying to repair the cracked wall.
Looking at the cracks in the fence, Xu Fei couldn’t help but worry that he was not an earth element mage and couldn’t help him. When Xu Fei turned around, he saw that the arcanist named Otto was whispering with his head down, saying that from the light of his palm, he should be chatting through the messenger.
"This guy is really used to it." Xu Fei whispered a word and then sat on the ground trying to restore his magic. He needed to accumulate some magic to ensure that he could cast a chain arcane flash. Although he didn’t know how much damage this flash spell could do to the sixth-order black armor thief, Xu Fei still wanted to try it. After all, it was the only magic he needed to master the fourth-order high-level spell, which was almost more than half of his own magic, not including the part of building the magic circle materials.
"We gave me your tooth beast head. It’s nothing now. Just give it to me." Xu Fei slowly got up and said to Wang Xuewen, who was also sitting on the ground to restore his magic.
"Oh, what do you have?" Wang Xuewen found it very strange that after mastering the secret method of flash ball, he gradually got rid of his dependence on the head of the flash tooth beast, but the first magic prop of his own was still very memorable to him.
"Sacrifice" Xu Fei grabbed it from Wang Xuewen’s backpack and took out the head of the beast with golden flash magic lines. When Wang Xuewen was still in a daze, he went to himself and outlined the circle. In just one minute, Xu Fei stuffed all the flash magic crystals that could be found in his backpack into the ground. The circle with a diameter of 2 meters.
Then when Wang Xuewen came to her senses and shouted "Don’t", the tooth beast’s head held in Xu Fei’s hand was instantly activated. Just for a moment, a huge golden flash emerged from the tooth beast’s head, and under the guidance of Xu Fei’s fingers, one golden flash magic pattern after another was constantly outlined in the air.
After each magic grain is outlined, a flash magic crystal will burst into pieces in an instant to form a golden flash, and the whole circle will wander around in the circle. This kind of power is constantly inspired by a huge flow, which makes people who try to get close to it involuntarily flash.
When Xu Fei’s finger drew the fifth magic pattern, the remaining magic crystal exploded in a flash. At this moment, Xu Feibai’s time has come. His magic can complete five magic patterns, and it is not that he can master them. Therefore, he slowly raised his hands to gather the surrounding flash and arcane elements.
A huge thunder kept moving in front of his fingers and wantonly distributed their energy, making Xu Fei a hedgehog’s head in an instant.
"Arcane Thunder" as Xu Fei’s words fell into a huge flash shot out of his palm. At that moment, he saw a flash in the corner of his eye, which showed "understanding the fifth-order sacrifice spell Arcane Thunder Flash"
Chapter 191 The staff of the earth-bloody road is finished-)
Chapter 191 The staff of the earth-bloody road is finished-)
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When Xu Fei tried hard to control the casting flash spell, he suddenly found that his ability was not enough to control this high-level spell, which was more than two orders and five orders. Even though the spell data had appeared in his memory, trying to control the flying color flash still made Xu Fei unable to do so.
Therefore, the flash quickly fled to the black knight camp after it was out of the control of Xu Fei’s palm. The only thing Xu Fei could do was not to let it fall into his own camp, and then he could watch the spell built by his own magic break away from his own control and complete all his own morphological changes.
Everyone saw a flash of light, followed by a loud noise on the head of a black horse thief. In Xu Fei’s field of vision, a bucket of rough flash directly hit the horse thief or a big flash jumped into the horse thief’s body.
But after flashing into the body of the horse thief, everything was calm. There was no constant movement on the surface of the horse thief’s body, and the horse thief did not fall directly, but was calm and strange there.
"Name is flash blasting should be explosive? But why didn’t it explode? " Xu Fei looked at the horse thief who was shot quietly, and he was a little dull. He neither received the experience information obtained by the general instructions nor saw the blood loss of the horse thief’s head.
At this time, ll and Su Xinghe are approaching the horse thief carefully. They are all paralyzed. They are going to kill him directly before he relieves paralysis. Seeing that the two of them are moving, Xu Fei shouted in a hurry in the team channel.
"Be careful that this spell will explode."
"Nani?" "Walter?" Ll and Su Xinghe flashed these two interrogative words in their minds, and then they saw that a mass of white light was suddenly emitted from the body of a horse thief who was about to be hacked by their weapons. They associated Xu Fei’s words with two words and immediately went backwards quickly, and also avoided several black armor horse thief weapons.
"It turned out to be a flash before it exploded." Looking at the sudden white light, it was already a huge flash ball that plowed around several meters. Xu Fei’s eyes came up with a group of clothes. Of course, compared with Xu Fei’s flashing eyes, ll and Su Xinghe were extremely miserable at this time. Although they retired fast enough, they still couldn’t be blown out in one or two small blitzes.
"These two are really strong." Chen Kai went back to an place with trembling legs. Although he was wearing armor with anti-magic ability, after all, the armor was made of metal. As a result, he was shivering like those thieves who were caught by lightning waves. This is still the situation that he was retreating rather than advancing when the flash broke out.
Two black knight who just stepped on that horse thief are twitch like their companions at the moment. Although the flash force didn’t kill them directly, the black horse thief with a radius of several meters around felt the feeling of being hit by a thunderstorm.
In addition to not taking their lives, the wanton flow almost achieved the same effect as a thunderstorm, that is, the extreme paralysis force was so numb that the horse thief who was directly hit by the main flash ball fell to the ground and was struck by the auxiliary flash ball did not even have the ability to hold weapons.
Only when you are a little farther away or blink a little farther like Chen Kai and others can you hold a weapon and flash quickly, leaving a huge radius of several meters for those who continue to wreak havoc. Almost no one plans to step into the flash area that is still exploding until the flash in that area slowly disappears.
"Kill!" In the instant when the flash disappeared, Chen Kai and Su Xinghe rushed over with a dozen players and swordsmen. They wanted to kill the black horse thieves in that area before their bodies regained consciousness. Of course, on the other side of the area that was cleared by the flash, the black horse thieves also rushed over, but Chen Kai and those horses were.
"Bow your head and throw a rope in the cold mountain" came to an unusually strong voice behind Chen Kai, and then Chen Kai was very wise to lower his head and gently whimper over his head. Then when he looked up again, he saw a horse thief with stone ropes tied at both ends wrapped around the opposite side, and his legs directly tripped the horse thief riding on the horse.
When the horse thief tripped and flew out, Chen Kai and the player behind him jumped up at the same time, but Chen Kai’s goal was the one beside the flying horse thief, while the player’s goal was the flying horse thief. Chen Kai successfully cut the horse thief who was thrown out by his companion and stopped him, but he cut it because someone raised a spear and the player cut it into a whole body.
Different from the situation that Chen Kai’s weapon was blocked, the player’s weapon almost stopped passing through the body of the black horse thief, accompanied by the cracking sound of bones and meat coming from behind Chen Kai. Chen Kai saw a huge axe chopping the whole black horse thief, and at the same time, a piece of scattered intestine was flying to his helmet, dripping with blood and intestinal juice.
"By this boss, it is estimated that he won’t touch the baked sausage for several days." Cloud saw this scene through the eagle-eye observation mirror and almost didn’t let his stomach flush with water. But although his stomach was flooded with acid water, Yun still bite his teeth and held the crossbow machine to shoot. In fact, he actually liked the battle. The brains and intestines that suddenly popped up were hanging on the ll helmet. That was a bit special.
Because he saw a creeping worm through the crossbow sight, he especially wanted an intestinal parasite that was said to have disappeared in reality. He tried to focus his attention on the entrance of the camp, where he could easily find a target because there were too many black-toed horse thieves outside.
When looking for the target in the cloud, I suddenly found a dark black spot moving rapidly behind the horse thief, which was very strange. The cloud immediately let go, and the crossbow machine picked up the telescope and looked at it in the distance. At a distance of two kilometers from the camp, hundreds of players and hundreds of soldiers moved slowly on the ground. Not far from them, several teams of horse thieves were cruising, and the bodies of cavalry were lying on the ground. blade master had been seen by a cloud and dragged into the haystack.
In the dark night protection, if it weren’t for the light reflected by the moonlight and captured by the observation lens of the cloud crossbow machine, it is estimated that no one would find that there are so many soldiers and players hidden not far from the camp, and it will take them a few minutes to touch behind the horse thieves outside the camp and give them a sudden attack.
It was when Yun was delighted that the telescope was ready to tell ll and other times that he suddenly heard a loud noise and looked up. It turned out that the protective wall outside the camp was hit by those black armor thieves and a huge hole appeared in the riddled wall.
"Oh, no!" At that moment, everyone in the camp was in a state of mind, and then with many exclamations, the wall collapsed one after another. At that moment, the first thing was that the magic was completely exhausted, and several earth element spellcasters were followed by players and soldiers who were responsible for protecting those earth elements.
Yun also aimed the crossbow machine at the broken wall at the first time and pressed a disassembled three-piece crossbow box to the crossbow machine in a blink of an eye. Although this will make the damage speed of the crossbow machine less stable in the future become faster, there is no way out.
Almost in Yun ‘an, the crossbow box was installed, and the number of black knights and horse thieves poured in from the gap, which completely exceeded the number of veterans in the camp. The whole line of defense was also in jeopardy. At this time, a dozen old soldiers faced three times as many as four times as many horse thieves, even if the Lord of Aifeila specially selected armor, there was no guarantee that these veterans would not be harmed.
At this time, the cloud didn’t aim at the crossbow at all, and shot out the three crossbows continuously. Although the strength of the crossbow will gradually decrease, being hit by this crossbow with a torque of more than 3 kilograms, even if it is finally shot out of the three crossbows, it will make those black armor thieves feel abnormal pain and sharp arrows can easily penetrate the armor skin, even if those black armor thieves make a grudge defense.