"Boss! Are you sure there is no secret mining trick! " Whoever digs the ore belongs to the principle of distribution according to work. Even if there are some things to be paid to the team, the big head still belongs to the individual. The ore dug by Chen Kai is almost equal to half the harvest of others during this period. Of course, Chen Kai’s backpack must be able to hold this ore in order to be regarded as a harvest. There is no doubt that Chen Kai’s backpack is absolutely enough because many things in his backpack have been cleared into rings and bags. The most important thing is that Chen Kai puts most of the food and water into his pets, so that he can make room to hold more ore.

"Of course not! This is a person! !” Chen Kai looked at the ground ore and smiled very heartily-he didn’t have any secret mining tips, nor did he actually dig this high-grade ore, either by brute force or by expanding with heat and contracting with cold as Chen Kai said. Of course, the last one was to benefit from high-quality mining picks. Chen Kai didn’t have high-quality mining picks in his hand, but there were many mining picks made of fine steel, but almost all of them were scrapped now.
"Cut!" Everyone raised their middle fingers at Chen Kai’s words and then continued their own mining trip. When Chen Kai packed the last piece of ore and stuffed it into a backpack, Donnie stayed in the pet for a long time and appeared in the public eye again.
"Kid! I will trouble you again this time! " Ll give Donnie a tied rope, let him nod to Ll with the rope in his mouth, and then quickly rush out of the mine and jump into the abyss. Of course, when he fell, he spread his wings and flapped quickly. Only a few seconds later, his huge body appeared in front of Ll and them, and slowly flew over to a place not far away with a dim light.
"Which one of you goes first!" Llewellyn looked at Yuan and Hulans. Because Donnie was pulling the rope on the opposite side, the person who climbed over should not be too heavy. There is no doubt that Llewellyn is absolutely hopeless, while Su Xinghe and Yu are both burly and equally hopeless. Finally, Hulans and Yuan became the only two candidates to climb the rope.
The first volume Chapter 74 The Adventures of Five Men (9)
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"scissors! Stone! Cloth! " When Chen Kai and the others were about to doze off, Yuan and Hulans finally ended the depressing guessing game. Unfortunately, Hulans lost ten times in a row in the 15 th game and had to step on a rope that looked very dangerous.
Of course, he tied a rope around his waist and tied a slipknot to hang it on the rope, so that even if he slipped from the rope by mistake, he wouldn’t fall into the abyss directly, but was hung on the rope with the rope, which was definitely a guarantee for Hulans. Of course, only if he could climb to the opposite side before Downey fell asleep.
"I went!" Hulan is like a martyr who is about to die generously. Of course, if he doesn’t climb the rope, Chen Kai will forcibly push him out. After all, he has too many waves.
"Hurry up and climb! Or I’ll deduct your bonus! !” Chen Kai roared angrily at the edge of the cliff and handed it a long distance along the abyss, which frightened some animals in the abyss, but Hulans was the most frightened. His climbing speed almost doubled in an instant.
It took Hulans almost a few minutes to climb quickly, and he climbed the 100-meter rope. When he stepped on his eyelids and fought, Fei Long’s head climbed to the mouth of the mine, and his legs were still shaking.
Hulans took the rope from Donnie’s mouth and tied it to him quickly. He nailed the spikes to ensure the firmness. He nailed five spikes before winding and tying the rope. Then naturally, everyone climbed along the rope. When Chen Kai staggered and climbed to the target last time, his own legs were shaking like others. The feeling of the cold wind blowing made everyone tremble.
"Let’s go!" After taking back the little guy’s pet, Chen Kai inspected a mine tunnel and found that there was no magic-averse metal here. Of course, maybe this mine tunnel once had such a metal vein, but it was mined out, but it didn’t make sense to Chen Kai and them. What they want most now is to leave this world early, because they may be in danger of cutting off their meals when it takes a few days.
"This kerosene lamp can be! But then again, how can there be so many miners’ bodies here? " In fact, I have already seen the remains of underground miners. These various forms of bones lying on the ground exude a faint smell. Of course, these smells are far better than those of others, but the dense bodies always give people a feeling of discomfort.
"Everybody be careful! I feel that these bones are full of death! " Ll binocular surgery constantly flashing light to those bones in his field of vision with strong death force may be resurrected from the ground at any time.
"These guys seem to have been killed!" Su Xinghe examined the bones of a corpse and suddenly found some special marks, which were cut by a sword. Unlike Chen Kai, they saw those bones in a magic-averse metal mine. Those bodies had no wounds, and these bones were not only covered with wounds, but also some bones were broken.
"This is not good news!" Ll hear these steps because of being killed human resentment will be very heavy, especially in this mine environment, it is easier to form the undead. Fortunately, this time on the ground belongs to the daytime, although it may not necessarily affect the situation, but it is more accustomed to the activities at night. The undead obviously will not be resurrected now, but this is not completely certain because the bones slowly tremble during Ll’s movement.
"click! Hey! " In the dim light of the oil lamp, ll they saw that the remains were slowly shaking, especially those whose heads were prostrate on the ground, and the skulls were slowly turning over at the moment when their heads turned completely to ll, and the green flames burned almost at the same time.
Hundreds of dead skeletons climb from the ground at a speed visible to the naked eye. When they stand up, layers of gray dust keep falling from their bodies as their bodies shake. These skeletons emit green light, making the whole mine look particularly permeable as if it were a ghost.
"It’s all low-level skeletons! Don’t worry! " Llewellyn smiled at the faces of those skeletons with mining picks around them. These low-level skeletons are just fighting power for them. Even if Llewellyn doesn’t wear armor, they don’t want to hurt him. Because the level gap between the two sides is too big, these skeletons are dead, that is, third-order to fourth-order samples, and maybe many of them have about two orders. But Llewellyn found himself misjudged because these skeletons look like they will fall apart at any time, but their attacks are extremely horrible.
"Be careful! These guys attack additional curses! ! !” When Su Xinghe’s giant sword collided with a mining pick with green light, a miserable green curse force attached to him along the weapon. At that moment, he felt that his strength dropped by five percent. Although his giant sword was directly ground in a moment, the curse force was not eliminated.
"Don’t collide with their weapons! Damn it! How can the divine attribute power break this curse! " Hulans ground a skeleton with a big sword in his hand, but his body was wrapped in a miserable green light, but compared with Su Xinghe’s weakened strength of 5%, he was reduced by speed.
In less than a few minutes, except for Chen Kai, several other people were successively cursed by the undead, such as reducing strength, speed and physical strength. The most frightening thing is that these curses also have the characteristics of superposition. After being given strength twice in a row to reduce the curse, Su Xinghe’s strength decreased by 10%, but now Su Xinghe’s strength has decreased by 11%, and the speed of physical movement and other conditions have decreased by a little.
"Boss! What, you don’t eat curses! " The original panting said that he was the most unlucky to be hit by a physical curse for four times in a row, and his physical value was instantly reduced by nearly one-fifth. This feeling of rapid physical decline made him extremely uncomfortable, and waving weapons became dull, which was even more tragic. He was a defensive twilight knight, which led to him being hit more with a shield. Every time he was hit, it was a curse. The green curse was so bright that he looked like a green light bulb.
"Because my grudge attribute is evil!" Chen Kai answered these curse forces very directly. For Chen Kai, that is, the evil forces are naturally restrained by quarrelling in his body. Of course, these undead are mainly of low rank. If the other party’s rank is similar to Chen Kai’s, then he may not be affected by the curse, but Chen Kai himself is not affected by the curse, but he cannot let others enjoy this treatment.
Besides the curse, there is also the way these skeleton miners appear. If this is the case, they will save effort. Except for a few minutes, these skeleton miners will appear for a while. At other times, they all choose to hide in the shadows for sneak attack. This is the worst situation. Although the kerosene lamps in their hands are not bad, they can’t take care of all the places in their backpacks. The torches have already been consumed in the process of mining stones, and there are not even a few pieces of spar left.
"This is not the way! You rest here first-I’ll explore the road myself first! " Chen Kai saw a curse light shrouded in miserable green, and everyone motioned them to rest in place while he went to the depths of the mine to explore the road alone.
"good! Be careful! " Su Xinghe looked at himself and sighed. If someone had told him that he was embarrassed by a few low-level skeletons, Su Xinghe would have laughed at each other, but now Su Xinghe had to admit that he was really embarrassed by a group of low-level skeletons.
"Rest assured! I’m much more secure here than you are! Pay attention to yourself! " Ll waved at the crowd and then directly chose a direction and went in with a kerosene lamp. The dark passage soon swallowed Ll’s body and watched Ll disappear. Su Xinghe, they chose to defend with his back against the rock wall of the mine.
After rushing into the dark mine, Chen Kai soon met the enemy. More than a dozen skeleton miners waving picks appeared directly in front of him. This time, they did not choose to sneak attack, but directly chose to rush out of the darkness and attack Chen Kai alone. Of course, one of these miners’ bases was directly ground by Chen Kai’s giant sword.
For others, it’s a great headache. The curse power has had a great influence on Chen Kai, but these miners who were killed didn’t drop anything. These miners were attacked by Chen Kai’s sacred power and immediately smashed into something close to ashes. It can be said that the dust really returns to the dust.
"This mine is really big and there are many workers and miners here. What caused these workers to die here! Is it just because of a mine accident? " Chen Kai looked at the skeleton miners across the street and raised their weapons again. This was the seventh wave of enemies he faced, but each wave of skeleton miners looked as if they had been injured before their death. However, after looking at the surrounding environment, Chen Kai directly denied the word mine disaster, because if it was a mine disaster, Chen Kai could not walk in this mine tunnel so easily.
"Is it a premeditated massacre!" When Chen Kai thought of this word in his mind, he seemed to think of several scenes in which miners were killed in pain. They rushed to escape, but they were chased by people, which led to their backs being chopped by weapons and even their necks being cut off.
"If it is a premeditated massacre, then those butchers will never let people find out all this, and the exit of this mine will definitely be closed!" Chen Kaixin hung up at the thought of this, because if this conjecture is correct, the place near the exit will be closed.
"I hope I guess wrong!" Chen Kai couldn’t help but speed up his pace when he thought of this, but for a moment he had to stop, because the blessing in his eyes kept stinging his eyes, which means that there were extremely evil creatures not far ahead of him.
"damn it! Those guys actually summoned evil creatures here! Is this going to make these miners never live? " Chen Kaixin became manic because he felt that these evil creatures would never be natural, because he felt a strong death force from the underworld. If he hadn’t seen the undead body summoned by the underworld carrying the death force with his own eyes, Chen Kai would never be able to tell the difference between this group and the source of the power in the body.
"Don’t be a Cerberus! Mom! Definitely not that kind of thing. There’s no food here. Cerberus can’t live here! So what will happen? " After sending a message to Su Xinghe and them, Chen Kai concentrated his attention and recovered not far away. The breath of the dying creature is getting stronger and stronger. Chen Kai can feel his hair stand up out of control. This situation is not good news for him, because it means that his body is full of quarrelling and he feels that the other person is giving off a strong dead breath, which means that the other person’s level is definitely higher than his.
"pa! !” When the first step appeared in Chen Kai’s ear, he first saw the ground airflow ripple and spread around. The ground dust was blown up by the airflow in an instant, bypassing Chen Kai’s legs and spreading around.
"Bones beast? ! No way! How is this thing! " Ll look at the bones that appear in front of me, and my mind suddenly reminds me of killing the zombie beast of Locke Lifu’s bones at a low level, but this monster is much more advanced than killing the skeleton beast at that time. The silvery white bones alone are much more dazzling than the original skeleton beast.
"No! This cargo is definitely not a skeleton beast! " Chen Kai looked at each other and directly dispelled the image of a skeleton beast on all fours in his mind, because although it has the head of a huge unknown beast, its body walks upright. Chen Kai held the wall with one paw to increase the appearance effect, but now it seems that the other party needs two legs to support his body.
"damn it! What kind of undead is this! Or a monster unique to the underworld! " Ll look at each other very afraid of each other’s silver skeleton, which means that each other is definitely an elite template creature. Maybe it is a monster at the head level. If the other party is a biped dinosaur like Raptors that forms a dead creature, then at most it is in line with the bust. It is definitely not like this monster’s bust, especially the head looks like a saber-toothed tiger’s head. Its fangs are very similar to those of a saber-toothed tiger.
Chen Kai is a little nervous with a big sword in his hands because his database doesn’t have this undead biological data. Of course, this doesn’t make him thirsty. He is nervous because he is not wearing armor now and will be hit by this monster with sharp bone claws. Then he will definitely be heartbroken.
"click! Hey! " A crisp bone impact sounded in ll’s ear, and then he felt the extremely strong death force gathering around and gathering. The center of death force was the darkness in this monster’s mouth, and the death force kept gathering in its mouth to form a dark ball.
"No! One game is so high energy! Are you there! " Ll’s eyes are flashing with golden magic light, and then a star spear is rapidly formed in his palm with one hand toward the top of his head at every moment. When it is formed, it is thrown out at the other side. At the same time, Ll’s body quickly retreats to avoid the attack from the other side. After all, his magic skill is only superficial and powerful, and it is complete.