I succeeded. I finally reached the peak of the ghost god. The middle-aged man with white eyebrows kept his eyes open.

This middle-aged bridled man is the master of Yao Jia’s family, Xia Jie. It took him hundreds of years to finally reach the peak from the ghost peak.
The ghost god’s peak is full of stars, and he is also strong at the peak. Once, he was proud of Fenyang City, but now he can be enemies.
It seems that I’m going to take a walk in Yufan City, a nearby Liaohua City. Xia Jie’s mouth is smiling, and her strength has reached the peak of the ghost god. That’s the absolute master. How can such strength occupy just Fenyang City? At this time, Xia Jie doesn’t want to destroy the family and completely rule Fenyang City. She wants to rule the city next door.
The more places I occupy, the higher my position in Xuanzongzong is. Xuanzongzong comes true. That’s a lot of benefits. Xia Jie smiled and flew directly in the direction of Yao’s family
Long Texas Airlines I have successfully advanced to the peak of the ghost god. When I first arrived at Yaojia Xiajie, the letter-filled voice rang, but now he didn’t imagine that the two best brothers would fly to congratulate me.
The eldest brother, the second brother, the third brother, the fifth brother and the sixth brother were all killed, and the first voice of Zhong Kang was hoarse.
Xia Jie face a change.
He has just reached the peak of the ghost god, and he is in a good mood. Who would have thought that he would get such an angry news in an instant?
Who is it? Xia Jie growled
Zhong Kang immediately killed that bastard who was good.
Good he tired of living Xia Jie body suddenly burst into the sky to kill.
Brother Liang is nothing, but killing the second brother and three old six is a man named Yuan Ye, who has just come to Fenyang City for a year but is at home, or he will not dare to kill his fifth brother if he is given a hundred courage.
Yuan Yexia Jie repeated low.
At this time, the seven householders also came to the boring road the following year. Brother Yuan Ye was very powerful and terrible. When he was fighting, he once attacked his head with a magic weapon, but his roots didn’t even break a layer of skin. When he attacked him, Second Brother was attacked by him and died in his hand.
The second force hit his head without even breaking the skin. Xia Jie’s face was instantly cold. The second force’s strength, Xia Jie, was too clear. He was close to the peak of the ghost god. The practice was to storm and cooperate with a fairy handle. This force hit his head less and definitely broke his head, but the other party didn’t even break the skin. Isn’t that terrible?
Brother, we want you to go to Xuanzong, the second brother, and they will take revenge. Otherwise, Yuan Ye will support us, and the Yao family will even be suppressed. After the next year, they can’t help but go high.
I don’t know why that man’s defense is so strong, but his strength won’t be too high because he is a quasi-respecting old man. He can kill me instantly without even hitting him in the head, even if I have to be careful that my penis can’t touch me. Xia Jie said that he is very confident that his defense is not too terrible. I’m not sure that I can take him to Xuanzongzong alone to see how many lives he has to kill some of my friends.
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Three days later, it was cold water at night.
Travel-stained non-stop to get here all the way. Xia Jie is in the main hall of Yao’s home. Xia Jie’s personal heart is settled. The noise in the past has disappeared and the edge is silent.
Old two, old three, old five, old six, you four have followed me for so many years, I won’t let you die in vain, and I will repay you. Looking at the night, Xia Jie’s heart is full of murder, and five people are still around Xia Jie. These five people are all wearing black cloaks, giving people a mysterious and gloomy feeling.
Soon Yao’s seven householders left four householders, and then came to the hall with a heavy brother the following year.
Zhong Kang and others first noticed the familiar householder Xia Jie, and then saw the four people around him. Zhong Kang could not see through the four people and one person’s capability.
There are at least four ghost gods, and they are not low-ranking ghosts.
Old four and old seven, these are some friends of mine who lived in Xuanji. You all know these characters, but they don’t know you. Let me introduce you to you. It will be good for you in the future. Poor Xia Jie said, looking at the tall and powerful man among the five people, this is my adult Bei Xiaosheng.
Meet Lord Bei xiaosheng
After the next year, Zhong Kang immediately said respectfully, while other Yao brothers all bowed down and bowed. Who hasn’t heard of this name? It’s a master of quasi-honour level. It’s nothing. The patriarch of Xuanji clan is a quasi-honour star with two attributes and only nine attributes, which means that Bei Xiaosheng is in a quasi-honour star, and that strength is in the top twelve.
This is my brother Wen Qiang, who has been a ghost god for thousands of years. His strength is even second to that of Bei Xiaosheng. Xia Jie pointed to a white young man and said.
Paraconic immediately after the next heart quiver.
Ghost peak
Although you are not allowed to respect it, it is definitely a great person, and it reached the peak of the ghost god as early as thousands of years ago
Visit Wen Qiang’s adult, Zhong Kang, and they salute again the following year. That Wen Qiang nodded faintly. This time, he still gave him Xia Jie’s face to come over. Otherwise, how could he have died in a Yao family and several people came all the way here
This is Hou Yuanyang, brother Hou Yuanyang and my good friend, Xia Jie, the top master of the ghost god, who continued to introduce.
Another peak of the ghost god
After the first year of Zhong Kang’s reign, they saluted respectfully and met Mr. Hou Yuanyang.
Xia Jie continued, this is Qian Yuan Kui, Qian Xiong. Xuanji Zong, who I joined together in those years, is a ghost.
The ghost peak is also high for them.
After the next year, the two of them respectfully saluted.
Xia Jie is very popular in the Xuanji Sect. Xuanji Sect is a clan, but there are still some differences between the six sects with big flames. Because there are too many sects with big flames and too many sects competing with each other, Xuanji Sect is in Shenjianxing. No one can shake its position. Xuanji Sect doesn’t need to establish too many branches or a trick. They want masters and then send them to major cities to rule these cities.