Unexpectedly, Zhang Sheng shook his head and said, I’m really sorry that I left here. I came to Diablo Island to do something.

Don’t be too ignorant. I think I’ll let you go before you know Huang E. If you don’t leave Dark Island, I’ll kill you. Huang Zhini’s murderous look is fierce. Drink a way
Zhang Sheng didn’t know that the woman in front of him was terrible. Although this woman’s body fluctuated in energy, just now her body was slightly exposed to murderous look, so Zhang Sheng could know that Huang Zhini’s repair was terrible and amazing. I’m afraid she was no longer there. Such a terrorist started work. Zhang Sheng really didn’t win.
Zhang sheng ha ha smiled and said, don’t be angry. It’s the younger generation who has some questions to say. I wonder if the older generation can tell me.
Huang Zhini stared at Zhang Sheng impatiently and said, Tell me about it.
Zhang Sheng laughed. Don’t you think it’s oppressive that our predecessors have been guarding here for so many years?
Huang Zhini’s stupefied Zhang Sheng is really right. This ten thousand years can be said to be very long. Although she can practice at ordinary times, she has been stupefied for almost a third of ten thousand years. Huang Zhini deeply knows what it is like to be lonely. When Zhang Sheng finished speaking, Huang Zhini’s eyes showed a deep loneliness, but then she was covered up.
Don’t ask me again about this conversation. If you don’t leave Diablo, don’t blame me for the pain killer. Huang Zhini looks back, but although she is murderous, her tone is firm and not arrogant.
Zhang Shengxin’s way of avoiding this World War I is that if we can know something from her mouth, this World War I will be worth it. It’s a good thing for Zhang Sheng to laugh at his predecessors. Just now, I controlled my senior servants in hermetic technology, but we were cheated. These people were not hypnotized by me. My little spell is really vulnerable in front of my predecessors.
Huang Zhini has been lonely in this dark island for ten thousand years, and it is rare for people to talk, but she is also pleasant in her heart. She can’t help but smile. Then Zhang Sheng said that in fact, my servants are not lying. I am really guarding something. I think this thing is what you are looking for, too.
Zhang Sheng’s secret passage tells a certain part of the body of God Chiyou that it is difficult to see it in a fierce battle here.
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Phoenix Dance for nine days
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Phoenix Dance for nine days
The ground square is still full of fragrant flowers and plants scattered on the ground, and Zhang Sheng Huang Zhini’s heart is full of thoughts. Although they smile and talk, they are not face-to-face.
Huang Zhini still smiled when she saw Zhang Sheng’s face expression. Can you hide your little baby’s mind from me? I think your little baby is not bad. Let’s go quickly. Don’t make me change my mind and kill you. It’s really not a happy thing to kill such a funny little baby.
Zhang Sheng smiled indifferently and decided that Huang Zhini would tear up the face of the elder. I must get that thing if you guard it. If it is because of this, the elder enemy is really helpless. I hope the elder will forgive me.
Huang Zhini’s smile disappeared instantly, and a murderous look flooded from her body. You little baby, since you won’t listen to the advice, don’t blame me for being difficult, but do you need me to kill you? It’s a joke.
Huang Zhini suddenly disappeared from here, and Zhang Sheng took the whole Excalibur in a tight heart. At this moment, the square was full of monsters howling, and the walls around the square trembled and vibrated one after another, and one after another came from behind the wall.
This monster of Warcraft is different, but the monster can have great power, but it can’t be made into a human body, but some of them are worse than the demon family. Many of them turn pale when the green cow sees the end of Warcraft.
Zhang Shengxiao, these Warcraft are all high-order Warcraft. We didn’t expect her to keep so many ancient Warcraft in captivity. We really hit the iron plate, said the green cow, holding a diamond bracelet to meet them.
Zhang Sheng’s sword will cut a head of Warcraft that looks like a bite into blue blood at both ends, and when it falls, it will be a stretch of bones and muscles.
Green cow snorted and said, it’s easy for you to say. Don’t you see that Warcraft is getting worse and worse these days, and the level is getting higher and higher. I have to deal with it now.
Qing Niu said it was true that there were a lot of swarms of Warcraft in the past, but they were all low-level Warcraft. They picked them up casually, but after about half an hour, when Zhang Shengqing Niu killed about a thousand Warcraft, it was some powerful Warcraft who came in from the outside of the wall.
The square is full of corpses, and the thick smell of blood makes you vomit. After a piercing roar, two tall Warcraft came in from the outside.
Zhang Shengqing’s heart suddenly tightened. These two heads of Warcraft are not the same as the previous losers. These two heads of Warcraft are quite powerful.
Zhang Sheng has already pounced on the head of Warcraft on the right and laughed at one person to solve one.
Green cow laughs. No problem.
Zhang Sheng looked at this huge monster with a height of about ten feet in front of him. Hehe laughed. Although you are the overlord, you met me. Today is your death.
Although this Warcraft can’t be humanized, it also has a general IQ. When I heard Zhang Sheng’s words, I couldn’t help but yell at Zhang Sheng with great anger. At the same time, I spit hundreds of ice swords in my mouth, and the ice swords were cold and biting, making the nearby ice fiefs instantly frozen.
Zhang Shengxin’s way, this fellow is also doing something manually but not slowly, so as to provoke and cut it in this belly of Warcraft, but he never thought that this sword with extremely hard skin of Warcraft could not be killed.
Zhang Sheng’s sword failed to slay this Warcraft, but it also made it feel painful. Warcraft was furious and its thick claws slammed into Zhang Sheng. Zhang Sheng didn’t underestimate this head of Warcraft before eating such a loss. The moving end of Warcraft was incredibly fast, which surprised Zhang Sheng. It was just a brake. Zhang Sheng was swept by this claw of Warcraft, and Zhang Sheng flew back several feet and fell to the ground to hit a pit about several feet deep.
Zhang Sheng casually flew from this pit with an irate look on his face.
It’s bad luck that I was hurt by this beast of yours. Zhang Sheng gradually became angry with the black light, and his mouth swore bitterly, but after the successful blow of Warcraft, he didn’t stop roaring. After that, he vomited a piece of glacier and instantly turned dozens of feet nearby into snow, and even Zhang Sheng was frozen.
Roar, shout, shout, shout. The crimson angle of Warcraft head suddenly lights up with purple light, which is very strange. Then several purple days of thunder will be violently split in Zhang Sheng’s head.
This Warcraft step back has decided that Zhang Sheng was killed in my heart. I want to leave here, but suddenly I find that there is a heavy murderous look coming from behind me. Then I hear a burst of sounding. You beast just had a good time with those moves.
Zhang Sheng shook his face with ice, but with a strange smile, he was attacked by a beast continuously. It’s really nothing for decades.
Warcraft’s intelligence is not low. It clearly realizes that this man is powerful in front of him, and it seems that it can’t cope with consciousness. It decides to run away, but it feels a pain in its heart, and a red blood spurts from its chest, and then its consciousness becomes chaotic and it doesn’t know anything.
When Zhang Sheng killed the head of Warcraft, the green cow also solved the battle there.
The green ox against Warcraft is also a very fierce and ferocious ancient Warcraft, and the green ox has made the magic stone power come into full play, but the physical strength. This head of Warcraft has shown hand-to-hand combat. Finally, the power of Warcraft is slightly inferior, and the green ox is caught in the middle and torn abruptly.
I didn’t expect you two to be so powerful. After a smile, a dazzling white light lit up in front of Zhang Sheng, and Huang Zhini appeared gracefully in front of them again.
Hehe, I’m really sorry for killing the predecessors and keeping these Warcraft in captivity, Zhang Sheng said insincerely
Huang Zhini frowned and inadvertently showed a trace of regret. Soon, she returned to normal and laughed. Some animals just died and died. With a wave of her hand, these bodies of Warcraft disappeared, even the bloody smell that filled the square first disappeared.