Remodeling the polymerization fairy domain is also to support the extension of this world, and the world has completely entered a glorious period.

"Uh-huh. Congratulations to the two Taoist friends for their achievements in the immortal Ken Wang."
The imperial court also had a laugh. Ken Wang, who had achieved immortality 300 thousand years ago, came out and smiled and led two people to let them not help but have a meal
How to be faster than yourself?
Moment Ye Fan female emperor looked at each other some suddenly when they entered the reincarnation hengyu emperor can not set foot on quasi fairy king; How come you’re already the fairy king when you come back now?
"Practice is not always fighting and killing, but also the way of the world; Chance and offspring are very important, hahaha. "
Hengyu took a good posture and made a pair of regrets and insights. In his words, he tossed and turned, and he chewed slowly, and he could also see four words:’ Appear before others’.
Looking aside, the virtual emperor’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he took a deep breath in his mouth.
Everyone’s physique cannot be generalized; This sentence has now been sublimated to a height that does not belong to him.
Ren Huang ethnic group has also become the most admired and longed-for ethnic group in all worlds, even Fairyland is no exception.
Once, those powerful people were either buried or gone, and the ancient history was destroyed. Even they didn’t know clearly, and many powerful people were hidden in the dust.
"Well, you are really in the same strain."
The dam looked and thought for a long time and said such a sentence.
Inexplicably, there is a worry in his heart that if he follows this trend, he will have to catch up with himself in ethnic practice in the future, right?
That’s not a bit outrageous. In the end, the fairy king killed a ten-in-ten giant with someone in a foreign country, but he couldn’t accept the fact that his old friends were flat.
Amitabha Qing Di also has some subtle feelings. It seems that he has to return to the giant as soon as possible to take back the reincarnation fruit and return it to its place to attack the quasi-immortal emperor
"I don’t have to have pressure, I also get a little."
Li Yu smiled and patted them on the shoulder, but almost collapsed the dam, making the three men look at each other and feel the four words.
Show a saint before others
It’s like someone lying in their ear saying,’ I’ve never deliberately practiced, I’m not interested in practicing’ and stirring their heartstrings.
In the end, the three of them were sent back by Li Yu to work hard for nine days and ten places; I crossed over to the ultimate ancient land.
There is a fairy emperor series power sealed, but you can see a tablet with some mysterious sentences written on it.
"The sky is eternal and long, and it is difficult to cover the ground."
Li Yu has no intention to detour away from the ultimate ancient land and the exotic land of the fairy land. This is a special direction to explore the depths of the heavens and the earth to contact other worlds.
"There are still some places in the ancient underworld where they have four access to the reincarnation road and I gave him the coordinates of the big world.
Chihong boundary, qi boundary and plough boundary … all have fairy kings sitting in the ancient world, but quasi-fairy emperors can sow and develop. "
He crossed the world and looked at the line of sight from the long river of time, and the road was connected to reflect the scenes of the world.
In the distant sky, the darkness was heavy, and the brilliance hit him. In his field of vision, there was an ancient history that appeared in nine days and ten places. Once the ancient world, the future world did not know where it came from. The grotesque world was ups and downs, and layers of ups and downs filled all the squares.
False and true, true and false, but not; This is a mysterious vision.
And there are also some gloomy, depraved, evil and different worlds that are also sensed by Li Yu.
What’s more, there is a clear channel emerging in those great realms, like crystal ripples spreading and giving off strange fluctuations, causing several souls to go in like pilgrims.
This road is terrible and strange, like a spider forming a big web to form a cave, crystal clear and connected to the distance, the sound of the river rushing.
Those ancient fairy kings not only didn’t stop them, but also took the initiative to offer sacrifices. They all had dark marks and had already turned to Eritrea.
Li Yu didn’t care that he could see it through the reincarnation road, but it was actually far apart; He chose the nearest ancient name Chihong; It is also the intersection of later generations’ fame and glory.
Comparatively speaking, this place is also called a big world, which has been inherited for a long time, and there are also several fairy kings; But that belongs to Tao Zuway. When the pressure comes, the strongest people in this world are shocked involuntarily.
"I have seen my predecessors"
They can’t help but worship. That’s the true ancestor. It’s far beyond the quasi-immortal emperor’s earth. It’s unimaginable. I’m afraid it’s beyond the strongest ancestor in this world
It was a quasi-immortal emperor, but he never came back after going out. There was a bloody mark that was fragmented and revealed that he seemed to have entered an ancient land and was completely pulled into the burial ground.
"There is no need to be cautious. I have traveled to various circles and I have a way to give you some real blood to practice."
Li Yu leaned on the throne, and with a wave of his hand, the humanitarian fire suddenly spread all over the red world. Three evolutionary roads roared and branded the world of Gaotian, leaving traces.
Followed by a few drops of Ren Huang’s blood, several fairy kings floated in front of them, making them so happy that they saluted and thanked each other repeatedly.
"There is a secret in our world that the ancient ancestors went to a place before their long journey. It is said that the road to heaven is the place where the strongest people from all walks of life are bound to go. People like you must be interested."
Chihong Jiexiu, the strongest fairy king giant, suddenly stopped talking and took out a page of ancient books and presented it.
Li Yuwen’s heart movement will be brought into the palm of his hand immediately. This is the pattern left by the quasi-immortal emperor. It is also very simple at this level, that is, after the ancient ancestor of Chihong was promoted to the quasi-immortal emperor, he traveled for thousands of years and met some mysterious nodes.
In this way, more than one node has an ancient world, but the base is desolate, either destroying the ancient world or losing the’ strongest’ ancient world. He will record it, but it is difficult to bomb one node to explore.
Although desolate and strange, his nodes are slightly different, but he took a step further and chose to go for a break after coming back to stay; The result is never to come back.
"In the future, you can guide this world to this ancient place when you have completed your studies."
He rubbinged the Daowen and returned the ancient books, leaving them for nine days and ten coordinates floating away.
In a blink of an eye, ten thousand years later, he found the device world again, and the ancient world was too far away to stop for a while, so he chose to explore the ancient ancestor of Chihong and find the node, which was also the result he spent ten million years looking for.
Of course, he didn’t estimate the strangeness of the node in Wyndell Dichinson. He picked a node with ancient remnants and leaned over. The result was really something.
This can no longer be called a boundary, saying that it is more suitable to have ethnic groups around a node, and I got some news from them.
Li Yu also judged that the sky is not only pale but also him; And I’m afraid these ethnic groups are the embryonic form of those families who guard the passage in the future.