Sun Hao does not believe that Musheng can connect this side a few miles away from the other side of the mountain.

Once we can find the secret of the connection, we can completely cut off the escape path of Musheng, and we will be completely trapped in this mountain range, and we will slowly find it out before killing it.
After a long time, Sun Hao found himself pulling up the white ground and unconsciously growing a lot of grass in one year, which was full of vitality and rich wood attributes.
In my heart, Sun Hao opened his mouth to spit yellow samadhi, and the real fire instantly lit the ground. In less than a quarter of an hour, the grass on the ground had been burned, and even the trees stained with woody breath on the grass side were burned.
Samadhi’s true fire and strong firepower went to the ground, and Long Mai Mountain was burned into a glazed mountain as if it had been melted into a whole, and nothing could grow.
I wonder if this can cut off Musheng’s escape.
Sun Hao burned the grass and sat cross-legged again, waiting for the result. After ten years, Tian Mu’s breath has reappeared at the other end of the white zone and continues to escape.
Sun Hao was amazed and lamented that Yi Musheng was strange and magical, and once again he opened his eyes to look for clues.
If it’s not the grass, what can it be?
Sun Hao, who was probed by his eyes, failed to find anything unusual.
Give Sun Hao the feeling that Musheng’s display of occult skills at this time is very similar to escaping from the Terran at a constant speed in a constant direction, but it will only show up after encountering the forest.
If that’s the case, it’s quite troublesome for Sun Hao. He may not be able to find Musheng House, but he can also slowly escape from the Terran territory like a snail.
This escape speed may be slow, but I can’t do anything about it.
After thinking about it for a long time, Sun Hao’s breath was flying, and the agarwood sword appeared, and a wind localized the mountain forest about a mile ahead.
Sit cross-legged and wait quietly for months.
Woody breath bypassed his wind localization area and reappeared in the opposite mountain forest.
Looking at it like this is like guessing that the average woody can escape from the Terran territory regardless of the influence of the external environment.
Or it is said that the current wood students still have a very clear perception of various changes in the outside world and can decide their own coping methods according to external changes.
That’s weird. Escape secrets.
Don’t just watch this guy slowly and leisurely escape from the terran domain?
Or simply set the Yunlong Mountain on fire and burn him?
Looking at the vastness like a dragon hovering around Yunlong Mountain, Sun Hao instantly dismissed his tempting idea. Once Yunlong turns into a fire dragon, it will definitely have a great impact on the fate of Terran, and it is likely to affect the Witch Shrine in East Kunlun.
A tree Terran monk is really not as valuable as Terran Long Mai.
Setting fire to the forest is not a good idea.
So you just leave? It seems that I am not very willing.
There is a feeling that the roast duck has flown away
With a sigh, Sun Hao got up and prepared for the last move, that is, going into the range of woody breath to find a needle in a haystack.
As soon as the gods received it, they received it from the side.
Sun Hao felt a sudden movement in his heart at the moment when God was off the ground. Sun Hao felt the river on the ground outside the vast mountain.
It is common for mountains to flow out of rivers, because rivers and trees have no attributes at all, and Sun Hao has never paid attention to them.
However, Sun Hao paid attention to the abnormal changes in the river affected by the current wind field.
The characteristic of fixed wind field is that the boundary is not stable.
Wind localization
In order to ensure the partition effect, Sun Hao appropriately enlarged the scope of wind localization, so that the wind localization would eventually cover Yunlong Mountain.
The constant changes in the periphery of the fixed wind field have had a great impact on the river. The Yunlong Mountain River has been constantly changing its course in recent months under the influence of Sun Hao.
Sun Hao’s knowledge of the rivers on both sides of Yunlong Mountain seems to have turned into a winding earthworm.
What makes Sun Hao feel abnormal is how the river theory on both sides of Yunlong Mountain changed in the middle, but the two points have not changed.
On how to change the wind and localize the river at both ends.
For example, the wind localization on Sun Hao’s right hand side has affected the river to push out for dozens of miles, and the whole river has become tortuous. According to reason, the direction of the river should have been completely changed
The river can flow further and cut into the opposite normal channel.
However, this river flows through the boss with a "few"-shaped bend, which connects the normal channel outside the wind-fixed area.
This is true of the rivers on both sides of Yunlong Mountain.
Sun Hao’s feeling is full of great anomalies. Observing the river carefully, Sun Hao found many plants with aquatic wood attributes along the river and saw many floating leaves casually along the river.
Found a river anomaly
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile, and his heart said that there was still something strange and some clues to explore. Maybe it was influenced by subjective judgment that he couldn’t find the answer in front of him.
Once again, the sword was used to isolate a large area, and two wandering rivers were forcibly suppressed, so that Musheng could not use the help of the river.
Two months later, Sun Haoyou opened his eyes.
But not surprisingly Corleone face emerge filar silk don’t understand and unexpected partition to this extent, woody breath incredibly still ran past still escape.
None of this!
Sun Hao is really angry
Is it a coincidence that I found the wrong wind localization and caused the current situation of the river?
If something goes wrong, it will be evil.
Sun Hao was sure that the river was definitely a woody escape technique-otherwise it wouldn’t be such a coincidence.
I can’t cut off the root of Musheng’s escape now, even because I haven’t found and cut off the escape technique yet.
Judging from the waterway situation, even if Musheng is wise, it is not a very good means of escape, and it is probably the most powerful tree people.
Peace of mind, Sun Hao cut off the permeability of the forest by various means
The river on the ground was cut off, and Sun Hao carved out a long and wide zone without grass burning on both sides of Yunlong Mountain.
We will try our best to cut off all possible infiltration paths in the fixed wind field in the sky.
At first, the effect was still not good, and Musheng still stubbornly infiltrated the Terran territory.
Finally, Sun Hao thought that after cutting off the middle ground, he cut off the underground river and cut off the possible roots of underground plants at the same time.
All these Sun Hao can think of the possible escape modes of the tree terran. After forced truncation, Sun Hao was pleasantly surprised to find that the outward extension speed of Musheng really slowed down a lot.