Ye Zhang knew for a long time that it was absolutely unreliable to rely on Feng Zhi in this battle, so he volunteered. He still didn’t believe that he couldn’t beat a first-class elite statue.

The remnant blood glanced at Ye Zhang and nodded. To tell the truth, this plan can only test the way to compete, because this is not a war between ourselves and the enemy. It can be said that it is known that there is anything else in Zhongzhou Qin Dynasty to recruit Ye Zhang and others.
This time, the big troops did not follow and returned to the battlefield. It was also Ye Zhang and other operators, and Feng Zhi naturally followed.
When the huge obsidian golem appeared on the battlefield again under the escort of several undead soldiers, Ye Zhang rushed at once.
Level 11 absolutely suppresses a luxury equipment and an artifact dagger to go. Ye Zhang is getting closer and closer to the Obsidian golem when he breaks into the war.
And there has always been a sense of foreboding in the blood on the sidelines, which is what a commander can have. He finally thinks that Obsidian golem is not that simple.
Just as Zhang Ye crossed the Obsidian statue with a dagger, a loss appeared on his head, which made Ye Zhang stunned and he immediately turned white. This statue physically attacked the epidemic.
Ye Zhang said that he not only had to deal with the mobs around him, but also had the statue stabbed by Xaar. However, when his dagger crossed the statue again, he found that Xaar could not even be in the state for the first time.
Ye Zhang was surprised that he released Rapier’s skills. Unfortunately, Rapier hit the statue and they only caused more than 2 injuries. Ye Zhang was finally shocked.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Fighting capacity soared
Ye Zhang back will obsidian golem information to residual blood when the other party thought for a moment that thoughtful tunnel
"Maybe … it’s a mechanical unit that won’t be affected by state skills."
In fact, the hidden worry has already appeared in the remnant blood heart. How can we do without siege weapons in such a large-scale siege war? This is not a modern war. There is no such thing as positioning missiles.
Obsidian golem appears like a huge guarding city weapon. If the armor type of this weapon is different in game terms, the player will reduce the damage percentage by a certain amount when attacking the opponent’s armor.
This is troublesome.
If we don’t destroy this obsidian statue, the attackers will be constantly aging by the group, and the 7% reduction in movement speed will make them unable to move.
This battle is not easy to fight, and the residual blood is distressed for a while
It’s no longer the kind of two guilds fighting each other, simply fighting for equipment, output and logistics. This is a real war. It seems that glitz must have reached the point of war simulation.
And until now, Wang Jian has never made a hand in person.
Residual Blood and Feng Zhi turned around together, and we can see that almost all the players except Somali Night Club players are still filled with joy.
They competed with each other for fighting capacity and honor, and then how many people were killed? If it weren’t for the residual blood, it is estimated that Ye Zhang would join them to show off.
Want to rely on these is to play, it is impossible for the public to win this war.
"Ye Zhang, what is your combat effectiveness?"
Ye Zhang looked at his fighting capacity and then said
At present, the combat effectiveness of players is generally 3, including A Fei and others. It seems particularly important to understand this combat effectiveness except that the residual blood has reached 5.
"You take off your equipment and see how much fighting capacity it is?"
Ye Zhang glanced at Feng Zhi and immediately took off his equipment. When he took all the equipment, he found that his fighting capacity was 3.
"Load the weapon"
Ye Zhang picked up the Saial thorn to develop his fighting capacity and returned to this bloody white.
"It seems that we have to find a way to improve our combat effectiveness first!"
The remnant blood also tried it. After he unloaded all the equipment, his combat effectiveness was 3, but it didn’t change after he was equipped with weapons alone. It seems that his combat effectiveness was 2 liters, relying on that scarab sacred footprint suit.
"Ye Zhang gave you one thing to get the Obsidian golem data!"
Every monster in glitz has a recognition degree. When the recognition degree reaches 1%, you can get the information of this monster and record it in the glitz encyclopedia.
After Ye Zhang got the order, he rushed back to the battlefield alone. This time, he didn’t even bother to bless the sacred. He immediately counted the information after approaching the Obsidian golem.
Obsidian golem recognition 3% combat effectiveness 14 attack? ? ? Defense? ? ? Blood volume? ? ? Aging skills? ? ?
Zhang Ye returned to the side of the residual blood and others with his own information, and the residual blood revealed a bitter smile when he received the information.
"It seems that it is impossible for us to take a big city at once!"
Residual blood words also let Feng Zhi lost in thought.
Feng Zhi agrees with the idea of residual blood. This Changsha city is far stronger than he imagined. He sent a full 100,000 people without breaking through an east gate. It took nearly half an hour for the durability of the gate to drop by 4 points. You know, that’s 9999 durability.
"Let’s go first and redistribute a strategic policy!"
The words of residual blood make nearby players seem a little anxious. They don’t think about what residual blood is. They see honor points in their eyes.
"It’s not good that we don’t go here to brush honor points. What are we going to do?"
"Just go, go by yourself!"
With a snort of residual blood, I will leave these people alone. With the departure of the Ye Zhang and Somali night armies, these players seem to be dying and falling 2% of their experience. It is dangerous to brush honor points.
On the way, Ye Zhang received a message from toothbrush superman. At present, there are some signs of shortage of life skills and materials, and now players are attracted by large-scale battles in Zhongzhou. He came to ask Ye Zhang what to do.