come back;return
Muqingfeng knew nothing about what happened in Tiaoxin Building, of course. In addition, Tang Wuyou, who was rushed back by the landlord’s secret order, was also unclear. It was up to him to see if he could escape after returning to Tiaoxin Building. At this time, Muqingfeng appeared on the border of Daliangzhou with Xiling fighters and looked at the familiar scenery in the distance. Muqingfeng couldn’t help but think of what happened here a few years ago. At that time, it was in this place that the chess fairy played the moon and confided to herself.
"Idiot, what are you thinking?" Xue Lianer gently pulled Mu Qingfeng’s sleeve and pulled him back from his past memories. In front of his fiancee, she said that thinking about other women was the way to die. Mu Qingfeng didn’t say that, but he took a deep breath and said slowly, "I wonder where we should attack first."
"Prince, why bother? In my opinion, we can just find a place to kill. As long as we turn their rear upside down, we are not afraid that they will not come back. Saying, Prince, isn’t it a bit too serious for you to let that old man Hua Yong guard Rongcheng?" Who else can have such a big mouth but Yan Yun? But then again, he was convinced by Muqingfeng, and he was dumbfounded by the plan for the Japanese people that day.
"Are you going to attract the attention of the enemy by burning, killing and looting, just like the army of King Nanyue?" Yan Yun’s words haven’t landed yet, but Mu Chongshan slapped him hard on the back of the head. If others had dared to do this, Yan Yun would have pulled out his knife, but he had no temper at all for this great commander whose martial arts and status are far above himself. He touched his numb head and said sheepishly, "No, I just said casually, and the prince must have a way."
"Let’s go to South Lincheng." Muqingfeng’s words made everyone find everything new and fresh, and then everyone reacted. The soldiers and civilians in the south Lincheng fought bloody battles with Muqingfeng in those days. How can this fetter be broken? Plus, Nangong Jinyu was retrograde here in those years, and he was still admired for killing Wanxian County Magistrate. Presumably, people also complained about them.
At the same time, Chen Mi, the general of Nanyue Wangfu, carefully arranged for so long, only to find that he didn’t even see a hair of Xiling army.
Maybe they didn’t steal the map to attack our route for providing foodstuff. Listening to the scouts’ return, Chen Mi is full of question marks. If you were yourself, it would be absolutely impossible to leave the route for providing foodstuff which is the easiest to attack. These days, in order to ensure the supply of rations, you hardly let the troops advance. If you draw water with a sieve, Chen Mi’s face would be somewhat.
It was not until the news came from the homing pigeons in the rear that Muqingfeng appeared in Daliangzhou with Xiling fighters. Chen Mi knew that he had been tricked into taking advantage of Muqingfeng’s practice. It turned out that everything they worked out was to delay themselves. Judging from the information collected by the soldiers around, those small towns on the Xiling border had gathered together, and some places did even better. In order not to let their own people get supplies, they actually set fire to their own rooms. If they were in normal times, Chen Mi naturally has a lot of troops and time to deal with them one by one, but now there is a shortage of hay, and he is unable to do so. Just as he is thinking about the next step, the Nangong is all requested outside the camp gate.
Words since MuQingFeng fake captives make a scene in Nanyue King’s camp, Nangong Quan and his men have suffered a lot in the camp these days. Regardless of the fact that Nangong Quan’s subordinates are being beaten by the surrounding soldiers from time to time, Nangong Quan, a close relative of the new emperor, has also been snubbed by many generals. If it weren’t for the sake of his skill, Chen Mi really wants to put his family above everything else, and come to himself at this time. Chen Mi doesn’t know what’s on his mind.
"General, what are your plans for Xiling people to appear in our territory?" Although the Nangong are all cousins of the Nangong Jinyu, he is really capable, otherwise Chen Mi wouldn’t have left him around.
"The most worrying problem for me in recent days is that we slowed down the March for the sake of protecting the route for providing foodstuff, so that the people around Xiling gathered together. I heard that the strength of Xiling fighters is unparalleled in the world. I don’t know how long the people behind us can hold it." Chen Mi sighed, and now this situation is largely caused by himself.
| "In that case, they will do the first day and we will do the fifteenth. Why should the general be so upset?" The nangongshan all is actually want to good countermeasures, for MuQingFeng this radical, he thought of an excellent method.
"Do you have a way to solve the current predicament? Let’s hear it. "Chen Mi looked at the nangongshan all with great interest.
"We have hundreds of thousands of troops, and there is enough food and grass to support the army to move forward. Why don’t we directly attack Rongcheng, their king? I don’t believe that their few thousand cavalry will attack the city more severely than ours. When Rongcheng loses, I don’t believe that Wang Shizi, a mausoleum, can rule his people." The nangongshan all this suggestion let Chen Mi shine at the moment.
Rather than being led by Muqingfeng, it is better to break the deadlock with our own immediate strength. In Chen Mi’s view, Xiling, without Ling Wang, can’t stop himself at all.
"Everyone listens to the order, now put down the work at hand and target Xiling Rongcheng!" After Chen Mi’s orders were given, the troops of Nanyue Wangfu, which had been silent for many days, started to take action again, but they didn’t expect that the man guarding Rongcheng in Xiling was Hua Yong, the commander of flying bear Camp, a man called "Iron Wall".
Although Hua Yong is the oldest and not the most conspicuous person among all the generals, besides Ling Wang and Mu Chongshan, even Yan Yun is respectful to him. There is a saying, "A good fighter has no merit of Hector". Compared with Xiling, the indomitable team, Hua Yong is an alternative. His best is not attack but defense. His flying bear camp is a bit like the military of Xuanjiamen.
It is because there is such an unknown iron wall in Xiling at noon that Mu Qingfeng dared to take Xiling fighters to Daliangzhou to copy their lair. I don’t know how wonderful it would be for Nanyue King to find Xiling fighters on his own turf.
The 3,000 cavalry marched with great momentum, and it seemed that the dust of oxygen was covering the sun from a distance. Mu Qingfeng didn’t deliberately cover it up, so that the news quickly reached the ears of Nanyue King.
In fact, the residents in the south of Lincheng don’t like the arrogance of Nangong Jinyu for a long time. You know, they lived happily, but the arrival of bandits broke their plans. Fortunately, Wuxian Ling and Mu Qingfeng resisted the enemy’s attack. Even the biggest gang of bandits was beaten to pieces. Just when all the dust settled, I didn’t expect that as the future master of Nanyue, for the sake of my own power, Nangong Jinyu actually let the thief army enter the city. Finally, Wuxian made a bloody battle with a group of righteous men. Later, this county magistrate arranged by Nangong Jinyu could do nothing but search the people and bully men and women. People naturally had a miserable life.
"I said, eldest brother, it’s worth the price today. Let’s go to the boss’s house again. You said that she was a widow who worked hard in a huge hotel and dared to refuse your kindness. I think today it’s better to be a bully and become his man." A guard at the mass at the right hypochondrium said to a bearded man, saying that since Mr. Zhan dropped the elite of Nanyue Wangfu to the front, the strength in the rear has been somewhat empty, and some unscrupulous soldiers of fortune have now become guards, but their quality is low, and the people in those towns have fallen into great trouble.
"Well, as a brother said, the beauty belongs to me, and the wine belongs to you. We will go and see where the widow of a dead man can go. Brother, I am also a handsome man. Who am I going to marry if I don’t marry?" This man is birds of a feather, too. It seems that he has been coveting the proprietress for a long time.
Just when the young soldier wanted to say something more, he suddenly felt a vibration under his feet, and just as he was puzzled, he asked, "Brother, is this an earthquake?"
It was at this time that the guard discovered that the eldest brother, who had just been high-spirited, was now like shaking his legs and turning pale, and the whole person seemed to have just been fished out of the water.
"Ride the cavalry, the cavalry is coming!" Whiskers shouted with all his strength.
"kill!" As pointed out by Mu Qingfeng’s sword, Xiling fighters rushed to the south Lincheng like a torrent of steel. After MuQingFeng knew he was gone, he might take it out on the people according to the petty attitude of Nangong Jinyu. The fact is exactly the same as MuQingFeng’s thought, so MuQingFeng will take this place as the first stop of the attack.
The beard just wanted to run into the city, when an arrow was accurately inserted into his throat. Looking at the officer who just threw his weight around now, he was clutching his throat, and blood kept flowing from his fingertips, but he couldn’t stop it. The younger guard directly scared his pants. He had never seen such archery. You should know that the nearest cavalry is still far away from him. The rest of the soldiers rushed to the edge of the city, fearing that the next person to be shot was themselves.
This can make Yan Yun and others happy. I was worried that my speed was not fast enough. They closed the gate and the cavalry attacked the city with a natural disadvantage. This is a good thing. Those people are desperate, and some even draw swords against their comrades in order to survive. It is simply wishful thinking for such a team to organize a decent defense. It seems that it is easy for them to enter the city.
"We have to find a time to let the future mistress go to our camp to teach her two hands. This archery is too powerful." Yan Yun secretly thought.
Break the city
In the south of the city, when the guards were so flustered, Mu Qingfeng’s fighters finally arrived at the gate. Thanks to the incompetence of the guards, they successfully occupied the gate without blowing off dust. The soldiers of Nanyue Wangfu rushed directly to their own camp. They knew a little about military common sense and knew that their unorganized escape was definitely a dead end. They did so with a purpose, and there were gold and jewels they robbed.
It’s a pity that the plan can’t keep up with the change. When the residents of South Lincheng heard the shouting and killing outside, they knew that the soldiers were coming again. Some people even began to hide their wives, children and property underground. In their view, although South Lincheng is a big city in Daliangzhou, after the incident of bandits, the inside information is really running out.
After hiding his wife, a man plans to go out and fight with these gangsters. After all, as a man, he has suffered enough humiliation these days. If he is insulted by new people again, he might as well just die. It’s just that when he opens the door and rushes out, he plans to go with the enemy, and the person headed by him makes him stunned on the spot.