Tang Xiangxiang even hated saying, "Do you want to die?"

"Ha ha!" The man in black chuckled, "I’m not the one who wants to die, but you have hostages. What can you do with me?"
"I know your number is been …" The black dress person chuckled and said, "You both have strength in me, but I am absolutely sure that I will kill Yukime before you attack me. If you don’t believe me, you can try …"
Tang Xiangxiang trembled, "Don’t fool around. Everything is easy to discuss."
The black dress person sneer at a way "how to discuss? I said whether I want to save this woman’s life depends on you … "
"Who the hell are you?" Tang Xiangxiang asked
"Woman, shut your mouth!" The man in black chuckled, "If you talk nonsense about me again, my conditions will change and I will let Yu Long kill you."
Yu Long roared, "Son of a bitch, do you know the consequences of your threatening me … I will make your life hell. If you have family members, they will be lucky."
The man in black laughed. "I’m sorry to disappoint you. I am who I am. I have neither relatives nor clansmen. You threatened me, but I threatened you."
Seeing the blood in Yukime’s neck, Yu Long was a little flustered.
Tang Xiangxiang whispered, "Calm down and don’t do anything stupid."
"Are you sent by God?" I can’t think of anyone who has such strength and shame except Long Yu, an outlander.
"Cut the crap and do as I say," said the man in black. "My patience is limited. If you refuse to do it, I will be impolite."
"How dare you?" Tang Xiangxiang said, "If you kill sister Yukime, you won’t live …"
"Hum!" The black dress person chuckled and said with disdain, "Don’t play this game with me. Since I dare to make trouble in your Xuanmen, I am naturally ready to sacrifice. You kill three million and three thousand creatures. It is natural that a righteous man like me will keep coming to you for his life."
"Kill one of my successors-!" Black dress person said seriously.
Yu Long is hesitant. He must make a decision as soon as possible, or the woman he loves will be ruined.
At this moment, Yukime suddenly broke free from the black dress person’s arm, desperate to escape in this direction, and took this opportunity to yell that the black dress person always rushed to Tang Xiangxiang and hurried to meet Yukime.
The black dress person didn’t seem to expect that Tang Xiangxiang would suddenly appear by the seal force, and even more unexpectedly, she would be out of her control and drink a lot. A black dress person waved a sword in his hand and stabbed Yu Long in the middle of the back. He appeared behind Yukime at the right time and blocked the black dress person’s sword.
At the same time, Tang Xiangxiang grabbed Yukime’s arm and pulled her to her arms.
"Die!" Seeing that Tang Xiangxiang is out of danger, Long Yu’s mind is still fiercely, and then offering the Tianshi sword to kill the man in the past.
Black dress person greeted with haste.
With a slight explosion, the two men fought hand to hand.
The huge strength of the horse makes the black dress person no longer fly out of the sword by holding it in his hand.
Men in black dare not stay for several consecutive flips and disappear in the busy night. Long Yu worried about Yukime’s safety and didn’t chase after him.
Besides, when people are retreating, it is difficult to catch up with him with full confidence even after they have used their blood to escape.
I took Yukime from Tang Xiangxiang’s arms. After careful examination, some skin injuries didn’t hurt me. So the blood flowed out and her white skirt was dyed red.
Yu Long apologized. "Sister Yukime, I’m sorry …
Yukime fixed his eyes on Yu Long’s eyes and said word for word, "I’m sorry. I didn’t let you get hurt because I didn’t almost."
"Who is Xiaoyu?" Wait for Long Yu to help Xue Ji deal with the wound and ask, "I don’t think it should be a man of God."
"How do you say?" Yu Long asked.
"Do you think that the success of our ceremony is also a good thing for the deity? He has no reason to do so," said Tang Xiangxiang.
Yu Long took a sip of his lips and nodded again. "Well, that makes sense … but now we can’t rule out the suspicion of respecting god." Speaking of which, he said, "I don’t care who the other person is, she will always pay the price, and I will never forgive him."
Yukime’s beautiful eyes were moved by tears.
"Xiang Xiang, you should take Yukime’s sister to heal first. If I guess correctly, God should find you soon," Yu Long said.
"Also we will have a big war-!" Yu Long corners of the mouth holding up a smile.
"You don’t just break-!" Tang Xiang Xiang frowned and said
"No …" Long Yuxiao "God will definitely solve the problem, so he will hesitate to make moves. This is the best time for me to understand his strength."
"Then be careful!" Tang Xiangxiang told me that she woke up again with Yukime before he left. "Remember to find a way to check the details of that black dress person. I have a bad feeling."
"Don’t worry, I know-!" Yu Long nodded his head.
Tang Xiangxiang and Yukime are less than a moment away from each other. The smell of blood in the sky has not been completely small. The three gods have appeared. Yu Long said simply, "I have been waiting for you …
"All solved?" Light statue of god frowned and asked, "There is such a strong smell of blood here. How on earth did you do it …"
"Come and sit down!" With a wave of Yu Long’s sleeve, a table, a chair, a pot of wine and two cups have appeared in front of the big rock.
When Guangzun heard this, he sat in his chair with a calm face and pointed to the drinks in front of him and said, "Do you want to celebrate?"
"There is nothing to celebrate," Yu Long said lightly.
Light statue of god said coldly, "I really want to know whether you did it in an evil way." How many creatures in the Three Realms have you killed? "
Yu Long frowned. "This is not something you should ask. I want to know if there was a man in black who had five powers to make the Lord. He hijacked me. Is the woman yours?"
"No!" Light statue of god motioning with his hand and said, "How could I disturb you at such a critical moment? Seriously, if the power of heaven didn’t disappear, I wouldn’t have come to you so early. I don’t know what you said about men in black …
"If it weren’t for you, then please say that I don’t know who else in Yu has such power?" Yu Long questioned.
"No one can be sure if what you said is true or not?" The god of light gave him a look. "But one day it is certain that it is definitely not me."
Yu Long took a deep breath and said, "Who do you think it should be?"
Light statue of god smell speech zheng very directly responded, "you have seen each other all the way to determine his identity and I like to know"
Yu Long asked, "Is there anything you don’t know?"
"Yes, yes!" God slowly lowered his eyes. "My life was almost born with fire. With fire, this is the world. There is nothing I don’t know in this world. If I guess correctly, you should be a hell demon …"
"Demon?" Yu Long gave him a look and said, "I never knew what the devil was before."
Guangzun God shook his head. "I don’t know whether we are indigenous people or a country that relies on science and technology exhibitions. It is said that they have been living underground and never appear on the ground."
Long Yu stared at the light statue with a cold face. "Say it in detail … it’s very important to me."
Light statue of god slowly raised his head and his eyes seemed to be confused. "How could they find you?"
"Two possibilities-!" Yu Long got up and looked at the distant sky and said, "The first possibility is because of you … the second possibility is that they have already noticed us."
Long Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at the light statue of God. "Could it be that you want to be impeded to provoke us … that you can confirm now?"
"Of course it’s not me. If it were me, I wouldn’t have to hide it," Guangzun said seriously. "If it were me, I would choose the end of our agreed date, not now, but before again. I don’t know if you can solve the problem at all, so I will never give you any interference."
Yu Long’s face was smiling innocently. "Are you honest?"
The god of light tilted his head slightly and his face was stiff and murmured, "Yes, the mountain can’t be two tigers. Now that the crisis has solved my grievances, I will naturally settle them, but I never thought of helping others to deal with you. I prefer to teach you a lesson myself."
Long Yu smiled and said, "Are you afraid to admit it or what?"
God kept staring at him as if he wanted to see if Chulongyu was born out of thin air or had any evidence.
"Don’t let everyone be stupid-!" Yu Long shook his head and said, "What kind of person are you? Everyone knows that you are very poor. You have no personality. You renege on your words … your words can’t be believed …" He said distressfully, "I once regarded you as a great man and my idol, but you are really disappointing … You are the most hypocritical person in the whole universe."
The God of Light frowned and suggested, "That’s because your thoughts are too naive. If you shared the same mood with me, I believe you wouldn’t say so."
Yu Long laughed at himself. "I really can’t fail to live like you."