This horn bud attribute is really not simple, but it’s a pity that he sprayed the wrong person today.

"general horn bud didn’t think that you lied to us, but it’s also a good thing, which is why we have to kill you!" High let very disdain diagonal bud choke way
Horn bud is also conceited, so he didn’t take Gao Rang and others seriously, so he choked back to everyone, "Kill me? See if you have that thing. Don’t be killed by me accidentally! "
Say horn bud directly launched an attack, and the target is the only healing profession in the team, Mei Jiu.
"Heaven chop!"
Angle bud coagulation gasification blade and then gas blade to mei nine cut out a pale yellow firm but gentle this firm but gentle looks very calm, but its power is very great.
Mei Jiu was not ready to attack, and she was directly cut in her body. A five-digit injury floated directly from Mei Jiu’s head.
There is no doubt that such high damage will directly kill Mei Jiu for only one second.
At the moment when Mei Jiu fell, Gao Rang started the time reversal and instantly went back to 2 minutes ago.
Two minutes ago, Gao Rang and other talents just came from the underground temple.
When everyone returned to the exit of the underground temple, all the people were stupid. They didn’t know what had just happened, but their memories were real.
Gao Rang said to the surprised crowd, "I know everyone is confused about what just happened. I can tell you that this is a skill effect. You should still have memories. Remember what you should do after the horn bud goes out, so don’t tell me!"
Back in time, although the method makes the player’s memory disappear, it is different for np and monster. Now the horn bud has no memory of the first two minutes.
When Gao Rang and others came out again, Jiao Bao smiled and said, "Thank you, if not …"
Horn bud words haven’t finished several attacks fell on him.
Critical strike 476
Everyone attacked Mei Jiu when she was talking nonsense.
"You actually …" Anger Angle bract coagulation gasification blade ready to attack and zha this time suddenly in the sky to a shrill cry.
With this crow, the horn bud suddenly stopped moving, and his whole person was dizzy.
Just crowing is the skill of husband and wife crowing, which interrupts the skill of horn bud and makes him dizzy.
The wings of the divine bird are a fan, and the gas field instantly covers the surrounding area of one kilometer. The divine bird directly starts the realm of divine fire and birds.
After starting the divine domain, the divine bird flew high into the sky and then descended rapidly towards the horn bud.
"attack and kill!"
Critical strike 346944
This six-figure injury completely surprised everyone. I thought this cool bird would be a little surprised that this bird was so big.
Then they also attacked the diagonal bud again.
Critical strike 2492
This round of attack is much more damaging because the horn bud attribute is weakened.
"Summon the dead!"
Horn bud left hand held high on the ground and suddenly cracked a big crack, and then a dead man climbed out of it.
Yellow Scarf Death (Necromancer) HP 5
Grade 5
Attack mode brute force
Attack skills, lay down your life.
The yellow turban insurrectionary dead were changed by the dead souls of the original yellow turban insurrectionary army. They all slept in Xianyang city.
Seeing that the horn bud summoned the yellow turban insurrectionary dead, Gao made the whole people happy and crazy.
And being happier than Gao Rang is a husband and wife, but the pet makes a statement.
The wings of the husband and wife bird flapped and suddenly ignited a fierce flame at the crack position of the yellow turban insurrectionary dead.
"The fire of God started a prairie fire!"
Critical strike 644
Crit 6412
The attack of the bird of God directly killed 4 yellow turban insurrectionary dead men, but not the 6 ones. What’s more, the four dead yellow turban insurrectionary dead men instantly turned into birds with four bodies burning with flames.
Firebird Attendant (Magic Spirit) HP 5
Grade 5
Attack mode flame