This trumpet figure is a bit heavy. Most people in the fourth district don’t know Erxiu in the team, but most of them have heard of the id of "unlucky bear"

Just now Tianyu was strolling around the forum. After all, it was going to be out of the auction house, and he planned to study a market. But at the moment, Xiaowen yelled at their businessmen. Tianyu saw it and immediately shouted at the game horn.
"Who am I supposed to be? It turned out that I came from Area 1 to cheat the unlucky bear and made a lot of myself!" Brushing this horn is the second time to perform the "cosmic eye battle" with the prohibition and imitation of Soldnows Emperor
Just as Tianyu was going to brush his horn to fight back at the other party’s reversal of black and white, a’ private’ chat window flashed.
"Don’t play hardball with them"
Tianyu frowned and replied, "I will still be afraid of those who can’t cheat?"
"Some of their money was cheated, but most of it was earned from business." The other party continued to add that "these are two of the four veteran businessmen in the four districts, but now they have gone astray and occasionally cheat their reputation."
"So what! If you cheat and bully my brother, I will brush it! "
Chapter 466 "A hundred schools of thought contend"
"That’s up to you."
"Thank you for your kindness, Abortion." Tianyu smiled slightly and continued to type. "If you wait on their side, my horn will not show mercy!"
"Well, don’t worry, they are them, I am me. Even if we have a United front, I won’t’ cheat’ anything," Xiaoyue typed back.
Then Tianyu turned on the horn in his backpack and continued to brush, "scold my brothers for coming at me for everything!" "
"Even if you don’t say it, I’ll brush your cheat!" Soldnows emperor then Tianyu horn brush way
"Damn, your second aunt and third aunt dare to order grass even my brother Xiong!"
Suddenly, this horn is actually a sledgehammer brush.
Behind the sledgehammer, the speaker naturally needs balls and the village head. The three of them are now the iron triangle camp and run the online casino.
"Yo line cheat casino people didn’t expect it to be the hands of businessmen in this area. It seems that this name is’ unlucky bear’ and it is really a cheat."
Tianyu looked at this guy frowning brows.
These former rivals Tianyu have a bottom in their hearts, and the two veteran fake businessmen in the four districts of Zhejiang are at most equal to themselves.
But brushing this horn is another casino "million money house"
Generally speaking, in Tianyu’s consciousness, there is a lot of money to open casinos, and I don’t know if I can compete with them. Moreover, even if this war can win the horn war today, it will certainly lose a lot of eyes, and everyone will have to accept the title of tiger and bone ring funds, which is not generous
But you can watch each other "step on" your brother? Although endure a calm’ wave’ static, but this tone Li Tianyu really can’t swallow it, which is exactly the same as the spleen’ sex’ []
"I have cheated anyone in the casino? Laugh, but ask if both casinos have played. Is the player a first-line casino in the end? Or am I a ghost here! A dirty lie "retorted the village chief’s horn.
"Nima also don’t see who is the first gambling village in Zhejiang four! Watch the casino make money and learn from us, okay? " A guy whose id name is "well-kept low-key" probably retorted immediately with a group of millions of banks.
"Anyway, it is not a good thing to open a casino. Who does he brush his horn every day and shout that entertainment does not make money or pit money?" A trumpet saw two gamblers open their devices and brush their way like this
At this time, the two groups of people have a little careless counting, and the other party has eyes, and they grab the second whew id and start spraying, and then some speakers are always deceiving Eugene, and they learned from the speakers that the surface-to-surface missile is inextricably linked with him, so they also included him in the cheat list.
It is forbidden to imitate the first’ wave’ of Soldnows Emperor’s Million Money House. The momentum is surging and there is no concession. Every speaker will give full play to the’ essence’ of swearing. Ground-to-ground missiles at the bottom of Shapiro melon are kept low-key and in full swing, as if this smoke struggle is as turbulent as bullets at the moment.
Unfortunately, there is no weak team here, of course. A few people will increase their hammer, and the trio and Xiaowen line will also compete for the edge. If the other party brushes their own side, they will certainly follow.
"Brother Xiong Candy said let’s brush it for her." Suddenly it was Guo, "Niu B Gunner."
Brush the horn with him. Naturally, there is Mu Yuchen’s "Lingdong’s absolute love". At this time, the horn brush says "Sugar Sugar Sister said it was for Izumo"
After that, they didn’t brush their horns, just counted the numbers.
Because the two of them joined in, the horn war was even more heroic.
Cold pupil look silly … This is the first time he has seen so many speakers swarming in the game for half a year, and the words in the yellow message column are as fast as Shenzhou VI.
But at the same time, he was a little at a loss. At the beginning, the trumpet war was just an indignant response from his father when he saw someone burning grass. How could it turn into a magnificent situation …
Many people shouted "People in the four districts of Zhejiang are crazy" in the horn news column. Because of such terror, it is the first time in their lifetime that they have seen several local tyrants brush each other. It is not surprising that even the guild will win several people in the brush fire.
But it’s the first time that a dozen people speak at the same time, and the speed of the horn is like a storm.
The culprit of the whole incident is still indifferent and absorbed in writing his own manuscript and didn’t notice the left corner speaker of the game.
"Didi Didi ~" and "Hua" sword qq sounded a message indicating sound.
"Junhao, what is it?" "Flower" sword thoughts were interrupted and I had to open the information in the right corner of the desktop. It was sent by Xie Junhao and asked.
When the’ Flower’ sword replied to the door of his room and was pushed away by his own baby, Cheng Haofan said with some grievances, "Dad, someone brushed you and my master with a horn in the game."
"Oh, nothing is used to being scolded in the game, and there will be no less hair in reality." Hua Jian turned to look at his son this time and said lightly.
"But …"
"Nothing good, but it’s almost time to go to bed. Go back to the game and sleep. You have to go to school tomorrow." Hua Jian said first before he could finish his words.
Cheng Haofan skimmed the pie mouth tightness with dad room’ door’
"Flower sword, I saw your horn" color "in the game. Did you pay attention to the news of the left horn?" This is a message from Jun Hao when Hua Jian is talking to his children.
"No, I’ll look at it now." After that, Hua Jian stared at the horn message and looked at it quickly.
"What’s so beautiful about this? Isn’t it a little too big for the brush?" "Flower" sword typing way with a smile
"Yes, that’s true, but almost all the’ big shots’ in the four districts of Zhejiang have been deployed this time," Xie Junhao replied.
Hua Jian is still staring at the horn message, watching their id carefully as if he wanted to remember it.
"scold my father and master, I will kill you!"
When Hua Jian saw the horn, the rich sword eyebrows tightened together, and when he took out the horn in his backpack, he typed, "Bear boy! Dad didn’t teach you to read big characters to curse! "
Looking at his horn, he brushed several swords in a row.
"But dad they bully you and my teacher! And my master was brushed by them because he helped me! " Cold pupil horn replied
"Where did the smelly trumpet come from?" Hua Jian didn’t brush the horn again, because the horn rose so fast that I couldn’t see clearly what my son had hit, so I opened the’ private’ chat window and asked.
"From the master"
"Who is your master?"
"What’s that called?"
"Well, get out of the bed and leave it to your dad." Hua Jian bent his mouth and typed.