GongSunYing didn’t answer this question, but said "Stop everyone"

It’s only been five minutes since the two sides fought, and there are not many casualties on both sides
Except for a few generals who have been powerful and the captain has killed several more people, ordinary soldiers are injured and rarely killed.
Both sides are elite soldiers, and they have had several fighting experiences. Facing enemy soldiers with similar strength, they are experienced and know how to avoid being killed by a knife.
General Shiyi shouted a few words to let others lay their weapons.
He doesn’t care if he lives or dies, but he doesn’t want these. He personally trained soldiers to be buried with him.
to be continued
Chapter 364 Collection
In Shiyi, the general shouted that the officers and men of Shiyi had let go of their weapons.
Nobody wants to die.
Although they were still in the wind a moment ago, the capture of the generals was tantamount to their failure.
People here in Shiyi laid down their weapons and counted the casualties after surrendering. Everyone supported those who had died and asked people to carry their bodies.
Quickly leave the mountain village with a bunch of prisoners and dozens of big boxes.
The former fighting has already disrupted the quiet mountain village.
Just being surprised by the "birds chirping", some villagers just went back to sleep, and some of them didn’t sleep when they heard several cries of killing.
There are more than 100 people in the small mountain village, and almost everyone wakes up. Everyone’s eyes are full of fear and they are hugging their families.
Some people even blocked the gate for fear that outsiders would suddenly break into their homes.
Tonight is the most restless night in the history of this quiet mountain village.
No one dares to go out and check. He doesn’t know who is outside, a mountain thief or something.
They don’t know what happened to other people in the mountain village. They can stare in horror or close their eyes in fear.
There are children at home who are afraid to make a sound by covering their mouths.
The villagers didn’t feel at ease until they knew there was no movement outside.
Be bold and come out quietly after there is no sound outside.
Timid didn’t dare to come out until after dawn when he heard other villagers outside.
The small mountain village is so big. As soon as they went out for two steps, these villagers saw the place where Bai Sheng and others fought last night.
There is blood all over the ground, and there are some torn clothes. Apart from these two things, people in the mountain village have not found anything else.
If it weren’t for blood, many villagers would have had a horrible dream last night.
But now the blood is in front of us. Although it has passed, the villagers in the small mountain village still feel scared and panicked.
Soon, some villagers went to Shiyi to report to the official. They hoped that the official would come and find out what happened last night.
It is not clear that few of these villagers have the courage to stay in the mountain village.
God knows if the people who fought in the village last night will come back.
Besides, it can be seen from the sound that there were more people fighting in the village last night than the whole village.
After receiving the report from these villagers, the Shiyi government quickly sent a policeman to check it out.
But Bai Sheng and others didn’t leave anything. Where can these catchers find anything except blood, that is, the clothes that have been cut off?
These captors are not detectives alone. How can they know?
The catcher came and left.
News soon spread out Shiyi county commandant nature is also heard.
Shiyi county commandant’s first feeling is that there is something wrong with his property again.
After learning the news, his horse let him go and check it out.
The news naturally made him very angry. Three Samsung masters and a four-star master were missing, and a thousand soldiers outside the village and the first valiant soldier in his hand were also missing.
At this time, Shiyi county commandant really even eats people’s hearts. Someone made a determined effort to chop up the people who stole his money.
Although I can’t wait for the horse to find the thief, Shiyi county commandant doesn’t want the magistrate Xiancheng to intervene.
He is also worried that his affairs will be known by the county magistrate Xiancheng.
Shiyi county commandant regretted that he had known it would happen, so he gave some money to the county magistrate Xiancheng to put these belongings in the city.
Even if he gets half of it, he still has half left, which is better than getting nothing and losing his right-hand man and 1000 chosen men.
If you don’t have the money, you can still rob Shiyi County Commandant. Although you are distressed, you are not crazy because of this loss.
But one thousand soldiers and the first valiant soldier disappeared in this way, and it was even more unacceptable for Shiyi county commandant to have his money stolen.
After a few days, nothing happened in the mountain village, and the villagers gradually calmed down and continued to live in the mountain village.
Shiyi’s catching fast is also like forgetting that there is such a thing. Some people talk about it after dinner.
But Shiyi county commandant has been secretly investigating and letting people monitor near the village every day.
But he can be futile. Bai Sheng and others can’t come to this mountain village again. Even if Shiyi county commandant keeps people here for a generation, they may not be able to wait until Bai Sheng.
On the other side, Bai Sheng and others took advantage of the fact that it was too early to return to the mountains outside Zhending.
At the right time, it was already dawn, and they did not enter the city.
Not afraid of being captured by needles and knowing their identity, but afraid of being seen by others.
Since Zhou Yong sent someone here, Lingyun has become more and more low-key
Bai Sheng and GongSunYing also know that Lingyun intends to enter the city at this time and will certainly be seen.
And they are holding nearly a thousand prisoners and dozens of boxes.
If people from Shiyi find this way, it will be easy to guess that they really want the army to do it.
Therefore, Bai Sheng GongSunYing decided to wait until after dark to transport these dozens of boxes into the city.
And this group of Shiyi soldiers who were captured were temporarily built in the mountain to build a cottage.
In the shanzhai, I counted the property I got. Bai Sheng returned to Zhending City alone and Lingyun reported the situation last night.
It is very sad to learn that Lingyun gained fifteen million taels of silver last night, but a message behind Bai Sheng made Lingyun even more excited.