"No, you have to stand here and let me have a good fight." Lin Keer du du mouth said.

"This can’t be done. You have to come and hit me yourself." Li Yi * * Lin Keer’s little hand said.
Don’t say, the protection is still * good, * * *.
"Li Yi, you pity me and let me die?" Lin Keer is a little reluctant to ask.
"It’s not that I’m not passionate about jade, but there are some things that need to be done on my own. If you face the enemy, you and the enemy say that you are passionate about jade and let me kill you. Is that possible? It is definitely impossible, and the enemy estimates that it will fly to you directly. " Li Yi smile happily of say.
"No matter what, I’m sure I can hit you with my own strength." Lin Keer mouth pursed said.
"Forget it, forget it, you see it’s getting dark, so let’s stop it." Li Yi is also afraid that it will take too long at once, and it will not be fun if the little heron has fallen asleep when she goes back.
"No, Li Yi, you can either stand here and let me hit you, or I will hit you with my strength." It seems that what Lin Keer decided must be carried out naturally without any accident.
"Chloe, don’t …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Smelly boy, I’m making my debut, spreading flowers, spreading flowers!" Wuji said.
"Dead old man, what do you want? I haven’t finished yet!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Don’t say that finish, don’t say that finish, what happened to your boy? Did you smoke? " Wuji said.
"Old man, what do you mean? Come and find fault? " Li Yi asked.
"It’s really a crime. As I said before, girls are * and love. How about now? Lin Keer can’t stand it if she is a little headstrong. Do you say that you are guilty of smoking?" Infinite smile happily of say.
"Old man, it’s just the right time for you to come, or I’ll definitely make a mistake." Li Yi said.
"Children, sometimes it is normal to make some mistakes. If you don’t make any mistakes, then I should consider whether you are a child." Promise will stop when you finish.
"Li Yi, it seems that you chose to stand here and let me hit it!" Lin Keer smile happily asked.
"What the hell, when did I choose to stand and let you fight?" Li Yi felt very different at first, but then he understood that Lin Keer looked at himself standing here, motionless, and thought he was going to be beaten passively. Is he that kind of person? The decisive answer is no.
"Well, then you are ready. My fist has no eyes. It would be interesting to beat you black and blue." Lin Keer acted as if he were really a fierce man.
Gee, I’ll be surprised if you say you have eyes on your fist, and you’re black and blue. How is that possible? Forget it, forget it, girl, just let yourself be negative.
Li Yi directly saw Lin Keer punching himself with his own pink fist.
Oh, I have to give Chloe a good * * look. Girls should be good. How can you do this? You can fight if you say so.
Li Yi directly flashed Lin Keer’s small powder fist and flashed behind Lin Keer.
"Li Yi, you … you … you are so hateful. How can you do this?" Lin Keer asked some angry.
"What’s wrong with me? I didn’t let you hit me with your own strength, I didn’t let you. " Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Li Yi, you are shameless, and you actually take advantage of me." Lin Keer qiao face a red said.
"We are in a very formal competition, and it is inevitable that there will be some physical touch, which you and I can’t avoid." Li Yi pretends to be careless, but in fact, in Lin Keer’s eyes, she looks impressive.
Things actually look like this, Li Yi at the moment of flicker, suddenly stretched out his hand, * * * Lin Keer.
It’s all my girlfriend, how come it’s still like this? It’s just your * * *, and it’s not a more important place. As for the desperate look!
"Li Yi, you are so hateful. Don’t let me knock you down. If I knock you down, I will definitely beat you black and blue." Lin Keer seems to be a little slightly angry this time.
What a nuisance, I’m your girlfriend. As for taking advantage of me, I’m all his. No, I must fix Li Yi well this time.
If Li Yi knew Lin Keer’s thoughts at the moment, he would regret it. Anyway, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, so why should he be in a hurry? But Li Yi may never know.
"Chloe, come after me, girl chasing man, it’s very interesting." Li Yi ran out smiling.
"Li Yi, stop, it’s disgusting." Lin Keer’s silver teeth crunched.
"I’m not going to stop. If I stop, I don’t know what will happen!" Li Yi made a face as he spoke.
"Li Yi, you’d better run fast, don’t let me catch you." Lin Keer chased Li Yi said.
Hee hee, life is really interesting, so carefree every day, and a group of girls accompany me, which is wonderful.
Son of a bitch, you’re still carefree. You’ll know what it means to be sad. There are n times more than you think.
"Li Yi, Li Yi, be careful, look at the road!" Lin Keer very anxious shouted.
"ah? What’s the situation? " Li Yi quickly came out from the imagination and looked at it. Damn it, did Lin Keer deliberately fool himself?
Listen to 1 of "Peng", Lin Keer turned his head away.
"Damn it, he drinks cold water and plugs his teeth." Li Yi fainted after saying this sentence.
"Li Yi, Li Yi, are you all right?" Lin Keer quickly ran to the side of Li Yi and asked.
Li Yi was silent. No, she fainted.
"I told you to look at the road, look at the road, but you just don’t look at the road. What’s the matter? I bumped into it and let you remember it for a long time." Lin Keer said * * Li Yi head.
Lin Keer doesn’t like Li Yi? No, she does. It’s just that Lin Keer gives people a general feeling. He likes bickering and wrangling with Li Yi, but Lin Keer really likes Li Yi.
In this way, Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and sighed, and helped Li Yi to the side.
I’m a grass mud horse. That man who has no sense of public morality planted trees here, so I bumped into him like this without even looking. Draw a circle and curse him for not having a small penis. If he is a woman, forget it.
Actually, the thing is like this. Li Yi was thinking about things as he ran. Li Yi didn’t fully hear Lin Keer’s shout, so she heard a road watch and looked at it. When Li Yi looked at the front, she found that there was a big tree here.
Originally, there was no problem in avoiding it with Li Yi’s strength, but Li Yi found a problem. At this moment, his feet were particularly slippery and it was impossible to control himself.
Li Yi wanted to use magic gas to protect the body, but Lin Keer was nearby, and Li Yi finally chose to bump into it.
"Li Yi, what do you have? Are you talking? " Lin Keer was in a hurry and forgot that Li Yi had fainted.
Li Yi doesn’t know how to describe Lin Keer. Otherwise, his IQ will be extremely high, or he will die badly, so I can only say that.
"Li Yi, you must not have anything. If you have something, what shall I do?" Lin Keer said, while looking at Li Yi with watery eyes, as if tears would fall on Li Yi’s clothes the next moment.
"Such a beautiful little girl will not look good if she cries her face, so don’t cry." A sound came.
Lin Keer thought it was Li Yi joking, so he looked at Li Yi and found that Li Yi didn’t wake up at all, and at that time he was a little wary.
Chapter one hundred and seven Send home (3)
"Who are you?" Lin Keer shouted to the nearby Woods.