The first wife will be secretly happy and pretend to comfort her sister and make her feel relieved.

But secretly still thinking about killing my sister.
At this point, she met an ambitious person with a huge wind.
Feng Giant asked her to go to the people of Luo Zhuang to deal with this matter, so there was the massacre of Liu Mansion.
The first wife never imagined that she would kill herself because of her poor jealousy.
Luo Zhuang people, if Mrs. Qian can give money, there must be more than all the money in Liu Mansion.
They were divided into several steps to learn about Liu Mansion’s industry, but every plan fell through.
Because among the many wives in Liu Mansion, except my sister, no one knows how many industries Liu Mansion has.
So they got the message and naturally wanted to find the safest way.
Everyone in nanhu town knows that my sister is kind-hearted, even if she is a dirty stray dog on the roadside, she will feed them herself.
So Allen appeared in nanhu town dressed in despair and asked his sister to take him in.
Moreover, he also compiled many fantastic lies for his sister, which made her lost for a short time.
After my sister has been in contact with him for a long time, her personality has been distorted and her world outlook has changed.
She resisted Liu’s kindness to her, and she doubted Liu’s sincerity.
She questioned whether Master Liu would choose to rescue her because of her beauty and color.
God knows it’s perfect that Master Liu didn’t look at her again when he saved his sister. "
Speaking of which, Meng Mei actually shed tears involuntarily.
Sound slightly choked up, "big brother, you know that Allen cheated her sister’s feelings, which led to the gradual alienation of her sister and master Liu’s feelings rather than the rupture."
After that, Master Liu was exhausted and turned all his property into his sister’s name.
In this way, the goal of green Luo Zhuang has been achieved.
Then, as you can see, Liu’s residence was devastated, and my sister took revenge on Qing Luo Zhuang, only to be pushed over a cliff by premeditated Allen.
If it weren’t for me, I would have seen through Allen’s ulterior motives. At this moment, I’m afraid we are all buried in the devil’s knife like Liu Gongguan. "
Mengmei’s story is over.
And everyone in the carriage was silent.
Sitting in the back row, devoted to dust, with a dull face and tears, so is Meng Mei.
Liang Ping can finally understand that all their strange words and deeds are due to such a terrible experience.
I suddenly felt sad and felt that I should do my best to help the two sisters.
Liang Ping, who is also kind, feels that she can be as good as Mushroom Office said, and that she should pay for her sisters.
At this moment, Liang Ping also hates the people of Luo Zhuang, and wants to eradicate Luo Zhuang at one stroke.
Chapter 12 Spying Failure
The jeep sped past the flat mountain road and soon saw a lonely village with dim lights in the mountains.
Liang Ping immediately slowed down, and they all agreed that the lonely village was the location of Qing Luo Zhuang’s rudder.
There is still a long way to go from the lonely village. In the silent night, the huge engine alarmed Liang Ping, a villager in the lonely village, and suddenly stepped on the brakes.
"Let’s go and see the situation."
Liang Ping hits the car door.
Slash the door