At the same time, kur, the seat of the Dragon Tooth Team, is also talking to lee.

Auxiliary and ad appeared at the same time in the road. Xiaolong wanted to refresh the earthquake, and Fu Weibo knew that the opposite side of this little dragon must take the opportunity to take it. Therefore, in the road, he quickly advanced with Niutou.
"The third little dragon has been refreshed. It seems that the gg team must be giving up this little dragon. They have already got two little dragons in their hands. It is indeed a pity to give up, but I have to say that they have made a correct decision."
Yuri, the European commentator, is looking forward to the meeting between the two sides, and it is not a pity that his desire falls.
But at once, the feeling of expectation in his heart became stronger.
Gg team’s retreat and development is bound to usher in a more violent outbreak. Perhaps it will still be the victory of Longya team, but an audience is more looking forward to this competition process.
"Dragon teeth side will fight dragons immediately after Xiaolong refreshes, but it is determined that gg side will not fight with them. Sword Ji has not sent demon Ji, and it is still in the middle of the road. Here, blind monks cooperate with road ez and trolls to fight."
Lele also glanced at the front and back brain screen, and the various lines of gg team were still developing steadily, so I knew that this little dragon tooth team was going to be closed.
"But! Look at the position of my god, he seems to have ideas! "
"From f4 to the back of the red buff grass, he went around to the wild area of Longya. Do you really want to grab this little dragon? But it’s hard for Longya to snatch Xiaolong from these three people because he has made a vision in the circle of Xiaolong. "
The big screen was refreshed when the game came to 20 minutes.
Because the two teams of gg Team Road went to the road, everyone naturally knew that gg was not prepared to fight the little dragon of Longya Positive Group.
However, when the big-screen Dragon Tooth Team hit the little dragon’s blood volume to half, Lele and Dongka saw this scene from the front brain screen, and the gdeyes barrel came leisurely after receiving f4.
"Little dragon’s blood volume is one third. My god’s cask is still moving in the grass. Does he really want to rob this little dragon?
Blood volume is about to enter the scope of punishment. "
The music in the commentary came to an abrupt end. When I saw that the barrel was directly hit by an E-skill bullet at this most critical moment, my eyes were already fixed on the front brain screen.
Then came the sound of punishment.
"Got it!
Oh, my God! My barrel was punished and robbed the dragon from the hands of three people. "
The fourth volume Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven The Dragon Emperor
"h~ygdeyes, this guy directly sent e skills to the Xiaolong circle to punish and grab this Xiaolong!"
At this moment, the huge stadium of Rock Gymnasium burst into short but huge exclamations.
No one could have thought that this gg team seemed to have given up Xiaolong, and it would take Xiaolong away as soon as an e-skill bullet hit the barrel.
Then even when the dragon teeth people didn’t finish reacting, they flashed out of the little dragon circle.
"Oh, my God, the cask actually grabbed the little dragon!"
"I have to let go of this wave of dragons, so I rushed over with an e and took it away with a disciplinary action?"
Commentary Xi Lele and Dongka were almost petrified, although they saw that this wave of barrels had robbed the dragon from the emperor’s perspective a few seconds before Xiaolong was punished
But after all, it was an intention. Later, when the barrel rushed to the Xiaolong circle with an E skill, it made all the audience stunned.
"Lie trough! At the moment of 6666, it is still my dragon emperor! "
"The dragon tooth team was heartbroken all over the place. After the original gg team gave up the little dragon group, this little dragon was secure. Who knows that my god directly took it away with a punishment?"
"It feels like I’m going with an E, and then I robbed the dragon. This lee is stupid."
On the big screen, this wave of barrels grabbed Xiaolong, and then immediately flashed to escape. The picture was also deeply imprinted in everyone’s eyes, not only tens of thousands of people at the scene, but also the barrage of the brain screen.
This is not the great expectation of gg team fans, which is satisfied with the barrel grabbing the dragon. On the contrary, the barrel brings surprises when no one expects to grab the dragon suddenly.
"nie, my God 666"
In the gg team headset, Huang Zeming and Jiang Zhen Hou both laughed.
"Longya here wants to chase another cask of my god, because this cask went around Longya Wild Area to rob Xiaolong, but it was blown up by a big recruiting department directly, so it should be impossible to chase me. God is going to retreat."
"How was the dragon robbed?"
Single kur looks pale in the dragon teeth team competition table in the headset middle way
His face changed instantly when he saw a little dragon soul rising from his body as a wild animal screamed.
This little dragon’s duet across the road has completely given up the middle road. Lulu and Shan Dashu are cleaning up the lines in the middle two lines respectively. Little dragon is fighting wild and road, but it is the opposite barrel that finally grabs buff.
When kur’s eyes turned to Xiaolong River again, it was a big move of the barrel in the field of vision to blow up and chase three people to retreat from the picture.
"In this case, Longya suffered a terrible loss. No one expected that this wave of my god barrels would actually grab the Xiaolong gg team, that is, three little dragons were in hand!"
Lele stared at the screen and shook his belly barrel, but he couldn’t help exclaiming, "My god chose the barrel. This hero is doomed that he is the front row and the controller, and it is unlikely to play too high output in the team battle."
But there is no doubt that a top wild player, I am trying to prove to everyone what his role is. gdeyes is always gdeyes! "
The joy brought by grabbing this little dragon is hard to disperse in Lele’s heart, because grabbing this little dragon is really too important for gg.