+9 refining success rate 1%

If +9 equipment appears, whatever class equipment is, it will be crowned with the title of the Buddha, and at the same time, the Youlong delegation will award the owner of the Buddha with the title of "Destroying the Buddha" and will also award 50,000 US dollars.
Sure enough, as Qinglong said, the higher the class, the lower the chance of refining success.
I’m afraid that the game "Say" will not be able to appear in the whole life in Youlong’s group. After all, the chances of success in refining this equipment are too low to be lower.
Now, let’s go to Nuwa Temple and find some BOSS to kill. After all, if you want to get refined crystal, you have to kill BOSS to explode, and it is necessary to kill BOSS Nuwa Temple.
When I thought of it, I did it. After finishing it, I immediately set out outside the city, then offered a guide sword and set out directly for the Nuwa Temple.
"frost wyrm broken! 」
25, 247, 22, and 263 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
You know, when frost wyrm broke the snake on the first floor of Nuwa Temple, the grass sword gave a 4% bonus to snake monsters, and damage per second was all there+,but now the damage has been weakened by four-thirds. How can I not be surprised and stupidly?
It seems that not long ago, the game balance was almost broken because of my powerful skills of devouring God. This time, the Youlong regiment spent blood to completely modify our skill damage, and the original skill damage profile was also blurred at the moment.
Take the grass sword as an example. Now I will introduce how much damage I have done and avoid it.
The blade artifact of the grass shovel (combined with the head of the water serpent) is one of the three great artifacts of Uchibo clan. The ability of being cursed by sealing the serpent has been greatly reduced. Now the curse has been lifted. Wearing requires sharingan’s successor’s physical attack power of 324 attributes +2 hits +3%, which has 4% damage to snake monsters and lasts for 4/4 weight. 2 Attached skills: frost wyrm breaking, Xuan Bing flowing and ice explosion.
Frost wyrm breaks the mana cost of advanced active skill, summoning frost wyrm to break the enemy’s front troops all the time, causing great damage. It takes 3 seconds to accumulate energy, and the skill cools down for 3 minutes.
Xuan Bing Stream’s advanced active skill consumes 12 mana, which fills the surrounding area with cold ice stream, causing Xuan Bing damage to the surrounding area, and at the same time, it has a 3% chance to freeze the opponent for 5 seconds. When releasing the Xuan Bing Stream skill, its defense resistance is strengthened by 5%, and when it needs to accumulate energy, the skill is cooled for 5 minutes.
The primary active skill of ice explosion consumes 15 mana, which condenses the strong ice flow in the palm of your hand and then penetrates the opponent’s body at close range, so that the ice flow rushes into the cell structure of the opponent’s cell tissue. Because the ice explosion skill not only has a great destructive effect on the opponent, but also does great harm to your own body, it will be severely countered by energy every time.
"I really don’t know what my ice explosion is now modified into." You know the ice explosion skill, but I am a pillar trick. At the moment, I am influenced by frost wyrm’s breaking and Xuan Bing’s flowing skills, so that I can make an ice explosion on the ordinary snake on the first floor of Nuwa Temple to see how much damage per second has been weakened.
"Ice burst! 」
When the palm Xuanbing force penetrated into the snake’s body, 2545 damage floated, and the snake was directly killed by the ice explosion. Then, when the snake fell to the ground and died, six bright red damage pairs floated on my head.
"Alas, I didn’t expect the ice explosion to be weakened so much, so I, Harle and Tianzhao, didn’t I?" You know, the ice explosion damage should have been 250 thousand, but now it’s only 25 thousand, and damage per second has been weakened by nineteen
Then, isn’t it also greatly weakened and hurt by the same pillar of reading in January and taking photos in the sky?
Chapter three hundred and twelve Film shooting
When I quickly walked to the entrance of the Nuwa Temple, it was time to find a layer to protect the BOSS, the White Snake King, to test the power of Harle and Tianzhao.
I hope that damage per second will not be weakened and disgraced!
Sharingan transforms the mirror into sharingan!
"Mirror sharingan-pupillary technique, the day! 」
"Mirror sharingan-illusion, Harle! 」
Sharingan, a universal mirror formed by three-wheeled sickle hooks, quickly runs up. The original dense forest scene, a mysterious Harle that changes blood red, comes again.
2525(5) (overlapping output of the former), 5, 5, 5, 2525(5), 5, 5, 5, 5, 2525(5), 5, 5 …
Because the White Snake King’s level is relatively low, the defense is naturally relatively weak, so Harle’s attack damage can only have 25+ damage. If it is changed to a similar level, the strange damage will probably be 1,000 points, and there should be no change.
"It’s a good thing that Tianzhao and Harle have not been weakened, otherwise this game can’t be played." The double damage of Tianzhao and Harle has not been weakened, and I am naturally greatly relieved. After all, this is a super artifact, and sharingan’s two unique tricks are also weakened. Then my advantage will swing.
In fact, even if the damage of Tianzhao and Harle’s skills is really weakened, I will continue to play. After all, players who are weaker than me are everywhere in the game. Wouldn’t it be a pity to give up like this?
Harle and Tianzhao’s damage has not been weakened. My heart is relaxed. Only then did I look at the equipment exploded by the White Snake King. Although these small BOSS explosive equipment roots have nothing to do with it, they have been modified now, but there are refining crystals, so I have to check one.
"One piece, two pieces, three pieces are good. I didn’t expect that the little White Snake could explode three pieces of refining crystal. Today, my luck is really good." The White Snake King’s equipment is extremely refining crystal for me, so there is no place to equip it. I took three pieces of refining crystal.
"Didi Didi!" Just when I got three pieces of refining crystals and planned to enter the second floor of Nuwa Temple, the com immediately rang.
"Little Dragon, do you have it these days? It’s time for us to end the love of god quickly. Now all that’s missing from the whole story is your signature Crystal Crysal.
Hungry? I can’t believe it was Liu Lingfei who sent me a message. Well, now that I’ve seen my skills, it’s time to help her. In this way, I can go to Alcatraz with God.
I returned to Nuwa City and quickly hired a car to go to Xuanyuan Imperial City and directly came to SF Film and Television Base.
Just entering the shooting scene, I saw the crystal Crysal, who had been waiting there for a long time. Today, she has been replaced by an ancient lady’s ornament, which looks extremely beautiful. I think it should be the drama props that are out of love. Giggling, the world is really exaggerated, and it can make SF film and television base produce such a costume.
"how about it? Beautiful? " It is rare to have such an opportunity, and Liu Lingfei naturally played a seductive role. At the same time, he slowly turned a circle in a reductive way, and with the exquisite costumes of ancient ladies, she showed her proud and slim posture.
I am dazzled by such a beautiful scene as the appearance of a beautiful woman, and I wish I could stay in this picture forever.
It’s a pity that things always have intentions to go against it. This time, when the great director saw that the hero was rarely present again, he immediately arranged his troops and took over the drama that had not been filmed not long ago. Of course, watching the beauty appear was interrupted directly.
However, I didn’t complain about being interrupted to watch the beauty appear, but I returned it to be in heaven, because I am the hero of this drama, and it is naturally difficult for the hero and heroine to cuddle once the drama is filmed, which makes me feast my eyes.
"The dragon soul Sir Could you please be professional? Hook up with some characters and attach some feelings to the opponent. "I was criticized by the director of this drama again after just shooting for less than three or four minutes." I’ve been driven crazy by you. I’ve seen stupidity, but I’ve never seen it as stupid as you. It’s even stupider than a fool. "
Ahem, because I don’t have any superb acting skills, every time I shoot a director, I think it’s too much. Every time I shoot a story, I have to remake it almost seventeen times before I can pass it.
Well, it’s a good thing that most of my solo scenes have already been finished in body double, and now there are important diagonal scenes and important fighting scenes, so the director, although extremely angry, continues to shoot according to his tolerance.
"That Mr. Dragon Soul, shuriken, raise it a little higher. That’s it. Xuanbingjian resists the three-pointed two-edged fork of Erlang God’s weapon, and then turns it over and directly lets Xuanbingjian swing from the two-edged fork handle to attack Erlang God’s body." The martial arts instructor who destroyed God’s love clapped his hands and said appreciatively, "VERYGOOD didn’t expect that Mr. Dragon Soul was so qualified to play opera."
Hehe, after all, I’m also a world leader, the Avenger Dragon Soul. Isn’t it easy to use such simple martial arts means in my hands?
"Mr. Dragon Soul doesn’t know how many backflips you can maneuver after jumping?" Another martial arts instructor suddenly pulled me to the side and asked mysteriously.
"This should be able to flip three or four." Now the strength and other attributes are very strong, and the game has the skill of high jump and second jump, so I think it should be able to flip three or four after the second jump.
"That’s very troublesome. Mr. Dragon Soul will jump twice in front of the worse gate for a while, and then our camera lens will immediately follow, and Mr. Dragon Soul will directly perform four backflips, and then Xuan Bing’s sword tip will drop to the ground, directly scaring the surrounding heavenly soldiers and forcing them back."
The martial arts instructor made a few imaginary strokes, which made me understand the main points, and then continued, "After you scare off the surrounding heavenly soldiers and generals, you can directly replace the Xuanbing sword in your hand with the grass sword, and then gather frost wyrm to break the skills to bomb the worse gate. Then we will directly make the worse gate explode and shatter according to your frost wyrm breaking skills. Well, by the way, it’s best to be faster when weapons are changed, and don’t show any unnecessary clues."
After telling me about it again, the martial arts instructor said to the extras next to him, "Pay attention, you guys. When Mr. Dragon Soul leaps out, you should be prepared. When the Xuanbing sword falls, you should remember it as if it was forced back by energy bombing. You should act realistically. Well, you should also pay attention to the blasting and fragmentation of the Nantianmen. When frost wyrm breaks through the sword, you should always pay attention to it. Don’t blow it too early or too late. You must master it."
"It’s all settled, isn’t it? Lightman lighs (light shadow shooting term! Pay attention to Sele`down (ready! )ACION!” When the director saw that we were all ready, he immediately planned to shoot. Because of the long-term director’s occupational disease, he naturally asked him to say professional terms repeatedly.
Whoo! Fortunately, when I first came, Liu Lingfei had taught me some technical terms in the film. Otherwise, I’m sure I can’t understand what the director just said.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Excalibur seal
Ok, gossip is not good. When the director shouted ACION, I immediately put on a two-stage jump according to the martial arts guide, and then flipped five times in the middle, which attracted the audience to applaud.
After the back flip, the tip of the sword retreated from the group after the earthquake. Therefore, when I stand upside down and then fall vertically quickly, the Xuanbing sword in my hand is straight to the ground.
When the tip of the sword is about to touch the ground, the surrounding actors are also very cooperative, and they rely on their own things to climb back. At first glance, it is really a bit shocked by the strength of gas.
"frost wyrm is broken!" In order to show it realistically, when I landed, I had replaced my prop Xuanbing Sword with my own artifact Caozhi Sword, so frost wyrm flashed through the sword in the cold light and bared his teeth and collided with the worse.