"It’s my turn to take care of you!" Emma struggled to help Mad Dog Dragon before she left, and both of them limped away.

But before I got out of a few steps, Mad Dog Dragon suddenly sighed, "Let me sit for a while!" "
Emma obviously doesn’t understand "We’re not leaving?"
Mad dog dragon sat on the grass and closed his eyes. "It’s better to recover a little after being chased-we still have hope of escape."
"There are enemies?" Emma immediately looked around in shock. "It seems that no one is there!"
Mad dog dragon said lightly, "The enemy is not from the ground."
Since it’s not the ground, it must have flown in from the sky. Emma looked up and sure enough, there were five flying magic sticks in the forest, and the volume was getting bigger and bigger, which showed that the enemy had found his position.
After 15 seconds, the flying magic wand jumped to about 1 person, and all kinds of professional players have it, and it is obvious that these people’s demeanor and temperament are not easy to deal with the role. It is not that the two of them can deal with the role in their current state.
This group of people is mostly led by a black-robed rune * * teacher. She looked down at the female mage’s body and couldn’t help but show surprise. Then she looked up at the surprised expression of the person sitting opposite and turned into doubt.
Rune mage waved his hand and three charge soldiers came with swords.
As soon as Emma’s hand touched the waist axe, something strange happened. Three charge soldiers suddenly fell down.
"This …" Emma gaped.
Rune mage also dazed, three soldiers forehead heart place with a black iron fine steel arrow is obviously the archer to seconds.
The question is, where is this archer? The sniper’s shot has reached the level of interest. What is this concept?
At the sight of three people being shot by an arrow, Mad Dog Dragon’s eyes lit up. It seems that our reinforcements have arrived at Lan Yaotian and Blade is already around here.
"Go!" Mad dog dragon got up and ran.
"Leave them both!" Rune mage shout out
At the same time, five or six wizards around her "plop plop" fell all over the floor. Everyone had the same black iron arrow in their forehead, and there was no blood flow, which showed that the sharp arrow of the other side was ridiculously fast.
The rune mage was taken aback. The staff released a fire phoenix into the air and flew towards a big tree.
The real body hasn’t flown yet, but the treetops are ablaze first. Phoenix fiercely incarnates a light beam through the treetops. This time, even Emma can see clearly that the light beam hits the chest of a black armor archer, but the black armor archer actually chooses to carry it hard and raise his hand at the same time, and shoots a huge arrow with a large longbow.
This shot will have a sound. This huge arrow roared and hit a curved light barrier, which is the rune mage shield.
The shield withstood the impact of the giant arrow like a bubble, but the giant arrow purred as if it were psychic.
In an incredible scene, a blue brilliance emerged from the giant arrow and flashed through the shield to hit the rune mage’s forehead.
Like her hand, she lay on her face with an incredible expression.
The powerful backup of Tiankang Group was cleaned by this black armor archer for three or two seconds. Emma’s eyes were straight. Anyway, she had never seen such a super archer.
The black armor archer is not only terrible in strength but also quite agile in skill. He jumped three times and two times like a monkey in a big tree and jumped in front of the mad dog dragon and took out a handful of medicine. "Mr. Qing sent the specific medicine to eat quickly!"
It was not until Mad Dog Dragon swallowed the medicine that Lan Yaotian Blade said, "I received an urgent order from General Wu to ensure your safety at all costs. Fortunately, I arrived at the time."
Mad dog dragon nodded and felt warm in his heart. Without the instructions on the waters, it is estimated that Lan Yaotian’s blade would not have come all the way from Teisburg to here. I’m afraid it took a lot of precious resources to get away alive.
"Let’s go! Mu Zixing’s eyes will meet the plane ahead, and if there is any delay, the Huadu witch will arrive here! " Lan Yaotian waved and said, "If I meet that woman, I’m not sure I can shoot him with an arrow."
"hmm!" Mad dog dragon limped after him into the depths of the jungle to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-one Commander
Flaming Star Tianlong Army General Base
The brunette knocked on the door and the leader was watching the information on the screen "Come in!" "
The brunette said, "The chief commander will call a meeting in 15 minutes. He asked me to inform you that you must attend."
"Who else is there besides me?" The leader asked quietly, in fact, this is to know what the commander’s next move is
The brunette said, "I heard that the boss of sharping Army will visit our headquarters in 15 minutes."
The leader was taken aback. The two families have never ruled out each other. Now sharping’s boss suddenly opened the door. What’s the big deal?
"I know. Cut the mirror image into the conference room. I’ll be right there!" Chief light ordered.
The conference room of Tianlong Army General Base couldn’t be simpler. In such a big room, there is an oval conference table. After the central probe drops a thick ray, the mirror images of the seats are constantly taking shape. This is because with the permission of the base, the guests are mirrored from far away places as if they were real people on the spot.
The mirror image of the leader, the rich man and the widow has been seated at the center of the conference table. An old man in uniform and hale spirits is taking shape. This is the supreme leader of Tianlong troops-the commander!
His costume and temperament really look like an army commander. He is determined, calm and domineering. Even if he is a mirror image, you can feel his powerful aura.
The commander said slowly, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Lao Gaogao, the highest head of the sharping Army, and always an old friend of mine. Today is the first time to visit us."
Next to him, a man in a black suit and dark glasses slowly stood up and nodded to the crowd. "They are all brothers. I have admired your names for a long time!"
The leader, the rich man and the widow all nodded their heads and said hello.
Mr. Gao pointed to a man wearing a motorcycle helmet next to him after a simple ceremony. "He is a technical expert in sharping who once participated in the famous black spider escape operation. I won’t talk nonsense. Let him answer your questions!"
The three leaders were really surprised. It is no wonder that this man has been in contact with the grassroots empire. The commander wants to meet Gao Zonghui.
Alex will be surprised if he is present, because this man is cooperating with the waters to illegally invade the federal general police station in Brussels, Uzi. Archie doesn’t know what methods sharping forces have used to save this man.
The commander said, "I hope you can answer our questions."
Archie stood up respectfully. "Commander, it’s very kind of you. I will tell you what I know."
Then the widow asked the first question, which was very sharp. "When did the employer give you the bill before the Black Spider operation?"
She didn’t even ask Archie if he had seen anyone on the river. She doesn’t need to ask such a low-level question. The meticulous style of the grassroots empire can never reveal her true identity.
Archie said, "A week before the action day."
The prison break went so smoothly, there must be precise planning and preparation in advance, and Archie was contacted three days before the action to prove that the grass-roots empire was quite prepared, vigilant and confident.
The widow wore a butterfly mask with a bright red lip. She lit a lady’s cigarette and put it in her mouth. "If you know that Wake’s name is on the rescue list, why did you take this order?"
Archie sighed, "I owed a favor to Black Rose many years ago. I have to take this one!" "
The leader secretly sighed that the grass-roots empire was strong, which was really not blown out, and such a secret could be found.