There is a trace of killing around. Zuo Tangtang is here watching the stagger and being beaten to pieces, helping the people to express their deep sympathy and sympathy.

Teenagers, it would be naive of you to simply say that this is the end.
Wang’s anger is more than that, okay?
Sure enough, nine days after the last soy sauce gang was killed, it was notified directly on the nearby channel.
[Nearby] Go back to the gang immediately after nine days!
[Nearby] Everyone in nine days! Department! ! !
It’s rare for everyone to hang a bottle to have such an opportunity to kill the pit goods who play tricks on themselves all day. The quartet is secretly pleased to see how strong the exclamation point of their Wang is after nine days. The wicked have to be ground by the wicked. This group of lai is finally going to be planted today.
I don’t know what it will be like to wait for them when I get into the channel again.
"First of all, everyone gave me the resurrection! Don’t try to play dead! Make room for the road and roll back to the station! "
It’s over. Listen, does that sound like a big fire? Playing soy sauce, everyone pulled a long face and even didn’t care much about their friends, so they sent them back to the station.
"Well, let’s talk about it now" is a cold voice for nine days.
Answering for nine days was quiet.
Is it really quiet?
The team channel is in full swing at this time.
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar Help What do we say?
[Team] Call me the truth. I don’t know, but there is one thing we must do.
[Team] What is a cat with peas?
[Team] Call me the Truth Emperor. He will never take the initiative to expose his faults.
[Team] Seven Crows But what’s wrong with us? He was dumped and we took it out on him. Isn’t this the time to show brotherhood? What, are we still wrong?
[Team] Call me Truth Emperor, and I know we are wronged.
[Team] Call me the Truth Emperor, but I don’t see what Wang is like now. I know that my face is livid without looking. At this time, we shouldn’t care about following Mao Fu, okay?
[Team] Seven Crows Mm-hmm. Got it
[Team] I got it.
[Team] Mu Yun is carefree/got it
People are scared to let this evil spirit in. You know, he may tell Wang. Okay.
Now that we know, don’t blame us. You’re welcome. Everyone hides behind their heads and smiles insidiously.
Who knows MuYun idle not care.
[Team] Muyun is free. I said, Hoohoo, come with me. I’ll take you to a very interesting place. Now it’s nine days before I get angry. It’s not good if I hurt Gu and give you a hand.
Everyone who plays soy sauce suddenly realizes that the right fist hammers the left palm. Oh, how can my sister paper accept the brain criticism of the gang leader at this moment? It’s thoughtful of this guy to be idle at the key moment!
[Team] I don’t stew pig’s trotters!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed. I want to stay with everyone!
What! Did we hear right? The soy sauce gang suddenly burst into tears. Do you want to accompany us to live and die together? Oh, my god Sure enough, no one is as clever and obedient as my sister’s paper, so … playing soy sauce to help people hide their faces and cry.
Zuo Tangtang watched involuntarily leaned in and wagged his tail quickly. Everyone was very upset for nine days. Why didn’t the goods come? She stayed here just to join in the fun and see how this group of pit goods will be trained. Now they are all out of the melon and don’t get to the point!
And nine days after being recited by everyone, the whole person is also quite upset. Why don’t these funny people talk? Are they not going to confess?
It doesn’t look like it’s okay without a little threat.
"haven’t you said anything about hijacking the wedding?" Nine days later, Yin Yin said, "If you don’t tell me, I’ll send the hooves to the hanging bottle gang first!"
Nani, why did the topic come to her? Zuo Tangtang is full of puzzles.
Watt? Master, your head was really kicked by a pig! How can you put your sister’s paper in that wolf’s den! Although they are our little friends, we can make friends in minutes if we want to rob our sister’s paper. Besides, my sister’s paper is so cute and lovely that it can’t be done without us being brothers. How can you? How can you have the heart to do this! The soy sauce gang are so angry at the moment that they can’t wait to chop up the nine days.
"I said!" At the moment, a solemn and stirring man rang out from inside.
"fudge! Don’t! " Then another slightly anxious voice said, "You will be killed …"
However, fudge didn’t pay attention to the sound, and it was very hurt. Like a burst of bullets, it roared nine days later, "If you hadn’t been abandoned by that woman! If it weren’t for your hurt! We will avenge you and smash other people’s homes! "
"Death …" The anxious voice is somewhat weak at the moment.
The whole thing fell silent after the fudge roar, and the guy who just persuaded fudge whispered in despair, "He will be angry and we will all die!" "
However, the eerie silence was quickly broken by nine days of weird laughter.
"Ha ha I didn’t listen to wrong? What did you just say? "
It’s over. This ya is really angry from embarrassment. The soy sauce gang are remorseful. Sure enough, they should just stop fudge without fear of evil forces, because it sounds as if they are about to face more than just threats
Nine days later, I was still pondering and laughing. "Love hurts?" Abandoned? Ha ha … "
Let’s see, let’s see, at this time, Wang, we simply can’t stand it. It’s hard to help the people with soy sauce.
"You idiots! Where did you hear that I was hurt? Abandoned? !” After nine days, it finally broke out.
"Didn’t the friends tell us?" Come to play soy sauce to help the people wronged abnormal answer.
"Hang the infusion bag or bottle?" Nine days later, I thought, "That’s impossible. How did they tell you? Tell me honestly! "
On the side, fudge told the story of their conversation with the hanging bottle with trepidation.
Well, if we tell the truth, we will be right. The soy sauce gang was about to take a deep breath when they heard that they were furious nine days later.
"You this group of idiots! I told you to watch less Qiong Yao’s plays, but you just wouldn’t listen! Tell me about hanging a bottle. Which one said I was hurt by love? Hmm? It’s your brains! Today, this is a brain-dead drama! I’m still the main character in the fucking play? Do you have to piss me off? So you can take my place! "
It’s not easy for us to quit and build another gang by ourselves. It’s not easy to play soy sauce, and everyone doesn’t care about spitting.
It’s not our fault that our friends are vague. It’s our Chinese teacher’s good teaching that makes our understanding ability first-class, so we accidentally understand it too much, okay? Why make such a fuss? Didn’t it cause anything yet? After playing soy sauce, everyone said that they could not understand Wang’s hysteria at the moment.
After nine days of panting, I tried to calm myself down and said that I would be punished finally. "All the people involved in this matter handed me a 3,000-word review and sent it to my email!"
Shit! Sure enough, when I joined the gang, I wondered why I had to note that my ball number was here! The soy sauce gang is very indignant.
A bean has something to say. Haha, a bean is full of ideas ~ It won’t be held back after it is finished ~ Try to make up all the debts these days ~ What? ~
[35 Chapter 36 Learn to dig a bird’s nest]
It’s a beautiful day in Suzhou today. Zuo Tangtang sat in the peach tree and turned the mouse to watch the sun shine through the cracks in the leaves. The screen is full of warm colors and I can’t help feeling.
Then I ordered the parcel and looked at the few ingredients left. Zuo Tangtang sighed. This little master Feng Si was really troublesome. All of them were so delicious and served him. As a result, the goodwill rose very slowly.
Look at the map, it’s too far away from Suzhou city. Zuo Tangtang really doesn’t want to supplement the materials and runs around. Forget it, just have a rest in the same place.