I feel glad that I have lived in a good house. Dou Saiqi has long listened to people’s comments, but she has heard what Aunt Ye has said just now.

So she looks very ugly and can’t help frowning when she learns that Ye Jinjin came to this courtyard.
Do you think Ye Jinjin will come to stir up trouble or to demonstrate?
But she’s crazy. Why do you want to demonstrate with her? !
It is better to demonstrate in front of a servant girl.
"If you let the housekeeper or master know that you will be punished just now," Ye Jinjin said slowly.
Smell speech immediately everyone knelt down and begged for mercy. "Please don’t take it to heart. It’s all minions’ mouths."
Say that finish also fan up his mouth.
Ye Jinjin despised chuckle and immediately said, "If you are unhappy, it will be easy to get old and fast, and it may not be too idle to tell the housekeeper and master about such a trivial matter."
Smell speech those people immediately breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt that Ye Jinjin was a bully?
"But the prime minister’s house has you who like to be surrounded by hexagrams? Such a talkative person may add any trouble to the government in the future. It is better to just drive out of the government and raise some useless people. "She said this in the same tone as before.
And those people immediately scared out of the house might as well be punished!
Sure enough, he is a powerful character. No wonder he can get Yuntai done in a short time and still be so popular in Xiangge!
Ye Jinjin is definitely not simple. Stay out of trouble in the future.
"Ask Aunt Ye to show mercy, and the minions will never dare again in the future!"
When he saw Ye Jinjin, he couldn’t help but smile and immediately said, "I’m just joking casually. Will you take it seriously? So beat the door. I’m curious what it looks like to live in madness … "
Chapter 475 The most poisonous woman’s heart
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Because people didn’t dare to neglect Ye Jinjin just now, the place immediately went to the door diligently.
Dou Saiqi, who lives in it, is not only out of favor, but also a madman. They have not offended anyone. Of course, they follow Ye Jinjin’s lead.
The door was slowly beaten, and Ye Jinjin became more and more clear to see Dou Saiqi’s figure.
Dou Saiqi also wants to know how excellent a woman is in a place like Xiangge for such a short time, and let Yuntai, who pays attention to identity, show it.
Although Dou Saiqi’s image is taken care of by the maids, sometimes his expression will not be revealed. Dou Saiqi deliberately scratched his hair and covered his face. When Ye Jinjin saw Dou Saiqi, he felt that Dou Saiqi’s image was really like a madman.
She slowly stepped on the lotus steps and approached Dou Saiqi. Then she asked, "Are you Dou Saiqi?"
Dou Saiqi looked at Ye Jinjin through messy hair and didn’t speak.
Ye Jinjin didn’t get an answer for a long time, and the servant girl around her immediately shouted at Dou Saiqi, "Aunt Bold Ye asked you something, so don’t answer quickly!"
Although Dou Saiqi used to be a prime minister’s wife, she is nothing now. Although Dou Saiqi is crazy, she will still yell at a crazy girl for fear of flattery.
Ye Jinjin smiled and said to the servant girl, "Dou Saiqi is crazy. Will you have such a reprimand?"
But Dou Saiqi can’t help but look complicated. This Ye Jinjin is not a simple woman on the surface. Her eyes have experienced too many things and left vicissitudes.
Ye Jinjin’s appearance has shown that she is by no means a simple and kind person, but Yuntai took her to the government and made her an aunt. What is this?
Are you really confused by beauty?
Ye Jinjin wanted to go near Dou Saiqi again, but Dou Saiqi immediately shouted, "Don’t come if there is a ghost!"
Ye Jinjin’s footsteps were immediately a really obedient meal, and her skirt could not help shaking in place before slowly stabilizing.
"In broad daylight where there will be a ghost? Is it because you have a ghost in your heart? " Ye Jinjin said sarcastically
Although Dou Saiqi was unhappy, he pretended to be "Don’t come here if there is a ghost!"
Ye Jinjin sneered at humanity immediately. "Anyway, Dou Saiqi used to be a lady, the most distinguished hostess of the Prime Minister’s Office. Now you go and make a cup of tea. I want to offer Dou Saiqi a cup of tea."
Smell speech people immediately to do Ye Jinjin slightly satisfied hook lips and sinus saiki but not frown.
She felt that Ye Jinjin wouldn’t be so good, just thinking about offering her tea.
But what exactly is it?
Although I don’t know, Dou Saiqi knows that it is definitely not that simple. She needs to be careful, so she can never suffer!
Now she has no one to rely on and can rely on herself!
The tea arrived soon and the tea was ready on the tray.
Ye Jinjin looked at the makeup eyes and looked at the tray and immediately said to the person, "This tea is for Dou Saiqi, but she is crazy. How can she know to drink it?" You can want to help her. "
Ye Jinjin means to be a man. If you really want to serve tea, you won’t go to so much trouble.
Chapter 476 The most poisonous woman’s heart (2)
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Therefore, they deliberately made the tea very hot, and they also understood that it is very likely that Ye Jinjin came to demonstrate.
Although the object is a madman, it will be very comfortable to rectify it.
"Yes," the girl got the message and walked towards Dou Saiqi with the tray.
Dou Saiqi faintly feels that it is not that simple. If she chooses to escape, it will inevitably make people doubt that if she chooses to stay, then she will definitely suffer.
She should know which one to choose, but she doesn’t want to suffer in vain.
"Don’t come near me if there is a ghost!" Dou Saiqi screamed at once, but the girl still stepped forward step by step and didn’t stop because of her words.
Dou Saiqi couldn’t help but worry. Finally, he ran quickly in one direction and saw that everyone was shocked. It seemed that he knew there was danger and ran away.
Ye Jinjin looked at Dou Saiqi’s rest and ran in one direction. The direction couldn’t help but lift her lips. Is this like madness?
Like, like, who says crazy and can’t notice the danger?
"Arrest her for me, and let her drink the tea today, so that she won’t lose her manners." Then she immediately stared at Dou Saiqi closely.
The prime minister’s wife, right? What if it is? Not yet, but she’s still at her mercy.
It’s really nice to step on your feet hard
Dou Saiqi ran crazy in the room, but immediately after she heard this, she ran in the direction outside the room.
You shouldn’t stay here long. Ye Jinjin never thought about letting her go!
If you don’t run, it’s stupid!
Ye Jinjin sent a message to see Dou Saiqi. When he left the door, someone immediately gave the door to Dou Saiqi first, and then he stopped halfway and continued running in another direction.
People are chasing Dou Saiqi behind her, screaming wildly, which sounds sharp and harsh.
"ah! Ah! Don’t chase me, don’t chase me! "