[Team] Soft soft sugar …

Well, this fudge guy isn’t sure about the truth, either.
[Team] Soft soft sugar star eyes/huh? That’s right
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar Didn’t the little white dragon in Langli just say that he knew everything?
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar Let’s pull him into the team and let him continue to talk and slowly put pressure on the stars in the sky, and then I will send him a message while acting.
[Team] Soft Soft Sugar is proud/He will definitely agree under the circumstances.
The fudge says firmly
But the emperor hesitated to call me the truth. Fortunately, if they had a private chat, even if he didn’t promise to take the fudge show, the crowd around them would let him know what the refusal was and seriously consider their proposal.
And now ….. The stars all over the sky have been blown up by them. It is estimated that if you talk again, you may just break the jar and break it and fight with them. Maybe well, no … Tell me that the truth emperor shook his head. There are so many stars all over the sky that they should be rational. It should be estimated that the biggest possibility is to just leave without caring about anything.
Call me the truth. Did the Emperor guess that the sky was full of stars and the original plan was to call Gen door of people to have a group war?
That’s all. Let’s try this fudge discussion first. If it doesn’t work, just threaten it directly
That’s still quite domineering!
I don’t know what I thought. I’m the truth. The emperor laughs abnormally.
Tong Ruan Ruan Sugar invites you to join the team.
Still thinking about the wording and continuing to argue, the little white dragon screen suddenly jumped out of such a line to be continued.
[339 Chapter three hundred and forty Stupid misunderstanding]
Pigs are really pigs.
Gummy candy is full of disappointment and shook his head. Before looking at it, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. The little white dragon in the waves secretly said,
Fortunately, he asked twice in a row, "Are you sure you know everything?" This guy is actually very determined to answer who gives him confidence … I never think that there is no big deal in this Jianghu. At this time, fudge is also helped by the attitude of the little white dragon in the waves.
Call me the Truth Emperor and others didn’t say a word in the team. In fact, they are thinking about a question at this moment-has their acting really reached the point where no one can see it?
Looking back, I just don’t know what I was very excited about. When the little white dragon entered the team, the conversation and chat told me the truth. The emperor felt that maybe we should immediately give up this so-called pit plan and go directly to a …
[Team] Langli Xiaobailong Star Eye/Fudge Brother!
[Team] Langli Xiaobailong Star Eye/Hello, soy sauce brothers!
I have to say that this young man’s attitude is quite good, so that the original people who tried to make soy sauce like sculptures successfully calmed their irritability before they were completely fried, so that they could not hold on to the situation at the end and successfully brought "big brothers". buff once again nodded sullenly and faintly replied an "hmm" in the team to show the style of big brothers.
At first, there were some people who felt sorry for themselves. They felt that "the front wave beat them to death on the beach" was no longer unique. Now there are many savvy people everywhere in the Jianghu, which is very negative. At this time, when I saw the word "big brother fudge", my eyes were almost bent with laughter. Look at it! I can tell myself! What does this say? This said that in soy sauce, I am the most admired one in Langli Xiaobailong!
Thinking of this, fudge is a little excited to make soy sauce. It’s a well-known little sprout in the Jianghu. He knows it. Of course, those who don’t like it … Fudge waved his hand and said that it must be jealous of them. But in this case, in his view, the future must be so rare. The small white dragon in Langli should be his own diehard fan. I have to say that he is still very happy about it.
But ….. The fudge glanced at his back side and didn’t speak, telling me the truth. The emperor hesitated, and it was a shame, so he was going to be known by the little white dragon in Langli.
I never knew what the definition was before, and I didn’t realize that fudge was very entangled until he suddenly remembered the words of Langli Xiaobailong. Then he suddenly remembered that this guy already knew what they were doing. Then he would listen to the truth and cooperate with this Langli Xiaobailong to finish the scene.
Although he feels that his idol is known by his fans, he is still very embarrassed …
Soft candy is a little shy to think of
However, the Doudou Cat didn’t take everything for granted like fudge, or it was so natural. Looking straight at outsiders, it was strange to spy straight at them, but the little white dragon was somewhat uncertain in his heart.
[Team] Playing Doudou Cat … Little White Horse?
Looking at this familiar mistake, Eddie has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the little white dragon in the waves is very awkward. For a while, the fingers on the keyboard are not naturally contracted. Both of them are forced to hold their breath and move their eyes to one side for two breaths. Then they turn back to the low convergence and swear to stop looking at the peas cat and send a message. Seriously stare at the keyboard and type back.
[Team] The little white dragon in Langli is here!
[Team] Brother Bobcat in Langli has orders!
I have to say that the small white dragon in Langli really speaks simply, but it is very pleasant to hear. Although there was no prejudice against the small white dragon in Langli before, and after listening to it so many times, Mao Ge didn’t know what it was, this time it felt very nice …
[Team] Doudou Cat Chewing Cookies/Do you know what we are doing?
I have unconsciously walked the cold route to fight peas. The cat softened its tone and made a MengMeng expression.
I don’t know, although he doesn’t say it’s a blow, he still thinks it’s too hasty for fudge to make such a decision, so he can’t be sure about it. Is it good to pull people over like this? Even though this guy seems to respect his predecessors, it’s better to ask. After all, they have been like a pillar since just now …
It’s so stupid …
As soon as the problem of fighting peas and cats comes out, the rest of the soy sauce will shift all attention to the waves. Even the little white dragon body, which was previously called "big brother fudge" alone and was elated, looked at the little white dragon in the waves with a trace of expectation that he didn’t notice it.
Come on! One more affirmative answer!
The mouth smile of fudge is getting louder and louder. When the time comes, these people will know who is the most attractive person in their soy sauce! Such a clever person should be his own hardcore. Oh, I can’t think about it any more. The fudge rubbed my own sour cheeks and moved my attention to the predecessor who was in my body.