Ruyuan once told him that Xiao Nan was his lucky star in Xia Guo at night.

How can you pick up a lucky star so conveniently?
Moreover, the old man’s attitude towards the little girl has always been strange. He loves her dearly but puts her in a cruel reality.
I knew she was naive, but I taught her to use Yin and Yang to make her see life and death.
He thought there must be another reason for her identity.
Chapter 435 Dream that birth is important and missing.
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Ruxiaonan sleeps alone in the lounge of Yushanfang Building.
Gradually her brow wrinkled.
She seemed to hear someone whispering something in her ear, which made her dizzy on and off.
Suddenly a chill came and invaded her.
So cold …
She can shrink up and want to return to her former warmth and comfort, but it seems that someone pulled her by the leg and lifted her up.
She tried desperately to open her eyes to see everything around her.
There are several candles in the darkness.
The surrounding walls are white, reflecting the pale light by candlelight, just like the white smell of strong disinfectant in the hospital.
The candlelight stung her and she had to close her eyes again.
The ambient sound continues.
Every word is like handfuls of steel cones piercing her brain.
It hurts …
Stop reading and stop!
She tried to cover her ears, but she couldn’t even listen to her hands and feet. She opened her mouth and wanted to shout out, but it was a crisp cry of a baby.
"Blue ink yan! Green ink face! "
She screamed with fear.
"Little darling?" Warm palms rubbed against her face.
RuXiaoNan screamed and woke up with your eyes open for an instant, and tears came out like a floodgate.
"Green ink Yan Qing ink Yan come and save me … come on …"
Blue ink yan was wrapped her familiarity in her arms.
"It’s okay. It’s okay."
It took a long time for Ru Xiaonan to calm down and feel the warmth of the other person’s body, which made him sleepy.
"Did you dream just now?" Green ink yan posted in her ear hush questions.
RuXiaoNan choked and nodded his head.
Blue ink yan sighed.
Just now, when they were talking in the building, Ru Xiaonan screamed and almost broke the glass window. When he arrived at the building and entered the room, the sight almost scared his heart.
RuXiaoNan, who was thrown to the ground, convulsed in bed with his eyes half open, and kept calling his name in his mouth.