They all saw the sword clearly, and it looked very simple, as if it was not fast, but everyone remembered that the sword was twisted when it moved just now, and they didn’t see it at all from Yuan Ye’s hand to piercing the film.

It’s like a sword teleported.
Except for the 13th sword, the 12th sword is the strongest trick of the magic sword method. Is it that ordinary people can understand the strength of Yuan Ye? The 12th sword is several times more powerful than the previous law.
Good good golden eye fire ape Tian Gen gnashed her teeth. I didn’t expect you to sit up and take notice when I entered this light artifact field in less than nine years. You must have smoked the thunder and two spirit beads. I’m afraid Chengyuan Zun Day is not far away.
Said Tian gen that body show terrible muscles suddenly across the previous step is like that, today I will kill you.
Hey, find out if you can’t do it again. Who’s going to attack your monkey family? Wait for them inside.
Yuan Ye hasn’t finished yet. Tian Gen glared at him violently, and his eyes flashed off. His left foot took a small step forward, and his body followed him with a savage side kick and kicked Yuan Yeshen directly.
Yuan Ye which know this field gen said dozen dozen dozen hurriedly even parry to can’t take a step back, Tian Gen and tide wait for no man’s right foot after landing, the individual rushed to Yuan Yechong past a right elbow and hit Yuan Ye directly at the other. At this time, his left hand has reacted with an elbow strike, which pushed Tian Gen to attack his right hand. The sword waved heavily and chopped at Tian Gen’s side waist to beat Tian Gen back three steps.
After three steps back, Tian Gen took Yuan Ye’s sword and left a shallow wound like circumstances.
Yuan Ye was surprised and exclaimed that your body defense is so strong without defensive armor.
Yuan Ye was too weak to fight before, and didn’t have much close combat. This time, it was a hard touch or a blow after his strength rose. After all, it was a sword attack, which didn’t hurt each other much, which made Yuan Ye have to sigh.
Hum, I’m a golden-eyed fire ape, but I’m qualified to be a sub-god. The strongest thing is strength. Tian Gen is proud that I will tear you apart today.
You want to tear me apart if you praise me. Yuan Ye sneers at me. You little monkey are impulsive to death. I don’t think it’s possible for you to speak calmly and not beat you up. Yuan Ye said that he still punched his sword in his hand.
Boxing is your strongest, but not mine. Today, I’ll beat you up with my fist to see if you don’t.
Tian Gen’s golden eyes are fixed on Yuan Ye’s cold way of human beings. I can wake you up. Boxing is my strongest fighting skill, and I’m not used to defensive weapons. You are not good at human swords. With a defensive armor, I will suffer from this battle.
Yuan Ye, a defensive armor, looked at the clothes one leng and then tore them to pieces, which easily directly shattered Lou Yuan Ye’s solid chest.
Not defensive armor illusion clothes is ordinary clothes Tian Gen suddenly surprised when I saw this. In that surprise, I was ashamed of the other party once again, and I thought too much when I was aboveboard.
Man, you’re looking for death. It’s a feeling of contempt.
Let’s see if you dare. Yuan Ye said casually that he defeated you. Don’t bother me again.
Ha ha ha ha, I can’t believe anyone dares me to fight well with my bare hands. Today, I will let you talk. If you can beat me, I will let you deal with Tian Gen and laugh wildly.
Yuan Ye corners of the mouth a smile.
At the same time, the two men took a step forward, punched each other in the chest and were beaten back at the same time. At this time, Tian Gen fully showed that Warcraft was in close combat, and the unspeakable fierce slapping, elbowing, punching and hitting the top of the knee continued to attack Yuan Ye. At that time, he actually hit Yuan Ye back.
But Yuan Ye didn’t know that what he was facing was the bloodiest boxing in the melee combat of Warcraft. Yuan Ye really practiced the strongest melee combat at the beginning of the practice, that is, the seven feet of death, but the seven feet of death were, after all, a preliminary study of the tricks, golden eyes and fire apes, which had been fighting for millions of years.
Yuan Ye’s reliance is his own defense. Tian Gen’s defense is strong, but Yuan Ye’s defense is stronger
Yuan Yetian kept attacking each other, punching, kicking, hitting the knee with the head, and all the barbaric moves were you gave me a punch, and I gave you a kick. This barbaric fight actually meant stopping.
Look at those little monkey masters dumbfounded.
At this time, Tian Kangtian was finally released by the field of light artifacts. At the sight of Yuan Yetian Gen’s brutal scuffle, the two monkeys were suddenly frightened to disgrace.
That human will not be hostile to my monkey family. I guarantee that Tian Kang is shouting at the famous monkey family master on the battlefield.
On hearing Tian Kang say so, the monkey master looked at Tian Kang in surprise.
Tian Kang Tian Su simply told Yuan Ye to help them when he was tested by the Nine Mountains. Tian Kang is also a five-attribute quasi-respect. Here, the strength is second only to the seven-attribute quasi-respect. Tian Gen’s speech is also a very important component. After Tian Kang Tian Su finished, he associated Yuan Ye with a depressed expression all the time. The monkey master believed it.
Tian Kang’s adult, please don’t call Tian Gen’s adult. Now he is in the most bloody fight. You know his temper. This bloody fight is his most. Even if you shout Tian Gen’s adult again, you won’t stop a monkey master Naidao.