One of the three granaries can ensure that Lingyun’s army has enough food and grass.

Although I’m not worried, Lingyun or Ma sent people to the past. I can’t let Cao Cao set fire to the grain and grass. Go home unscathed. How much will I leave half of the arson?
"Zhao Feng, you take 100,000 soldiers to hold Tonggu Zhang Jaw Shi Meng, and you take 100,000 soldiers to ambush in Geshan. If you come from Jibei, you will not let go."
There are five roads from Jibei, but four of them must pass through Tonggu Wakayama, and there is another one that not only needs to pass through Lingyun, the military camp.
Let Zhao’s jaw open and Lingyun believe that it is enough for Cao Cao to send more people to burn the granary, otherwise Lingyun will be disturbed in the past.
"The remaining people are always on standby to prevent Cao Cao from robbing the camp."
When Jibei was in flames, Cao Cao had already set out with a million troops to kill Lingyun camp.
Although Lingyun’s hay has been burned, Cao Cao is still worried that Lingyun’s batch of hay will be in place soon because he wants to rob the camp when Lingyun’s hay is burned and the morale is chaotic.
But actually Lingyun has been prepared, and Cao Cao’s camp robbery is naturally difficult to succeed.
Lingyun found Cao Cao’s army 50 miles away from the camp.
In the face of being prepared, Lingyun Cao Cao took the army to attack several times and failed to rush into Lingyun Camp.
Moreover, Lingyun is not empty now. Cao Cao did not dare to fight with Cao Cao in the wild, but now Lingyun no longer needs to rely on the wall.
Lingyun soldiers fighting in the wild and flat land have Xu You, Zhou Yu and Pang Tong, and his own bonus combat effectiveness will not be lower than that of Cao Cao soldiers now.
All four of them are six-star counselors, and Cao Cao also has Xun You, Xun Yu, Sima Yi and Cheng Yu, one more than Lingyun.
When Cao Cao tried to retreat after several shocks without rushing into Lingyun Camp, Lingyun also took GongSunYing out of the camp.
Lingyun is not afraid of consumption at this time, even if the casualty ratio is one to one.
At this time, Cao Cao wants to retreat, and if he is determined to retreat, he will definitely be beheaded by Lingyun in vain.
Cao Cao can bite his teeth and keep looking for an opportunity to retreat.
The war lasted for more than two hours, and both sides suffered heavy casualties.
If Lingyun hadn’t been killed, Cao Cao might have been defeated for lack of food and grass in a few days, but Lingyun didn’t know how much food and grass Cao Cao had left. The longer this war lasted, the better it would be for Lingyun, but the bigger the accident might be.
Lingyun naturally wants to seize every opportunity to suppress Cao Cao and weaken his power.
More than two hours of melee lingyun casualties here have exceeded hundreds of jun is similar.
If there is no change, if you continue to go, maybe Cao Cao will eventually bring a million troops to die, and Lingyun is similar here.
Although it is a Lingyun military camp here, not all the troops of Lingyun Department have taken away 200,000 people before, and Lingyun, hundreds of miles away in the southwest and southeast, has also placed two small military camps with 500,000 troops each.
Therefore, there are not many more soldiers in this barracks than Jun.
But when Jun came, Lingyun had sent someone to inform the two barracks in the southwest and southeast.
It’s been more than two hours now, and two barracks people should arrive soon.
"Lingyun, don’t think about reinforcements. Will you and I leave those two barracks alone?" At this time, Cao Caogao said
Although the battlefield was chaotic and there were shouts and killings everywhere, Cao Caoyin still handed it to Lingyun.
Lingyun didn’t completely believe what Cao Cao said. It is very likely that Cao Cao was trying to trick him into withdrawing his troops.
However, after more than half an hour has passed without seeing the other two barracks, Lingyun knows that Cao Cao has certainly not cheated him, and the two barracks in the southwest and southeast must have been attacked.
And were these two barracks prepared before being attacked by surprise? If there is no preparation, it may not be his reinforcements but Cao Cao’s reinforcements later.
After all, Cao Cao sent people to rob the camp. If two barracks people are not prepared, they will definitely fall into the wind. In the end, 500,000 troops may be destroyed.
It is very likely that Cao Caoren will come to support after destroying these two barracks.
It is also possible that two barracks people were also prepared, and Cao Jun failed to sneak attack successfully.
But anyway, Lingyun has no reinforcements in a short time.
The number of casualties is still increasing. Now the two sides are evenly matched, and it is not a unilateral massacre. Therefore, although it has lasted for more than two hours and almost three hours, the total number of casualties has not exceeded 300,000.
If it was a one-sided massacre, the battle would be almost over by now.
Chapter 52 Rape
It’s the roar of half an hour when the southwest and southeast directions came to the army at the same time, which was made by several soldiers stepping on the ground together
I have gathered hundreds of thousands of people. Although there are still more than ten miles, I can already feel it.