When the cavalry breaks into the array, the soldiers can make the crochet gun force the enemy to ride around in their own array, because the crochet gun can cut the horse’s legs horizontally, thus forcing the enemy to fall and create fighters!

As far as Shi Min knows, Yue Fei and Wu Shu fought a decisive battle in Yancheng Exhibition, and Wu Shu commanded the tower soldiers and turned the horse to the avalanche to kill them.
Yue Fei commanded a group of soldiers to make the hook-and-sickle gun fight. The hook-and-sickle gun has a hook and a curved sickle to hook the enemy’s iron armor, and then the curved sickle cuts off his head, and then a group of knife-and-ax men are dispatched to cut off the horse’s legs when they meet a turned horse.
But the tower soldier, the crutch horse and the armored serial horse are obviously different, but their weaknesses are all horse legs.
"What is your master going to do?"
Shi Min didn’t answer, but actually responded back and forth.
Wen Tai!’
"The end will be there!"
"Light a thousand ropes to make the crochet rifle stand firm. Throw the crochet rifle in the front array when the enemy fighters are a hundred paces away from the array. When they enter the crochet rifle array, pull the rope to break their legs!"
Shi Min added, "Maqiu!"
"The end will be there!"
"You rate three thousand knife axe hand behind the gunman to the enemy chaos immediately to kill! Remember that the hatchet man specializes in cutting his horse’s leg! "
"Li Xin, Shijian!"
"You two each lead five thousand cavalry from the left and right sides of the enemy line to wait for the enemy to defeat, that is, to kill from the left and right. You don’t have to stop the enemy’s defeated troops and rush into the city!"
"At the same time, to go everywhere the gate troops are ready to siege! The wolf smoke attacked with the army! "
"Yes!" The generals will burst into singing promises.
Suochao had been waiting a little impatiently over there until Shi Min sent a small school to inform Zhao that he was ready to take it.
Suochao is quite confident about his armored serial horse.
When he was guarding Yang, he relied on the 3,000 fighters to sweep the rebels in the western regions to deter Hu Lu, a barbarian tribe in the western regions. For him, this armored serial horse was fearsome, and children were afraid to cry when they heard his name Suochao!
Of course, Suo Chao never imagined that it was Shi Min, not the generals of the conference semifinals. He told the Han army, and he was not good at bowing and carving, and he didn’t know how to fight Hu Bing.
As soon as the battle started, with a wave of his flag, the cool army’s dull drums and Suo Chao’s command had been arranged, and 3,000 armored cavalry immediately moved. Keep moving. They dare not move too much. Thirty rode serial horses and stepped out of the phalanx in an orderly manner.
This is a big drawback of serial horses.
Men and women are armed to the teeth with heavy armor, but the horses have to bear too much, so the sprint force is reduced, the physical strength is greatly consumed, and the protracted war cannot be fought, and the maneuverability is greatly reduced.
This well-trained armored cavalry looks scary when it moves like an armored vehicle!
"roar! Howl! Howl! ……”
In response to this impact, the three thousand armored cavalry Zhao phalanx evolved rapidly.
Originally, the archer retreated and rode the pawn to run on both sides, but the pawn was replaced.
Wen Tai was ordered to lead a thousand soldiers with crochet guns across the front. The thousand gunmen were divided into three columns, and the crochet guns in their hands were covered with strong ropes.
And MaQiu also at the same time with three thousand knife axe hand followed by waiting for the enemy defeat opportunity to kill the past.
In ancient times, the armed forces were all coordinated by multiple arms. In modern times or modern times, the armed forces had three armies, namely, the former army, the middle army and the later army, but the arms were very different.
In this era, there are generally navy divisions, foot soldiers, soldiers riding and foot soldiers with various arms, knife and axe fighters, long gunners, archers, "special forces" (elite) and other armed forces with special training.
Among them, the hatchet man is the most brave one besides the elite.
Knife and axe hand is also called executioner hand. One kind is execution ground killing, and the other is army knife and axe hand.
Most of the army’s knife and axe fighters are dead soldiers. They are brave enough to dare to use short weapons to fight against the enemy’s long weapons without certain courage and leadership.
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Chapter 13 Real serial horse
Chapter 14 A promise as good as a promise
At the same time, it has been ordered that Li Xin and Shi Jian each lead 5,000 riders to kill from the left and right wings of the two armies.
It is natural to know that Suochao is moving on such a large scale, but he is outnumbered and doesn’t have so many troops to contain more than 10,000 enemy riders, so he can just hold his horses and let the guarding city soldiers strengthen their alert.
There are also three other gates of Cangsongcheng, Suochao, who have received urgent reports. Zhao has dispatched troops to wait for Shi Min to order all Zhao troops to attack immediately!
It is impossible to say that Suo Chao has no worries about this grim situation. Don’t look at Suo Chao. He looks like a man who can shout, beat and kill Beowulf, but he has a strong wind outside. Otherwise, Zhang Jun wouldn’t value him so much. Shi Min wouldn’t be indifferent to Suo Chao’s insults and want to accept himself.
It’s like a big gamble!
Suo Chao is already riding a tiger, so it’s hard to choose.
If his 3,000 armored serial horses can smash Zhao here, it is obviously a massacre! Zhao cavalry can still run, but those who have two legs are the chopping block!
These 3,000 armored cavalry move very slowly, looking down from a height like a tortoise crawling, but the momentum is huge, and the horseshoes step on the ground like thunder.
Shi Min sat on horseback and watched quietly in Zhongjun Dage’s place.
"Two hundred steps!"
"One hundred and fifty steps!"
In front of the 1,000 soldiers armed with crochet rifles, several captains shouted out the visual distance and threw the crochet rifles when the enemy attacked 100 steps as in military orders!
"One hundred steps!"
"wooshing wooshing! ….. "In Wen Tai, one thousand gunmen ran a few steps forward, just like a whole, throwing their crochet guns out at the same time!
They have practiced this move several times and finally sent a show!
"Seize the seize! ….. "Crochet gun straight in the ground not far away.
A general must know five things about military strategists.
Sun Yuebing’s death in the event of national affairs cannot be ignored.
Therefore, after five things, I asked for my feelings, one saying, two saying, three saying, four saying, five saying, five saying.
The Taoist makes the people agree to die and live without danger
Heaven is yin and yang, cold and summer, and the time system is also
The land is far and near, dangerous and easy, wide and narrow, dead and alive.